Video Marketing KPIs

Video Marketing KPIs: Video Marketing Metrics You Really Should Be Tracking

KPI’s are the numerical metrics every organization can track and measure their progress towards their goals. Video Marketing KPIs at different levels help successfully to reach their targets. Marketing has evolved to the point where your videos are required to compete in any market. Marketers can find themselves by analyzing the metrics that impact sales if you struggle with the Video Marketing KPIs that marketing initiatives impact against pre-defined targets. Here we compiled with a few essential video marketing metrics you should be monitoring.

You may think that your video marketing campaigns are doing well because you’ve been receiving a lot of views and shares. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to determine the success of your video marketing efforts. The number of views and shares don’t tell you how many people watched through to the end or how effective your content is in converting viewers into leads.

Video marketing has been taking over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for years now, with no end in sight. According to Ooyala’s 2016 Q1 Global Video Index, more than half (53%) of all internet traffic will be made up of videos by 2021.

With this increase in video, consumption comes an increased need to track KPIs surrounding your content strategy, particularly the success metrics around your videos. Tracking these metrics can help you decide what types of topics are engaging with your audience and which ones are just a passé fad that needs to die out already!

To find out whether or not your videos are truly successful, you need to be tracking specific metrics such as those listed below:

Video Marketing KPIs You Really Should Be Tracking:

Views-to-Engagement Ratio

Impression Click-Through Rate


Impressions from YouTube Recommendations

Subscriber Gains by Video

Subscriber Losses by Video

Video Rankings

Average Percentage Viewed

Traffic Source

Actions After Viewing

Average View Duration

Audience Retention

Subscriber Growth

Clicks Per End Screen Element

View Velocity

Play Rate & Replays



Social Sharing

Click-through Rate

Conversion Rate


Attracting New Leads

Engaging with Prospects

Nurturing Decisions to Buy

Number of clicks

Viewer duration and bounce rate

Lead Generation

Click-Through Rate

View-Trough Rate

Commitment and interaction

Recurring users

Referral Traffic

Embeddings on external websites

Conversion Rate

Watch Time

Likes (Positive Reactions)

Dislikes (Negative Reactions)


Watch Time

Click-through Rate (CTR)

Traffic Sources

Viewer Demographics

View Count

Play Rate



Video marketing is a relatively new trend compared to other marketing strategies and is the future of marketing. More than 85% of all internet users view the video content rather than any other content type, as per the recent study. To achieve your business goals, you need to be creative and have a piece of strong knowledge on all the above Video Marketing KPIs, keeping a clear record of your progress.

And with so many people turning to video for answers, it’s no surprise that more and more marketers are investing in creating high-quality videos for their businesses.

But if you’re not tracking your KPIs (key performance indicators), you may be missing out on some great insights into how well your marketing strategy is working or where there might be room for improvement. Here are a few of our favorite metrics to measure success using YouTube as part of your digital marketing plan.

Which metric do you find yourself measuring often? What’s one way you can improve this metric? Let us know!

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