Video Marketing For Events

Video Marketing for Events: How to Use Video Marketing to Supercharge your Event

Hosting live events is not a big deal, but exploring ways to market your events will be challenging. Event Marketers must know the significance of video around your events. Video Marketing for Events takes time to create high promotional event videos that will show the audience means a lot to your business. Several platforms exist for event marketing to establish a connection between your ideal audience. If you are crazy about getting the most ROI from the events, here are a few tips on using Video Marketing to supercharge your event to get more ROI.

Video Marketing Tips For Events

  • Buy a Go Pro
  • Get some great music
  • Buy a light
  • Get good audio for your first video
  • Figure out your script and who you’re speaking to
  • Bring your A-game for the first few videos.

5 ways to use videos for events

  1. If you’re not making videos, you are leaving money on the table
  2. Blog posts with videos get 3 times more shares
  3. Videos reduce traffic bounces by 80%
  4. Video’s drive traffic back to your site and increase conversions
  5. Videos are more likely to appear on Google search results pages.

Video content is the future of event marketing

  • Stop using brochures for events
  • Make it easy for potential attendees to register through a QR code
  • Use #hashtags and @mentions in your videos for visibility
  • Overwhelm consumers with relevant, high-quality video content

Want to get more event bookings this year?

  • Get a video of your event location
  • Give your value proposition upfront
  • Wrap your testimonials in the middle of the video
  • Use call to actions on every slide
  • Add horizontal line across the top with ‘Book Now’ font

Best video marketing guide for effective events

  • Create a fun (attention-getting) title for your events
  • Go for quirky or emotional content at the start of the video
  • Don’t forget to add locations and dates
  • End with a clear call to action

Tips on creating videos for events

  • Select the right devices and equipment
  • Set up a tripod to capture quality video
  • Turn off autofocus
  • Know your audience’s screen ratio
  • Always record your voice in advance

Video marketing for events, meet-ups, and conferences

  • Create a unique hashtag for your event. It’ll help with engagement and analytics
  • Use Snapchat to get live footage from attendees on Instagram
  • Put an Instagram Story up the day before and the day of the event
  • Post-behind-the-scenes pictures & videos to keep people excited during your event
  • Tag your speakers in a post about what they spoke about at the event so attendees

Here’s how video can help you grow your events

  • Create a Reel for each event
  • Share on engagement and saveable posts
  • Make a 10-second trailer for each of these posts
  • Promote in the right groups and influencer outreach
  • Make smart use of hashtags. Hashtags help your content get saved
  • Strive for quality over quantity. Focus on creating 5-10 videos worth saving.

Show me the easy way to market my event

  • Create an Instagram video
  • Create video what-to-dos
  • Make your videos long-form
  • Add exclusive content from the event
  • Use hashtags6: Get featured on our account by tagging the US

Video marketing for events? Here are secrets

  • It started with a quick video promo of your event
  • Everyone is talking about your event, so you share updates
  • During the event, you do brief interviews on Snapchat and Instagram stories
  • After the event, you share how it went
  • You show how excited people were after they attended

Video Marketing is the best way to get exposure in 2022

  • Be prepared to video for events and gatherings with a 360° camera
  • Promote your videos on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ask clients/prospects if they have a Facebook page first
  • Make sure you have a budget, otherwise crowdfund or crowdsource some funds!
  • Encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel

Video marketing is the easiest way to promote your event

  • Help them plan their content calendar for events
  • Show them how to make a promotions video
  • Show them what’s worked for you in the past (tips and tricks)
  • Confirm that they’re using the right hashtag
  • Keep track of what’s working for you with analytics

5 effective video marketing strategies for event

  1. Long-format video
  2. App Videos
  3. Behind the scenes videos
  4. Product Introduction Videos
  5. Live Streaming

Video content is crucial for events

  • Take videos throughout the day
  • Create individual highlights for each speaker
  • Share your recordings on platforms you don’t own
  • Create a branded studio space
  • Make videos of all the backstage

Are you planning an event? This is what you need to know

  • Tag your likes to your video post
  • Use original hashtags, not just #event
  • Tag important accounts in the comments
  • Link back to an event page on your website or blog

Ways to Market an events using Video Marketing

  • Produce a video to promote the event
  • Use Facebook to share the video
  • Advertise your Videos on Google
  • Create videos before the event
  • Make a list of what the video will include
  • Show your audience that you are reliable
  • Search for other channels where you can promote your video
  • Put the video on YouTube
  • Take a video of an event
  • Add your own thoughts and commentary
  • Share on Youtube and other social sites
  • Use links in descriptions to lead sales pages
  • Get creative with your marketing videos
  • Make sure the sound is clear and loud enough
  • Keep an eye on your lighting
  • Use captions and text to grab people’s attention
  • Post on social media outlets for extra exposure
  • Create a video strategy
  • Find the right topic or idea
  • Invite the influencers
  • Create an Engaging Video
  • Promote Your Video on Various Sites
  • Connect With The Audience
  • Integrate Smartphone Apps and Social Media
  • Connect with the audience on different sites so that your videos are viral and reach more people.
  • Promotional Video
  • Causes and consciousness
  • Create a compelling story
  • Show the creation process
  • Have speakers share their stories on social media
  • Create a landing page
  • Plan a video strategy
  • Embrace your schedule
  • Create quality content
  • Engage with followers
  • Promote your event with videos
  • Define your video’s objective
  • Promote the event to local media
  • Invite bloggers and special contributors to attend
  • Use social networking sites to spread the word quickly
  • Host a panel discussion
  • Co-brand the event
  • Create sponsorship packages
  • Give away free tickets
  • Build buzz for your event
  • Use live your marketing assets
  • High Definition
  • Events footage
  • Slow-motion capture
  • Video Marketing
  • Make your videos easy to share
  • Build your audiences with video
  • Get the power of syndication
  • Make a Short Video
  • Use Social Media Sites
  • Encourage Consumers to Share Their Videos
  • Pick a topic close to the event
  • Add some sponsors to the video
  • Share the video on their social pages
  • Have a link back to one of your pages
  • Run advertisements before and during the event
  • Make sure you know the language of your market segment
  • Create a script before beginning to shoot
  • Keep it simple!
  • Do not forget to add subtitles in other languages
  • Getting started with a Video Marketing Strategy
  • Website Videos
  • Let’s talk about YouTube
  • You need content creation and Marketing videos for your Facebook page
  • How to add a call to actions in your videos effectively
  • You can also get updates on live streams by subscribing to the YouTube channel
  • Summarize your event and post it to your social media pages
  • Create a teaser video for your website
  • Simply visit a nearby store to choose the right video camera
  • Find a comfortable setting and make sure that lighting is good
  • Use complementary colors in your videos
  • Remember to edit out mistakes or pauses with transitions or fast cuts, titles, graphics, etc.…
  • Distribute video on an online platform like YouTube
  • Build trust with a compelling introduction
  • Offer value by exploring every angle
  • Drive people to your site or event
  • Create a storytelling
  • Optimize videos for search and social media.
  • Develop the perfect call to action

Video Marketing for Events

Update and share your big news

Set specific goals for each video

Create competition among videos

Build a Strategic Plan for Events

Launch event teaser videos

Feature the peer’s videos and industry partners

Keep your videos accessible to everyone.

Recap your Event Videos

Leverage the How-To Videos

Create a promotional video

Deliver short and fun videos by social media

Give space to event walkthroughs.

Find and collaborate with rights influencers for event promotions.

Create tools for Booth Recordings

Plan long term trending content for Events

Plan and Organize the Webinars or Hangouts for events

Hype your guest speaker in your event video

Introduce your local backgrounds in events

Publish your videos Within the Event App

Make your videos accessible to the public while planning the event.

Leverage the guest Interview Videos

Stream after movie videos

Create excellent short videos for event planning

Showcase your Internal work to the public

Get ready with event broadcasting platforms.

Leverage event highlights video.

Launch Event invitation videos

Brand every video that you stream on Events

Create to see you next time videos

Find popular platforms, technologies, and video tools.

Create fun and share social media videos

Try to share the expert-level tips and tricks.

Live to a stream of event workshops and speakers.

Create Time-lapse videos

Offers live for more social engagement.

Leverage behind the scenes videos

Get HD videos for your company websites.


Video is a great way to create hype for an event; video marketing gives a sneak peek of the action. Event marketers need to keep in mind that it is essential to build momentum in video marketing before the event. It is crucial to maintain that hype during and after the event to maximize audience results. Most successful events are ones with a strong video marketing strategy, keep an eye on this guide to supercharge your Events using video marketing.

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