Video Micro-Moments

Video Micro-Moments Best Practices

We can find high adoption with different mobile devices that adopted a new style today. People are connecting to the internet for every simple need from anywhere at any time. The multiple device usages were also increased from time to time. Consumers had started using their devices more often as people are just habituated to use mobile devices and other devices to get connected to the internet. This process s know as Video Micro-Moments.

Many people used to check different social media platforms, at least, every one hour for a short period. The web surfing was revealed to be continuous but for a short period of times which was referred as a “Micro Moments” by Google.

The main reason behind the trend is for the active mobile device users who are trying as multitaskers. It is one the most significant key takeaway for the marketers to observe the consumer activities which can help to improve the marketing strategies. The micro-moments are going to become the best strategy for the video marketers and advertisers today.

The micro moments are divided into four categories such as

“I want to watch what I’m into”

More than 56 percent people are viewing the video content to get inspired and for entertainment. This micro-moment is considered when people are searching for videos on their passion and interests.

“I want to know” moments

People are using the video content not only just for entertainment but also for the learning purposes. This micro-moment was referred as the people trying to learn the things as more than 68 percent millennials are accepted that they used to search for the video content to learn something.

“I want to do” moments

The searches belong to “How to” keyword was observed to be 72 percent during the search on Youtube platform. this micro-moment referred to people looking for a step by step guide or instructions to do or make something from the video

“I want to buy” moments

Majority of people between the ages 18 to 34 are searching for the video content to make purchase decisions. This micro-moment is referred the people who are searching for the relevant content which can decide their purchase decision to buy or not to buy.



Video Micro-Moments Best Practices

Video micro-moments had made a significant impact on the video advertising today, advertisers are planning to include the strategy by considering and analyzing the micro-moments across the web to build the perfect advertising strategy. The micro-moments referred to as the shortest time which is spent by the audience on particular content continuously all the time on the internet is considered as micro-moments.

Previously, people used to access the internet connection while they need any information. But today people are just clicking on their mobile devices, and with one click they are watching the video and updating their status on various social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, etc. all these are considering as micro-moments.

The micro-moments are not only reflecting the viewing time of the people but also their purpose of watching particular video content. So, these moments categorized into four types basing on the meaning of watching a video. It can help the advertisers to know about the audience’s behavior towards the video content and took advantage of the creation of the video content basing on video micro-moments analysis. Here are some best practices.

The moments Map

Observe the frequent buyer’s video viewing behavior and identify the moments by balancing your advantages and disadvantages in your strategy. The create a map on these minutes which can help you to know at which elements you must focus and on which you give priority.

Know the customer pulse

By observing the video micro-moments, you can reveal what did the customer expecting and need from the videos. What type of video content they are expecting from your brand. So you can prepare a perfect strategy to win the things basing on video micro-moments across the web targeting your brand.

How Big Brands are using Video Micro Moments

People are going with various numbers of micro-moments every day watching video content for multiple purposes. People are going with their smart devices all the time for every purchase decision. They are merely going with one click online store app on their mobile phones to shop at anything at any time. Video Micro-Moments makes the marketers challenging to reveal the purchase decisions of the consumers towards the brands. So, programmatic advertising with the utilization of the video micro-moments can achieve the goals of branding.

The brands are focusing on the efficient way of assembling the video micro-moments of consumers in the right way to achieve the things. Many brands like L’Oreal are observing the video micro-moments of consumers by organizing the audience insights across the various app and videos watched to reveal the purchase behavior of the consumer online. By knowing the preferences of the consumers, brands are using the programmatic buying and delivering the advertisement to the people.

Some brands are reaching the audience across a different screen and channels based on the video micro-moments analysis. Brands are capturing and kept an eye on video micro-moments of the consumers and tracking their interests to build a perfect marketing strategy. It makes the brands get to succeed with their marketing tactics on people. Brands are mainly focusing on the consumer response towards an ad and the efficiency of advertising using the micro-video moments. Therefore, the video micro-moments had changed the way of video advertising of brands.

How to Launch Micro-Moments into Your Video Strategy

Video micro-moments are the best way to know about consumer behavior towards the product. The new video micro-moments are the latest trend across the web in the world of digital video advertising today. As the video micro-moments categorized, the marketers can know about the consumers and their interests basing on the micro-video moments. Today the mobile video consuming behavior was changed, and the people love to watch the video content all the time for various purposes.

An average smartphone user was watching at least 15 minutes of video via smartphone. and this is the main reason why marketers and brands are involved in the including of new video marketing strategy.

Launching micro-moments into your video strategy

Know about the characteristic points of Audience interests and your brand interests

Some millions of people watch Youtube channel every day basing on their interest. Some access the information to learn, some to purchase a product, and some people for entertainment. So, everyone has a reason for watching video content online. That right must be marketed by your brand to grab the audience. Thus, the micro-moments must be included by analyzing the audience interests across the web towards a particular brand or product.

If audiences are searching the relevant content, then provide them with relevant and detailed information about what they are searching on the web. If they are searching for the right answers, try to provide them with the best things. It is how you can include the micro-moments in your marketing strategy to get succeed.

How to Leverage Micro-Moments in Video Ads

Video advertising is the enormous shift in online marketing and digital advertising and so as the video micro-moments today. The video micro-moments help the marketers to know about the audience’s way of purchasing and their behavior in watching the video content. As the micro-moments had divided into four different categories with different micro-moment tags, the marketers or advertisers can take complete advantage of the micro-moments to leverage their advertising with video.

Micro moments are going to make the impact on the video advertising today. It is very advantageous as it can reveal the consumers’ choice of purchasing things online. Video micro-moments had a compelling value today. So, the video advertisers must create the ads basing on the analysis of the video micro-moments on the web. Here are some ways to leverage the video ads with micro-moments.

Consider the length of the video

Include the content, which is quite enough for your video strategy. Don’t ever include the excess content which makes the audience feel bored and irrelevant to their search which directly impacts your business.

Ete catching and relevant video content

Make your video ads relevant to what you want to convey to the audience. The ads must catch the attention of the video viewers. The videos must be understandable and clear. The relevant content has some clicks than the content, which was created with useless matter to expand its length. So, the measure will not make any impact it is the quality, relevancy, and strategy that impact on your video ads and micro-moments can provide an overall advantage to the video ads.

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