Video Marketing KPIs

50 Video Marketing KPIs You Need to Know (Key Performance Indicators)

Having good video marketing strategy is just not enough. You need to keep track of the marketing KPIs to help you to evaluate how the strategies are working. Few of the important key performance indicators are influenced response, brand engagement, customer characteristics etc. Let us find out about the Video Marketing KPIs here.

1. Number of visitors to the videos is one of the key performance indicators. To increase visibility makes changes to the video marketing strategy.

2. Opt-in registrations is another key performance indicator.  Give a reason for the consumers to provide their contact information.

3. Number of visitors coming back to site can be increased by providing them with the information they want.

4. Increase video watch time by ensuring that the content is interesting.

5. Google analytics helps to track the visitors to the video or channel and to fin the most popular video.

6. Offer to download valuable content to get the data of the consumer.

7. Ensure that the product you are offering in of high quality and service and this makes the consumers ‘Buy the product’.

8. Check how many people are subscribing to your channel and are showing intent to buy the product.

9. Make ‘Sharing’ easy to increase the sharing numbers.

10. Positive comments are also important key performance indicators.

11. How many audience of the video are following the call to action and becoming customers?

12. How the videos helped to increase the market share?

13. Corporate reputation is another key performance indicator.

14. Brand persuasion score is also important.

15. Higher Search engine ranking can be achieved by optimizing the video

16. Social networking presence

17. Cost to serve

18. Desktop vs. mobile is comparison of how many people are watching the videos on desktop and on other devices such as mobiles and table.

19. Lead conversions

20. Return on investment

21. Follow through with the calls to action

22. YouTube analytics

23. Talking to members of the team to determine the success of video marketing

24. Comparing video marketing success with other videos

25. Audience feedback

26. Brand exposure is how helpful was the video marketing for the brand

27. Going viral is possible if the content is good.

28. Effective delivering of information

29. Video content relevancy

30. Video engagement

31. Primary marketing goal is required to measure the success of the marketing strategy.

32. Number of unique users

33. Ad recall

34. Video clicks

35. Sales and purchase intent

36. Engaged views with targeted customers

37. Share rate is the number of shares compared to the number of views for the video

38. Links and embeds

39. Other video channels referrals

40. Unaided brand recalls

41. Click through rate is another important key performance indicator to ensure

42. Marketing qualified leads

43. Sales qualified leads

44. Cost of customers acquisition gives the idea about how many visitors turned into customers and what budget is spent on the video

45. Social media reach is the wider reach of the video to the followers

46. Social media engagement is how well the video could engage the customers on social media pages

47. Performance of video email marketing

48. Link building

49. Landing page conversions

50. Blog post visits that are directed from the video

Video is the effective way of getting messages across. It is the marketing tool that can entertain the audience. However the high budget of the video is why there is need to analyze if it is deliver return on investment. The above are the key performance indicators for video marketing success.

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