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Video SEO: Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

Video SEO enhances the video’s ranking and visibility in search engines. It allows showing video on the first page of the search engine results. The process involves creating video metadata relevant to what people are searching for.

Since web crawlers cannot see the actual video data, the SEO process for video SEO uses tags and metadata to lead laggards to the video. A reliable way to promote videos in searches is to have a sitemap.

A video sitemap is a gallery of videos—a video sitemap hosted on the website itself. Having a sitemap tells the search engines that a vast video catalog is on the site.

Video metadata tells the search engines about the title of the video, the video description, the length of the video, the transcript, and the thumbnail.

A page with the proper video markup helps the search engine correctly identify and index the video. SEO aims to drive traffic to the video or the website.

Most of us know that video is a famous type of online content. Internet users consume more videos and more thoroughly when compared to other forms of content. Studies revealed that video is the best way for online content to impact significantly.

However, merely creating a video is insufficient to get people’s attention. One has to make sure that people find the video.

Search engines can crawl or index the text, and they cannot do the same with the video and cannot determine the subject. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is significant for the video.

How do I optimize YouTube videos for SEO?

Make your video easy for Google and YouTube to understand the complete mete date.

Create optimized Titles, Descriptions, and Tags.
Consider using closed captions or uploading a transcript.

Your video title should be very few essential words long and include the primary keyword for which you want your
video to rank.

How do you see YouTube video tags?

If you watched some videos on YouTube and want to see the tags used in this video.

If you are using Chrome browser, right-click and go to the view source option.

Go to the view source page, press the Ctrl+F button, and search for video Keywords.

Another way of watching YouTube Video Tags is by using VidIQ Chrome Extension.

What do tags do on YouTube?

According to YouTube, tags are one of the most critical ways to rank your video in YouTube search results.

Video Tags help users find your video when they search on YouTube platforms.

How many tags can you have on YouTube?

YouTube tags have a character limit of fewer than 400 characters (approximately)

Do tags on YouTube get more views?

Integrate your video tags with rich and right target Keywords. The more target keywords you place into your videos, the
more search visibility creates for people to find your video on YouTube search.

SEO Tips

    • Ranking high in the search results depends on the quality of the video. The more the video quality, the higher the user will spend time on it. However, it is also necessary that the content should be relevant to the keywords and is of some value to the audience.
    • The video should grab the audience’s attention in the first few seconds. If it fails to do so, the viewer is going to leave it. If the audience is not watching the video, the effort of creating it is wasted. If the audience moves quickly, the search engines will rank the content lower. It will hurt the SEO of the video.
    • High-quality video regarding SEO is the one that engages the audiences and makes them share the video and not necessarily the higher production value. The content video content is critical to get traffic. Search engines rank the video higher if it engages the viewers. According to experts, the videos that involve the audience more are the How-to videos, tutorials, and reviews.

  • To improve video SEO, it is recommended to post the video on the second largest search engine that is YouTube. The video should also embed on the website or the blog. Add the link to the site of the page in the YouTube video description to drive the viewers to the website from YouTube. The video posted on YouTube gets more views and ideas, indicating to the search engines that the quality of the video is excellent, and they rank the video higher in search results.
  • Some extra effort put into the video will improve the SEO of the video. It is essential to optimize the video title and description and include relevant keywords. This is because search engines cannot interpret and index the content of the video.
  • Search engines cannot crawl video to create a transcript of the video’s audio. Include a lot of relevant keywords.
  • Including the right call to action, such as visiting a website, is required.

Common Video SEO Mistakes

The video is the most potent content and can significantly contribute to the SEO strategy if used correctly. Creating a video is a great idea, but it must complement the overall SEO strategy and generate ROI.

A common mistake made by many is not to define video goals. Another is to not concentrate on the load time. Including images, video, and other things on the webpage slow down the page’s loading. If the load time is slow, it can damage the SEO. The users will merely exit the page, and the search engine gives a low ranking to the sites.

If the video on the webpage is not optimized correctly, it could be because of the slow load time. Optimizing the media improves load time and improves SEO ranking.

Host all the video files in a single folder and create the sitemap. Sitemap helps search engines index videos. Not optimizing the webpage or the video for the mobile device is another common mistake that should b avoided so that it does not affect the SEO.

Video SEO is the toughest but is also the most valuable. Google usually takes up to two weeks to index the new video content. Some practices can prevent Google from indexing the video.

Incorrectly setting the redirects may be one of the causes. The video placement on the page is another thing that can negatively affect SEO. Ensure the videos are embedded at the correct viewing size and placed near the top of the page.


Video SEO enhances video search more effortlessly in the search engine and improves the optimizations of the video on social media. We have explained some Video SEO tips to Video SEO and some common mistakes every advertiser makes in Video marketing.

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