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Video Email Marketing: Effective Ways to Up Your Video Email Marketing Game

Over 87% of marketers using Video Email Marketing as popular distribution method to distribute their video content. More than 49% of consumers are waiting to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. Email marketing grow your channel subscription count. It is essential to have a piece of adequate knowledge of email marketing tools and effective ways to up your video email marketing to make the intricate running of email campaigns easier. Here are the effective ways to create and re-engage with your subscribers.

Effective Ways to Up Your Video Email Marketing Game

Include a Video Thumbnail Image

Create Personalized Emails for Sales

Keep an eye on spam alerts.

Be sure with your subscribers.

Use Storytelling Videos to Tell Customer

Come up with meaningful GIF animations.

Embed Videos links into Promotional Emails

Write compelling text, and after that, Embed the video.

Make sure to Mention your video in the email subject line.

Use Animated GIFs in Emails

Create Engaging, Interactive, Entertaining Videos

Use the Animate play button.

Introduce video content as a bonus to delight your subscribers

Create a more personalized experience through emails

Include company culture within the video.

Announce Upcoming events with a video

Pick an appealing thumbnail image.

Use a faux video with animation.

Include video links into an email

Announce a product launch in the form of Video

Send email newsletters, including videos.

Gain more leads with Customer Journey

Make use of Video as an Accessory for Email Marketing.

Create a video series send it as emails

Creating Episodic Video series content for Campaigns

Include Play Button on Static Image

Leverage a GIF of the video.

Include video in Your Subject Line

Embed video directly in Email

Create eye-catchy Video Thumbnail

Find and Merge proper tags.

Use Cinemographs for Video

Embed video via HTML5

Keep Buyers Journey in Creation

Optimize your videos for SEO

Create Optimised video content

Include video links to the Images

Make sure to test your emails before

Introduce Attention-grabbing Images

Use appropriate Call -to actions in your video.

Include video email signatures

Create and share Personalized videos

Share video Social Media for Bigger Impact.

Update the Event in Your Channels

Create Strategic video Email Marketing Campaign

Make sure to watch the file size to fit.

Include Strong CTAs

Don’t include the AutoPlay feature in video emails.

Prefer for Single Tap Video instead of Double Tap for Videos

Include the Word video in Email Subject Line

Keep Your Emails Short

Create the Images look like video

Offers a cinemagraphs a try

Overuse of Videos may damage your reputation.

Keep the focus on the First frame to the Last frame.

Test marketing campaigns like crazy

Always Preview the emails.

Use videos to introduce your business

Create a video newsletter

Use video testimonials from clients and customers

Share behind-the-scenes footage of what goes on at your company or store

Create product demos for potential buyers

Use a video email to introduce the company and give an overview of what they do

Include testimonials from customers or employees

Make your call-to-action clear

Send out regular videos, not just one-time emails

Create a video that explains what email marketing is and who it’s for

Make sure your video has a clear, concise message

Keep the length of your video short- no more than 60 seconds

Be consistent with how often you send out emails to keep people interested in what you’re doing

Include links to other videos on your YouTube channel or website

Use video to introduce your company and its values

Make a list of the benefits you offer customers on the screen, then talk about them in detail

Keep it short and sweet- no more than three minutes

Add a call-to-action that encourages viewers to visit your website or buy something from you

Make sure you are reaching out to the right audience

Keep your videos short and concise

Create a visually appealing video, has good sound quality and tells a story about your product or service

Offer free samples of your products in exchange for an email address

Send high-quality emails with content relevant to the person’s interests

Use a video to introduce your email marketing campaign

Include contact information in the body of the email, so people know how to reach you

Send emails out regularly, but not too often- this will make people less likely to unsubscribe from your list

Create a video that introduces your company

Include an image or video with each email

Send out emails on specific days, such as Fridays and Mondays

Create an email newsletter with a video intro

Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing

Use video in place of text to explain complicated concepts or offer advice on how to solve problems

Add a call-to-action at the end of your videos that encourages viewers to subscribe, share, and comment

Create a catchy subject line

Include a video in your email

Make sure you have an effective call to action

Use videos that are relevant to the product or service you’re selling, and be sure to include links for people who want more information about it

Use different types of videos- create funny ones, informative ones, and so on

Make sure you have a clear goal for the video

allow viewers to subscribe or buy at the end of your video

Include calls-to-action in every video, like “click here” or “sign up now.”

Use the animated text on the screen to keep viewers engaged

Video Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Use a catchy title and thumbnail to attract viewers’ attention
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of your video
  • Make sure you have an opt-in form on your website for viewers who want more information
  • Create a video that is relevant to your target audience
  • Include a call-to-action in the video’s description box
  • Send videos to customers who haven’t purchased from you recently and include them in email campaigns
  • Turn on “autoplay” so people can watch without clicking play
  • Make your subject line compelling and clear
  • Keep the email concise and focused on one topic
  • Include a call to action, such as “Click here for more information” or “Visit our website.”
  • Be as specific as possible about what you want the recipient to do with the content of your video email
  • Add links to other resources that are relevant but not in your video
  • Include a video in your email
  • Make sure the subject line is relevant and compelling
  • Keep the text to less than 200 words, unless you are sending an information-only email
  • Use a call to action at the end of your video
  • Add an eye-catching subject line
  • Include a clear call to action with a link
  • Use videos in your email marketing strategy
  • Make sure the video is short and engaging
  • Include a call to action at the end of the video that directs recipients to take any action, such as “click here” or “sign up for our newsletter.”
  • Create videos with high-quality production values, so they are not blurry or shaky
  • Keep the email short and to the point
  • Include a link to your video in the body of the email
  • Include an embedded video with a CTA at the end of your email
  • Add videos into your social media posts
  • Create a video that is relevant to your audience
  • Make sure you have the right equipment for recording and editing
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of each video
  • Test different types of videos to see what works best with your audience
  • Make sure your video is relevant to the product or service you are promoting
  • Include a link in your email that viewers can click on to watch your video
  • Keep your email content short and concise
  • Include a strong call to action at the end of the email
  • Use video in your emails to make them more interesting
  • Make sure you have permission from people you’ve interviewed before to include their videos in an email


Email marketing has become crucial for marketers to adopt email marketing strategies spike over their competitors. The value of video email marketing in any industry is undeniable. If you are searching for successful ways to Up Your Video Email Marketing, you need a well-planned strategy in place.

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