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Twitter Video Marketing Trends for 2024

As the year 2024 nears, it is important to look back at what video marketing trends have emerged in recent years. With so many different platforms and strategies available for advertisers to use, marketers are experimenting with new metrics and ways of reaching their target audience. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative changes that will be affecting our industry over the next five years.

Twitter has been the fastest-growing social networking platform of all time. With over 500 million active users, it’s a great way to connect and advertise your business. In 2024, the video will be one of the leading ways people consume content on Twitter. It is predicted that more than 50% of tweets will include a video by 2024, with advertisers increasing their use of this tactic. Here are some trends for using Twitter videos to help grow your brand!

  • Video will be the most popular way to share content
  • Twitter will allow for longer videos, up to 10 minutes in length
  • More people will be using their mobile devices like cameras and video recorders than ever before
  • The best strategy for video marketing is to create a video that aligns with your company’s goals and target audience
  • The use of hashtags in videos will increase
  • It is predicted that the number of people who watch a video on Twitter and then follow the account afterward will double by 2024
  • More brands are expected to post more videos from their company accounts, which means there will be an increase in sponsored content
  • Twitter will be the most popular social media site for video content, with more than 50% of all videos posted on it
  • Videos will be shorter in length and uploaded at a quicker pace to keep up with demand
  • Video quality will not be as important because people won’t watch them for very long anyway
  • People will use their phones to record videos instead of using expensive cameras like they used to
  • Video content will be more interactive
  • It will be easier to monetize videos with the help of new technologies like AR and VR
  • There will be an increase in influencers marketing their products through video
  • More celebrities are starting to use social media as a way to market themselves
  • Twitter will become more like Facebook, with live streaming and videos
  • More businesses on Twitter will use the platform for advertising their products or services
  • Influencers that are popular on other social media platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube, will also have a presence on Twitter
  • Twitter video ads will be the norm for all brands
  • Brands are using videos to promote their products and services, rather than just broadcasting them
  • More people will use Twitter as a platform to share live events with friends and family, like sports games or concerts
  • Video content will be more personalized
  • Companies will use video to engage with their customers and prospects
  • More companies will start using videos in their email marketing campaigns
  • Video content will be used for more than just advertising
  • Brands will use video to tell stories and humanize their brand
  • More brands will start using live-streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live to interact with customers in real-time
  • The average length of a video on Twitter is expected to increase from 60 seconds in 2015 to 120 seconds by 2024
  • Video now accounts for 73% of all social media posts
  • Videos are being watched at a rate of 60% on mobile devices and tabletsYouTube has surpassed Facebooke as the most popular video platform
  • 86% of marketers use videos to promote their products or services
  • Twitter will become the most popular social media platform, surpassing Facebook and YouTube
  • Brands will use video marketing to create more engaging content for their followers
  • More people will start using Twitter as a way to share their thoughts and opinions about current events
  • There will be an increase in live streaming of special events, such as sports games or concerts
  • More than half of all video content on Twitter will be created by brands
  • Video marketing will only become more important as time goes on
  • The average length of a tweet with a video attached is 2:43, compared to the average tweet, which is 1:20 long
  • Video marketing will be the norm for all companies
  • You’ll need to have video content to get followers
  • Videos will become more personalized, with people being able to upload videos of themselves
  • Brands will use influencers and celebrities as spokespeople for their products
  • Twitter is the most popular social media site and will continue to be in 2024
  • Twitter has a 140-character limit for tweets, but videos can have up to 2 minutes of footage
  • The minimum video length on Twitter is five seconds, which means you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment like other sites require
  • Twitter is becoming more of a video-first platform, with over 30% of tweets containing videos
  • Video content will be expected to do more than entertain—it will need to educate and inform
  • Brands are using video to show off their products in action
  • Videos can now be used for customer services, such as how-to tutorials on installation or use
  • A new video platform will emerge to take the place of Vine
  • Most brands will use videos as a way to increase conversions on their websites
  • Video content marketing will be more popular than ever, with companies investing in it even if they don’t have any experience or talent behind the camera
  • Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are going to make it easier for users to upload videos directly from their accounts
  • Brands will use videos to tell their story and engage with followers
  • Brands will find new ways to integrate video into their social media marketing strategy
  • Video creators will be able to monetize their content by partnering with brands for sponsored posts or product placements
  • Videos on Twitter will become a more immersive experience, including 360-degree views
  • Videos on Twitter will have a higher resolution than what is currently available
  • More people will use video to promote their products and services on Twitter
  • The more videos you upload, the better your chances are of being seen by others
  • Brands that produce quality content with high production values will see increased engagement
  • The use of Twitter video marketing will increase by 50%
  • Video content on Twitter will be predominantly live and user-generated
  • There will be a shift in the number of influencers with over 40 million followers, most likely due to an increasing amount of competition for these positions
  • Brands who have yet to invest in social media marketing will start experimenting with new platforms like Vine or YouTube


With the emergence of new video content formats and social media networks, marketers will continue to be challenged to use these platforms. Understanding trends in this space is essential for long-term planning purposes as we move into 2024 and beyond. We’ve discussed some notable statistics on Twitter that show why it may not be wiseto focus onlys on one particular platform or channel when marketing your business today. Contact us if you want help creating an efficient digital marketing campaign that incorporates all relevant channels like YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live Video News Feeds, etc., and traditional advertising options such as TV commercials or print advertisements!

The video marketing trend for 2024 is to use Twitter. This can be done in various ways, including live streaming your videos with the Periscope app or tweeting out links to where people can find them on YouTube or Vimeo. If you want help setting up this type of campaign, contact us today! Our team will work with you one-on-one until we have created a fantastic strategy that fits your company’s needs and budget.

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