The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Gaming

A Sneak Peek of the YouTube Gaming

YouTube is the video giant on the web, even the gaming content on YouTube has great engagement with the audience. Since from years, YouTube platform was providing the opportunities for the many marketers, individuals, brands, artists and many others. When it comes to the gaming content, the Twitch platform strikes in every mind. Now, the YouTube platform wants to shape its name for gamer’s special edition. It was already announced about the gaming app and the specific gaming site for the fans of video games through YouTube Gaming concept.


Explore, Live, Popular, Spotlight on YouTube Gaming Site

On YouTube gaming, the user allowed to watch various gaming content and also able to stream the live video online on the YouTube platform. The user can narrow their search for different content that was related to the popular gaming content in the YouTube gaming search bar. The search will get extracted the various broadly divided categories. The list of the games that are trending placed separately aside and the channels which are featured was also separated.

The list of trending games can be displayed, and also some landing pages were also available for certain games. The videos which recorded previously placed under the “Lets Play” category on YouTube. The platform also constitutes the various videos depending upon the popularity and the live videos. YouTube is improving the platform at all corners to bring good experience for the gamers online. The content can also review on the YouTube gaming site, and leave comments will be displayed right corner of the video.

How to create a Live Stream for YouTube Gaming Platform

YouTube platform is the second largest search engine for videos. The videos on YouTube rank better as it curates the top quality content on its platform. Now, it made its focus on Gaming videos for gaming fans. There is a huge fan of video games online across the globe, searching for the top gaming content all the time. For a few years, the Twitch platform become the permanent destination for gaming fans. But Today, YouTube had entered into the gaming videos with the new look and features exclusively for gaming content only. YouTube platform made the platform rival to the Twitch and competing for one another. YouTube platform for gamers allows the users to make their live streaming of the gaming-related content on the platform.

Creation of Live Stream for Gaming Platform on YouTube

If you decided to make a live stream of gaming content, then you have two ways to approach. You just start sending the content on the platform, and the platform detects, and resolution of the stream with the frame rate automatically and start your stream. YouTube will get transcode your content with the different low-level resolutions to make it available everywhere and anywhere for your fans.

Instant Live

You have to download the required setup of the encoder by using the server Url, and by adding the metadata on the Basic tab, you will be allowed to the addition of attractive thumbnail representing your video event. After that, you have an option to earn from the fan funding card. The settings can do from the Stream option that is available on platform

YouTube gaming had recently launched, which had raised the eyebrows of tech-savvy and Gaming lovers. It has launched a special site for video gamers with various features on the platform. An application is also released, which can support both Android and the iOS platform. Before the YouTube gaming site, Twitch platform is the leading gaming platform for the video game lovers. But, today, gamers were turning towards YouTube and expected to cross the Twitch features. One can access the new gaming content on the YouTube platform exclusively opened for gaming for all its users.

The Featured Content

Many featured videos displayed on to the right side of the YouTube gaming platform. The videos are categorized based on the recorded streams and live streaming online. The featured videos can select with one click, which displayed as a list. So, users can select a particular video to watch and can also explore more about that content by following the links provided. The live comments section is also displayed towards right corner while watching your videos on YouTube.

The users can also allow subscribing to the featured channels. The users can explore and also watch the spotlights of the content you want to watch. The popular lists have separated with the all-time popular along with the latest updates on your search, which helps the users to watch comfortably. The subscription is also straightforward, by clicking on the star icons lets you subscribe in one go.

YouTube was growing continuously in the Gaming industry. Recently it was launched a new platform for Gamers on YouTube. The statistics were annoying as there is a great engagement across the globe towards the video gaming content. Many YouTube gamers are going well, like formula one player in the race. The gaming channels made their space in the top 200 channel list on the YouTube platform, and it revealed that more than 20 percent of the highest performing channels are gaming channels. Here is some list of Top YouTube gamers on the YouTube gaming platform.


PewDiePie was called as a aka Felix Kjellberg. He is the gaming superstar from Sweden. He is the first gamer on the YouTube gaming platform with more than 37 million subscribers that means he too popular than Rihanna. He earned universal popularity with the Minecraft videos and the horror games.

Aka Evan Fong

He is also one of the first videogamers on YouTube platform. He is well known for his comedy Vanoss Gaming. He was well known for let’s play videos on the new YouTube gaming platform. His videos are viral and acquired many fans with the unorthodox gameplay. He got more than 11 million subscribers.

Sky Aka Adam Dahlberg

The Sky does Minecraft is one of the most popular gaming channels acquired by nearly10.9 million subscribers. The Mine craft content is ranked at the top in the search, and the majority of people were looking towards the Minecraft related content on search engines. It is popular in Let’s plays on YouTube gaming platform.

How YouTube Gaming Platform will attract Advertisers

We all know that Google had launched the YouTube gaming website and the applications for mobile recently. The news was echoed in every corner of the web across the globe. YouTube had made its plan with more than 250k channels on gaming, and the website only relates the gaming content for video game lovers. The platform already got its great hype with its features, and the advertisers were also looking towards the platform.

Now, the gamers are continuously visiting and watching their favorite gaming videos by exploring into various categories. Even the site accessed from the apps also work well with the filters too. Good traffic was already noted on the YouTube gaming site, and this made the marketers peep into the platform and making their plans for marketing on the YouTube gaming platform.

YouTube gaming site is providing the best buy pre-roll ads along with the TrueView ads for the marketers to start their advertising on the YouTube gaming site by preferring the Google AdWords and gaming-related content on the platform. As it was already launched a mobile version, marketers are more interested as it is comfortable with a good mobile version for their marketing purposes on YouTube gaming site.

Many big brands have already grabbed its place on YouTube gaming site. The companies like Kimberly-Clark’s Kotex, Wendy’s, etc. were started and got successful results with the ads on YouTube gaming site by creating some gaming theme of content which can convey their brand message too.

How YouTube Gaming challenge to Twitch?

YouTube had launched its new gaming platform called YouTube gaming, which is a big push in the video streaming industry. The gaming platform also allowed the live gaming videos on its platform. The service offers more than 25k pages on gaming videos where the users can have their easy access to the gameplay clips and other gaming-related content. Since Gaming is the top most popular category on the YouTube platform and many people got subscribed to the top channels like Machinima, Vanoss Gaming, etc.

Twitch Vs YouTube

YouTube allows the streaming of the games on its new YouTube gaming platform, which is expected to be a big rival to the Twitch gaming platform. Twitch is the leading gaming platform that is very famous for its exclusive gaming content on its platform. It is also providing the best to watch the broadcasted gaming content on the platform with more than 100 million users.

New YouTube Gaming Platform

YouTube gaming had gained good popularity s gaming is always a trending thing. The YouTube gaming platform has dedicated pages with more than 25k videos that are supported. The search will become narrower on a gaming platform than on a normal YouTube platform.

YouTube gaming almost similar to the Twitch gaming platform in organizing and searching the content. Twitch platform hosts its on-demand videos, which depend upon the completed broadcasts. The platform cannot embed videos like YouTube. This makes YouTube take more advantage over Twitch. So, many twitch users turning towards YouTube to archive their broadcasts. YouTube allows quality streaming services with high definition framing of the video content. Its HTML5 is also supported well comparing to the Twitch platform. So, many users were turning towards the YouTube platform from Twitch.

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