Wistia: Video Hosting for Business [Review]

There are different options available for video hosting that includes YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. We all know the power of YouTube reaching the audience and to deliver the message to the right people. Wistia surprisingly is one of the best alternatives for YouTube who are using it for Business Purpose.

Standard Features of Wistia

Wistia player is completely customizable. The color of the player can change. The users can add a call to action. Essential integration is another feature that allows connecting with tools that the user is already using such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc.

Wisita allows embedding and sharing of the videos very quickly. The videos can be emailed or shared on social media sites.

Video performance can measure by getting the information by interacting with the video using heatmaps. Information can collect from the viewers within the videos.

Uploading the video on Wisita allows watching it on every device. The video can view anytime, anywhere.

When a viewer is watching the video, Wisita automatically measures the connection and based on the speed deliver the best possible quality video.

There will be least likely buffering due to which the user will have a great viewing experience.

The Pros of Wisita

  • Embedding keywords into the videos is possible and so works great for SEO.
  • For all the ad campaigns, this is probably the best video hosting platform compared to any other because it provides detailed analytics about the video.
  • The customization option of Wistia is also easy to use. Forms and hyperlinks can use in the video itself.
  • The Wisita player is sleek and straightforward. The colors can be customized to fit the page or the brand. The player is very responsive. It can provide excellent viewer experience whether the video watched on the mobile device or a desktop.
  • Wisita offers better security for the video.
  • Wistia supports 4k video, and it does not limit the video dimensions to 16 x 9.
  • Wistia supports 360 Video Hosting.

Cons of using Wistia

  • YouTube is a free video sharing platform, but if you want to use Wisita to host the videos, you have to pay for it. It is expensive also.
  • Wistia offers no help for promoting the video, unlike YouTube and Vimeo. Wistia is not a social media platform.

When Wistia used for video hosting, the content can be owned by the business. If the video put on YouTube, Google will hold the content.

With video hosting on the website, the traffic will come to the site. If it is on YouTube, the video sharing platform will have all the advantages of increased traffic and revenue.

Wistia pricing

Wistia can use under different plans. It is also available for free for beginners and pioneers. However, the video limit is 3, and the video player will have Wistia branding.

Free users can use all the standard features customisation, unlimited users, necessary integrations, easy embedding and sharing, lead generation tools and advanced video analytics.

The video is now essential for any business that wants to have a presence online. Wistia guaranteed smooth playback of the video on any device. It supports 4K and 360-degree video also. The embed options are many with Wistia.

Users can choose if their video should appear online or pop over the webpage. The user can select who will see the video. Embedding can restrict to only some domains.

The user can invite viewers or set permissions and password to see the video. In a word, the user will have full control over the content.

Another Wistia plan is Pro which costs $79 per month. Wistia plan is suitable for those who want to improve their websites by adding a video.

Apart from enjoying all the standard features, these members can enjoy other features also. There will not be Wisita branding on the video player. Ten free videos are allowed.

YouTube Vs. Wistia comparison

YouTube is the most massive video platform in the world and has millions of monthly users. Google owns it. Moreover, it is free. Then who and why will use Wistia? YouTube is for the creators who want to monetize the videos and for businesses that are trying to build their brand with video advertising. Wisita is to serve the companies that want to use video on their sites to promote the brand and increase their sales.

Driving traffic to the website is easy with Wistia. More clicks, driving more traffic and generating leads is possible with Wistia. Video analytics are more detailed with Wisita. The analytics show how the video consumed by the viewers and how they are interacting with it. Heatmaps, engagement graphs can be used to analyze the performance of the videos.

Wistia is a powerful tool to host the video and businesses should consider it for hosting videos that do not need to bring in more subscribers. Wistia is the best option for companies that can spend money, who want their videos to look professional, want detailed analytics.

The advanced plan is also available, and for price details, the users have to contact the Wisita people. The Advanced Plan is suitable for businesses that depend on video and want to view the data. In Pro plan, the user can enjoy all the features and some additional features also. Priority support offered.


Typically most of the video advertisers to build their Brands. Wistia is for those who want to use video on their sites to increase their sales. Wistia is one of the best alternatives for YouTube for hosting videos. We have explained here clearly the impotence of Wistia in Video marketing for Companies.

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