VLC Media Player Fanatics

50 Hidden Tips and Tricks for VLC Media Player Fanatics

One of the favorite the media players for many people around the world is VLC Media Player. This is one of the free media players for Windows personal computers. It is offered with many features. There are also some hidden tricks and tips that make using the VLC Media Player Fanatics very convenient and effective. VLC Media Player Fanatics listed here.

VLC Media Player Fanatics

1. Many of us do not know that VLC can be used to convert videos.

2. Go to VLC media menu, choose the Convert/save, select type of file and then use the edit selected profile button to set the video encoding settings.

3. YouTube videos can be watched in VLC media player if you have good internet connection.  Click media to select and choose the open network stream. Open YouTube and choose the favorite video. Copy the URL and paste where it says Enter the network URL. Click play and the video streams in VLC without any disturbances.

4. VLC media player can be used to replace the desktop wallpaper with video.

5. VLC media player can be used to record video chat sessions.

6. Listen to the online radio by enabling the media, Shoutcast radio listings.

7. VLC media player also allows playing the media files in RAR files.

8. Listen to Podcast on your desktop without any additional software using VLC media player.

9. VLC media player also allows downloading the SRT subtitle file and adding it to the video.

10.VLC Media Player Fanatics, Torrent movies need not be downloaded but can be streamed on VLC media player.

11. 3D movie can be run on VLC media player on OC by choosing the Effects and Filters, Advanced tab and checking the 3D option.

12. In the advanced controls of VLC media player, there is record button to record currently playing video or audio.

13. Go to Extended settings in VLC and select video effects, geometry tab. Go to ‘Puzzle Game’ option. Select the rows and columns and check the box. Close VLC and then open to play the Jigsaw puzzle game.

14. VLC can be controlled from your Android phone also. For this Unified Remote app needs to be downloaded.

15. The playback speed can be slowed down or doubled.

16. There are some keyboard shortcuts for VLC media player. Press F for full screen.

17. Press the space bar to play or pause the video.

18. To play the multimedia faster just press +.

19. Press the S key to stop the playing.

20. Use the Ctrl and Q keys together to quit VLC.

21. Use the control and up arrow to key to increase the volume.

22. Control and down arrow keys together will lower the volume.

23. Press M to mute the file.

24. Shift and right arrow keys help to skip forward.

25. Shift and left arrow keys skips backward.

26. Press G and H to increase or decrease the subtitle delay

27. Press I and K buttons together to increase or decrease audio delay.

28. Press control button and H button to hide or unhide the controls.

29. Control and P button can be used for VLC player preference.

30. Control and E button help in adjusting audio and video effects.

31. To open messages press control and M button.

32. Use the control and N buttons to open network.

33. Control and C buttons together helps in opening the capturing device.

34. Control and L buttons open the playlist.

35. Control and V button saves playlist.

36. ALT and A opens the audio menu.

37. ALT and H opens the help menu.

38. Alt and M opens the media menu.

39. Alt and P buttons open the playlist menu.

40. VLC can be used to record desktop.

41. VLC also allows adding own watermark on a video. Go to tools, effects and filters, video effects under overlay tab.

42. To replay certain part of a video, bookmark it on VLC media player.

43. An interesting ability of VLC media player is to playback movies in ASCII mode.

44. Apply video and audio effects.

45. The VLC player takes the screenshots of current screen in relatively smaller size and puts on the display panel to provide inception effect.

46. To get the inception effect open VLC and press control and N. Type screen:// in opened window and click play.

47. A stopwatch can be created for VLC to shut down PC after specific time.

48. VLC also provides mouse gesture support.

49. Mouse gesture support makes it easy to adjust settings by moving the mouse.

50. To RIP DVD, open the VLC player and click media. Choose the convert/save, select disc, check no disc menu and then click convert/save and choose codec. Save with codec extension.

VLC media player is not just a simple media player but also offers many useful and fun features. If you are using it just for playing audio and video files, VLC Media Player Fanatics is using only a tiny fraction of VLC media player features. You can use VLC for many features whether you are using it on Linux, Mac or Windows operating system.

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