Video Advertising ROI

10 Best Practices for Achieving Video Advertising ROI

Return on Investment or ROI explains if the investment made in the marketing campaigns got back by the marketer. ROI measured by tracking the metrics that are related to revenue and profit, such as conversion. Here are the best practices for achieving video advertising ROI.

1. Marketers should define ROI. Setting a goal helps in producing video content that helps achieve this, and the content can optimize the goal. Use a proper call to action and make this a prominent feature on the landing page. The call to action button should be clear and should be identified easily by the visitors. Use contrast colors to achieve this.

2. Many marketers think that if the ROI of a marketing campaign is positive, but the main goal of the marketing campaign is to create revenue and many activities take a long time to pay off.

3. Metrics that distract from the business goal should avoid. Metrics such as Facebook fans, press release shares, etc. may impress the marketers but might not affect the revenue.

4. Curate the negative keywords lists. It helps the ads to show more for relevant searches. Negative keywords are the terms the marketers specifically do not want the ad to show up. Curating negative keywords is all the most important if the businesses have a limited budget and low conversion rates. Google AdWords Keywords tool helps to identify negative keywords. However, the marketers need to be very careful in choosing the negative keywords and see that they are not excluding too many terms that can lead to losing audience.

5. Test the video ads to make them stand out from competitors. There are some questions that every marketer should ask themselves, and these include–will the target audience notice the ad, will the ad encourage purchases, is the ad communicating the brand name clearly, what changes can be made to improve the effectiveness of the ad, etc.

6. Before launching the marketing campaign, do some preliminary tests by showing the ads during a specific time, day, or the week and see what time the ads are getting more attention. Then show the ads at the right time to increase the views and thereby try to improve ROI.

7. Optimize the marketing campaign for mobile devices. The website should b responsive to mobile. Encode the videos to work on smartphones and tablets also. Use short-form videos whose length does not exceed four minutes. The goal of marketing campaigning is to encourage customers for a call to action. Check the call to actions implemented on video landing pages are working for the mobile users also.

8. An optimizing landing page is another best practice to achieve ROI. Try designing the landing pages to focus on turning each visitor into a client. It helps generate qualified leads. Make your landing page user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate, should not contain white space, and should contain images that deliver messages. Use color designs to make the page appealing.

9. Opt for marketing automation strategies to improve and achieve ROI. Automate the marketing campaigns to increase leads and sales and also get new business inquiries.

10. Listen to the consumers and understand how they are consuming the video content. Find out what the consumers are interested in and take action according to their response.

Digital marketing changed the way the marketing professional operates. It is now easy to achieve a return on investment. For this, the marketers need to ensure that the tracking metrics are in place.

The Ultimate Video Advertising Strategy Guide for Events

Video advertising strategy for events is becoming one of the preferred instruments for increasing sales of the products or services. When an event is organized, there should be careful planning and timing. Advertising tools and technology available now helps the marketers to promote the event easily online that has obtained through Video Advertising Strategy Guide.

We all know the videos are more engaging and can help the customers to get connected with the service or product. When the marketer is planning an event, he should give hints about it to his customers from the beginning. It helps to keep them engaged.

Planning video marketing strategy for an upcoming event must begin with identifying the potential customers. Make short videos on how your products or services can solve the problem being faced by customers, tell them your story, talk about your business, etc. your event promotion video must give the details of the upcoming event. The video must be interesting and should create curiosity about the event. Give the dates and other details of the event. During an event, stream it online in real-time on Periscope, Facebook, etc. to attract more audience.

Video advertising strategy for events should also include marketing ideas post the event. People invited to the event, they are engaged during the event and after the event, and they must tie to the product or service. The footage of the videos posted on social network sites as proof of the event’s success. All the potential customers in the email list should be sent the video clips of the event. Sales can be increased by showing the highlight video of the event to the people who missed the event.

Facebook video advertising strategy for events

Facebook can be made a part of video advertising strategy for event promotion. This helps in increasing curiosity among the audience about the event, and this costs the marketers nothing. A Facebook event page can be creating. This tool is used to give all information about the event and can also lead to the landing page where the audience can get more information about the event such as ticket sales etc. On the Facebook event page, use the invite button to let the friends and followers know about the event, and they can even invite their friends who are good for the event promotion.

To promote the event, change the cover photo of your business page on Facebook. Use appealing images as cover photos. Another way of promoting events on Facebook is to create an ad for the event. Concentrate on showing the ad to the targeted audience. It helps to get higher clicks.

YouTube video advertising strategy for events

The best way to promote events online is by using YouTube. YouTube is number two in search engines, and the user base of YouTube is massive. It is also easy to find potential customers there. When event promotion video published on YouTube, it can get recognition within no time.

When you are planning a live event on YouTube, let your subscribers, social network followers and friends know about the event. Send reminders to your subscribers if possible. Use social networking sites to promote the event. You can use your Facebook page or Twitter for this purpose. This can even help grab a new audience who may be interested in your event.

Name the event promotion videos exactly how the customers will search for so that many prospective customers will find the video. Videos rank higher on search engines, and the promotion videos can be used to boost the search engine optimization.

20 Facts about Online Video Advertising Spending

In Online, video-based content are trending and easy to grasp. It provides entertainment apart from content education. Businesspeople are spending more and more money on video advertisements on YouTube, Facebook. Facts of Online Video Advertising can be found here.

If you go deeply on statistics online video advertisement spending vary from country to country.Digital ad channels’ popularity raised by 70 percent every year. Mobile video advertising a crossed the desktop video advertising.

  1. The online video search ads are increased rapidly towards in the year 2015 and are estimated as 12.89 billion in the same year.
  2. As the smart phones and tablets usage has been raising its importance, the mobile advertising in US had increased to 29 billion in 2015.
  3. The Google have dominated the net mobile ad revenue of US with 35 percent in 2015
  4. Facebook have achieved the second place in the ad revenue share in US with 17% according to 2015 reports.
  5. In 2015, during the month of February, it was noted that the 30 percent marketers have reduced their budget for advertising and funded on digital marketing in 2015
  6. SEM is estimated to capture the largest share in the online ad spend about 45% in 2015
  7. The social network ad spend have reached 16$ billion during 2014
  8. The social network ad spend have increased 45 percent during 2013 which accelerated the digital ad spend to 12 percent
  9. According to 2014 census reports, it was noted as the paid media spending in US is 180 billion.
  10. The digital ad spending had increased to 18% in 2014 and estimated to double the percent in 2015
  11. The TV advertising have generated nearly 174 billion world wide according to 2014 reports
  12. The internet ads have raised to 134 billion to 200 biliion in 2014 december.
  13. The entire media and entertainment spending was forecasted as 13 percent growth rate during the years 2013 to 2018
  14. Marketers had spent nearly 4.5 billion on the advertising through mobile in US which is recorded in 2012
  15. The ad spend for search advertising have noted as more than 10 billion in 2014.
  16. According to a survey, it was reported that the market which was driven by the data have increased in 2013 and 40 percent marketers in US have declared the above thing
  17. Digital marketers spend the revenue to target the buyers and above 40% had spent to gain new buyers online according to 2014 reports
  18. It was revealed that, in 2012, the firm budgets percentage as overall for a B2C companies spent 16 percent of their marketing share
  19. According to 2012, the social media have get an average of nearly 8 percent in the entire marketing budgets
  20. In 2012, it was forecasted that marketers share in media mix may increase above 10 percent

For those who want to stay in a top position, Online video advertising is key to success. If you spend more on video ads get high revenue for your business. we have listed 20 facts about online video advertisement spending. Just through before you spend on it.

20 Secrets Facts to Succeed Using Video Advertising

There is proven evidence that posting links on social media will increase the revenue. It is the right time to advertise on digital media as well as a traditional medium. Use the best optimization techniques for YouTube for brand promotion. Social media has best free tools for advertising brands creating a digital environment for advertisers.

  1. Go with the Youtube platform for the advertising as it is topmost of all other search engines on the web
  2. Make your video clearer and perfect which allows the better understanding of the audience.
  3. More than 30 percent of viewers on the internet was looking for better information about their desired things. So, a well-targeted video ad can work a lot in your marketing plan
  4. Creation of landing pages allows the interested users to launch onto your service page
  5. directly

  6. Audience like to watch the short form of video ad rather than long form
  7. More 82 percent of people remember the video ads online. So, always remember your customer expectations
  8. Start integrating the social media in your video marketing strategy.
  9. More than 50 percent video marketer had got succeeded with making discussion polls on video ads
  10. Incorporation of your video ad on to your blog can work well
  11. Cross promotion of the video ad is the best way to reach the majority of people
  12. A good research on customer behaviors can help the video marketers to crock the new videos towards viral
  13. Make some frequent changes in the videos
  14. More than 40 percent of viewers had stopped watching the video after a minute. So, every second matter
  15. 15-second length videos have great demand and viewers like to watch more
  16. The apps like Vine and Instagram also means a lot for the viewers
  17. More than 60 percent of marketers are turned completely towards the mobile video marketing for better results
  18. Majority of social media platforms were going well with the native videos and the marketers were also going towards it.
  19. Introductory videos through email marketing are also becoming a part of video marketing which is working well.
  20. Simple mobile apps are also were in use for better video marketing.
  21. Marketers are concerning towards the customer’s views and suggestions about their videos and implementing the same with their consumer expectations was one of the facts to get success with the video marketing.

Here is the top 20 secrete advertising facts for video advertising on YouTube. Make use of it for video advertising.

Programmatic video ads place in front of the right customers at the right time. There is a lot of different variations from traditional video ads and programmatic video ads. This programmatic video mainly excites the display and historically advertises. You can find everything about Programmatic Video Advertising.

As per the e-Marketers view, the consumption of videos through TV and digital consumption of videos has risen. The e-Marketers declare that programmatic videos are going faster around the worldwide.

  1. Programmatic platforms plays an important role in reshaping the digital advertsing ecosystem
  2. The programmatic platform also automates the selling and buying process of the advertisements which increases the rate of execution.
  3. It helps the buyers to reach the ideal audience online
  4. It also helps in automation of business of mobile ads and desktop and many other ads.
  5. It was turned as a new inventory during 2014 through the programmatic platforms to ensure the branded bids
  6. Its advanced measurement and the data inreal time had closed the gap between the digital video and the television
  7. It is the new innovation in the Programmatic trading industry
  8. Publishers can be benefitted from the programmatic trading in online video market
  9. Acceptance of deal ID is raising and the online video is the technological aspect behind the programmatic advertising
  10. The prices and impressions are included under the Deal ID and was a part of bidding process
  11. The programmatic video advertising revealed the booking of online campaigns and analysis as well as about the optimization too
  12. RTB is the key in Programmatic advertising
  13. The RTB accounts for a 4 billion ad revenues in 2013
  14. It was estimated to be above 20 billion in ad revenue in US by 2018
  15. The adoption of the programmatic driver in the markets has outlined the barriers to size up its market efficiently.
  16. The Mobile video and other video ads plays as a major role for its growth
  17. It was estimated that the RTB format of sales may top to 7 billion in 2018
  18. Many companies are raising their budgets for the programmatic advertising
  19. As demand was out placing the supply, the prices have raised for the programmatic ads
  20. There are still many barriers to overcome and adoption.

The publishers and advertisers spent million on programmatic video ads, as the same way result was tripled through programmatic videos compared to traditional video ads. We have described the facts about programmatic video ads useful to the advertisers.

How to Launch Location-Based Video Advertising using YouTube

Running video campaign on YouTube is different from that of PPC way. While PPC way has specific creative constraints, you as a marketer have to be more clarity on the content of your video. YouTube is offering two types of ad campaigns, i.e., In-Display Ad sand in-Stream Ads.

Steps to set up and launch locally based video advertising using YouTube includes the following steps:

1) Go to Google Ad Words to set up your campaign. This is the simple tool allowing the customers immediate see what they are searching for. Google Ad Words offers an advantage; it attracts more customers. It allows campaign locally or globally, and you can set your budget and pay only visits.

2) Assess and finalize your budget for video ad campaign. Budget is the important criteria to finalize the methodology to run the video campaign.

3) Finalise the networks – YouTube Search or YouTube Videos. Proper selection of the network will enable you to properly track the performance of the campaigns.

4) The location is to be present as there are options available with YouTube whether you want your video to be shown to viewers across the globe or only about a geographical location.

5) After selecting the location, you need to finalize the language in which you want your ad to appear.

6) Plan your delivery method even before the production begins. This will enable you to customize whether it aimed at hosting at YouTube, used for social content or sent out through email marketing.

7) Keeping the content short is always the best approach to ensure successful ad campaigns on social media. The Apt length of your video ensures optimum viewers visiting your video.

8) Building relationship with viewers will be adding weight to your channel. This can be achieved with measures like ‘Call to action’, reviews/remarks etc.

9) Define and monitor specific objectives. As a marketer running video ad campaign, you need to have the specific objective of the campaign, and also you need to monitor the performance of the campaign whether it can grab the anticipated success.

10) Modify the content to suit the requirements. This is a continuous process.

By proper setting of the campaign and track & monitoring the results the marketer will be able to maximize his returns through the video ad campaign.

10 Important points to Know before Buying YouTube Video Advertising

Using YouTube for video advertising proved to be most effective for many businesses. Videos tell a lot about the product or service to the consumer. Much more than what texts or an image can say. YouTube is the most convenient and cheap means for online marketing videos and helps for promoting the services or products. Before buying YouTube video advertising, there are few things that one must know.

1. Identify the target audience. This is very important for the success of the video. One must create videos content that the target audience is looking for.

2. Buy YouTube video advertising only after determining the supplier of the video. Some companies promote video advertising, and some companies also help to create the content.

3. There are different kinds of YouTube advertising, such as in-video ads, banner ads, and others. It is also possible to buy views on YouTube.   Before you spend your money, know what you are paying.

4. If you create the video, take the opinion of your followers or friends about how appealing it is.

5. If a company created the video, then view it before it is published to make sure that it will appeal to the target audience.

6. The goal of any video advertising is to reach the right audience. Make the videos SEO friendly. Use the target keywords in the title, description, etc. Ask the company which is making the video for you to help in this matter.

7. Ask the company about remarketing the content.

8. Choose the form of YouTube advertising based on the goals and scope of the advertising campaign. Make use of the in-video ads and banner ads to gain the attention of the audience.

9. Know the difference between in-video ads and banner ads on YouTube videos. Choose the better one among these two.

10. Find about the return of investment and then choose the kind of advertising campaign.

Before buying the YouTube advertising, research a little, get an idea and only then proceed.

10 Important points to Know Before Buying Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook video consumption is very high and it received billions of views per day on the desktop as well as on mobiles. This is a great opportunity for the marketers to promote their products or services using videos on Facebook. Video influence the viewers to buy the products. Facebook offers different video advertising tools such as auto play video, slideshow etc. there are few things that the marketers should understand before they buy the Facebook video advertising.

1. Facebook videos are played without sound in the feed. Make your video advertising make sense even without sound. Using captions is a better idea.

2. Make your videos auto-play on Facebook as there is much distraction for the users on Facebook and auto play helps to engage the scrollers.

3. Facebook ads need to pass the review and for this, they must follow the guidelines related to the type, size, title etc.

4. The first few seconds of the video advertising on Facebook are very important.

5. Let the video ads are not lengthy and boring.

6. Before buying Facebook advertising, look at engagement, play rate metric of your videos on other channels.

7. Targeting will be better with Facebook video ads compared to YouTube ads.

8. Marketers, however, have to remember that people do not search for content on Facebook and they just scroll down. The ad that appears in the feed should be attractive enough to make the click it and watch it.

9. Before purchasing the Facebook advertising, understand that Facebook counts even a three 3 seconds time a user stops when a video appears in newsfeed as a view. Keep these metrics in mind.

10. In Facebook newsfeed video ads should be short and simple.

Facebook advertising is an attractive option for the marketers but there are few things that they must know before purchasing the advertisement. There are some limitations with the Facebook advertising which should be considered before taking the decision.

10 Unique Ways to Nurture Leads Using Video Advertising

Lead generation is a big part of any digital marketing strategy. Using video advertising helps to connect well with the prospective buyers and also more people will start trusting the brand. Video advertising can be an important tool for lead generation. Here are some ways in which leads can be generated with video advertising.

1. Event introduction videos will help the audience to trust the brand. Event videos help in generating leads.

2. Add a call to action to the videos.

3. Using YouTube annotations and cards to create CTA during important moments of the video is a good idea.

4. Use tools to create popping forms at specific times during the video to generate more leads.

5. Persuade viewers indirectly to convert with video landing pages.

6. Have testimonial videos, explainer videos etc on your landing page for more effective conversions.

7. Ask your audience questions like what you would like to see in the video and what is stopping them from buying the product or service. Surveys like this help to write better scripts for the videos.

8. Video hosting platforms help to add lead generation forms to the videos. Ask the audience to sign up before watching the video. Forms can be added at the end of the video also to made the prospects decide if they want to sign up or not.

9. Have introductory videos or interview style videos on the sales page.

10. Embed videos in emails marketing. This is considered an effective way for a lead generation.

Adding lead generation forms to the videos helps in getting more conversion, the studies revealed. Overall, video advertising can be an important lead generation tool if done right. It helps build trust with the audience and expand the marketing strategy. Video attract the attention of the visitors and build trust and awareness. High-quality leads can be nurtured with video advertising so do not over look the potential of this tool.

10 Commandments for Successful Video Advertising

telFor a successful video advertising, emotions, target audience and storytelling are the important elements. There is an increase in a number of people who watch videos online and the dominance of online videos is asserted by the fact that Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook launching new features for the videos. Advertisers are taking full advantage of this and are trying hard to make their video advertising beneficial for their brand.  Here are ten commandments for making video advertising a success.

1. As far as possible avoid autoplay of the video ads. At least make sure that the video plays without sound.

2. Attention span of online viewers is very short. Video advertising will be successful only if the videos are shorter.

3. Some videos may look different on small screen such as mobiles, so make sure that the videos are looking good on mobiles also. Don’t just repurpose TV ads online.

4. Video advertising success can be assessed by measure what is working and what is not. See if the consumers are responding to the video advertising and if not try to engage them differently.

5. Choose which platform to be used for video advertising effectively.

6. Video ads become successful when the video is followed by a puzzle, a purchase code etc.

7. Identify your target audience before creating the advertising video.

8. Give maximum details of the video ad in the first few seconds.

9. Catch the attention of the viewers with appealing thumbnail. Thumbnail is the best chance to communicate the details of the video with the customers.

10. Use a strong call to action though in video CTAs etc to make the customers engaged with the video.

Video advertising is effective for increasing leads and improving branding. But, remember, intrusive videos annoy the customers and they may completely block the video ads. It is thus important to follow some tips to avoid this.

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