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Advanced Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel and Videos

YouTube Channel is the most significant platform which was accommodated some billions of hours of video content in its platform. So, to get identified among the millions of video content, it is essential to launch a viral channel trailer on the platform. The virality referred as most buzz content across the platform and the content which has more shares and views within a short span of time.

YouTube is the most prominent video giant on the web which contains some billions of minutes of video content. There is a massive competition between the brands and artists acquiring the subscribers, views, likes, etc. on the platform.

Starting A YouTube Channel and Must Have Points To Remember

If there is one thing that technology has helped the common man it is to make him an overnight celebrity. One day we’re ok, but the very next day, bombarded by multiple Facebook posts of something that went viral all over the world, and we are anxious to figure out whether we’re even in the same game.

Itís true that quest for fame has been forever sought by human beings while some have succeeded in attaining. But the equations are changing now. YouTube has paved the way for a nobody to being a somebody in this ever-increasing population.

All you need is a camera and an idea to make it big. Anything that is unique can be the next sensation on YouTube. It might seem silly, but the internet is full of ideas and people who have done just that. Theyíve turned something that theyíve thought might not work or stupid and turned it into their business or profession.

That is all you need. And how do you go about publishing your video? All you need to do is create a YouTube channel. Creating your own YouTube channel does not involve complications and usually takes just a couple of minutes (yes, this quick!).

First thing you should do is Create a Google Account and Sign Up for that. In the long run, this solution proves to be entirely conventional, and you need to run a few YouTube channels at once, you can create all of them within the same Google Account.

It’s just more comfortable when you don’t have to log in and out every single time you wish to manage accounts simultaneously and you instead just quickly switch from channel to channel.

Make sure you don’t use just any image you came across when browsing your files and thought was impressive enough to publish. Check the image size and proportions first, and make your profile image fit perfectly. Another essential step to creating a professional-looking YouTube channel is getting a unique URL address.

How To Create A Viral YouTube Channel Trailer

To blast the history of YouTube then there should be something useful steps to take while launching the YouTube channel trailer. The trailer of the channel will decide the future fate of the YouTube channel either with success or failure.

Apparently, every vlogger wants to be in the top of the competitors. For that reason just go through this article that will define you to establish the final YouTube channel trailer. The YouTube channel trailers help you to stamp your presence among the millions. Here are some essential tips for the viral YouTube channel trailer creation.


Get some unique ideas by brainstorming in a calm place. Concentrate on your thoughts and explore how they can help after implementation in the creation of trailer. Use good keyword elements. Make a perfect flow chart you want to include in the container and follow the same.

Observe Other Channel Trailers:

The content can be more clear and easy to understand if and only if you have watched some example videos of the channel trailers. Make some note of which elements make the channel trailer as a viral hit. Observe the ideal length, factors that affect the things.

Go With Short Type Of Content:

Don’t go with the length trailers as the trailers are generally between 15 to 60 seconds in length. The first five seconds of the channel trailer must be clear and impressive, and it must be capable of driving the viewers towards the full video trailer.


Interaction plays a vital role. So, make your trailer interactive with the audience by using the annotations and subscribe graphics, etc. there is a chance of gaining useful subscriber rate with the annotations and clickable links towards your trailer. The interactive features can help upon to turn the trailer as viral across the YouTube platform.

How To Write The Best YouTube Title

Youtube is the most popular video platform across the Globe and marketers are making this platform as their medium for advertising to meet the millions of people on the platform. It is not so easy to capture the attention of the audience towards your video and brand message you want to convey because there are some millions of companies were competing on Youtube to make their presence.

So, there is a need for certain factors that must be kept in your mind. The user first made his attention towards the title of the videos, so, the title must be relevant and attractive to the audience. It plays an essential role in your video success. So, here are some tips to create a compelling title for your Youtube video.

Research keywords:

Start researching the keywords and find out which words used by the user during his search for his content needs. Include the keywords in your title which helps you to rank better in the search results. Donít forgets to use the word ìVideoî in your title as it is the most viral word that was generally in use.

Make it descriptive and clear:

Donít use the shocking titles like ì You will never knew it rightî, these type of titles will not get much attention. The audience only searches for their relevant subject. So, make the titles like the ìA video tutorial on Hair stylesî, ìHow to eliminate fat ñ a video guideî these type of title will get the excellent response. So, create descriptively.

Try to make your title to 56 characters:

Make your title within 56 characters which are search friendly and the audience will also feel comfortable to go with your title.

Raise the curiosity among audience:

Some title like ìunbelievable facts on Human bodyî etc. has a great response from the audience as the people were curious about the unknown things which make them more interesting. So, go your title a bit interested.

Best Checklist For YouTube Video Before Uploading To YouTube Channel

There are some millions of videos that are uploaded on to YouTube platform every month across the globe. So, your video must recognize by the rest of videos, and it is not that much simple to get one click or one go.

Many people upload their video content on the Youtube platform, and some are successful in getting their identity, and some failed to do so because they were unable to make some checklist before the video uploading on to the YouTube platform.

Check Quality:

Quality of the video plays an important role. The class only doesn’t mean the high definition picture but also the audio and relevancy also comes under the quality of the video. Even the copy write content also matters. So, always check your video quality before the video upload

Check Titles and Tags:

Youtube cannot watch everything in your video to understand, and it wholly depended on your video title and tag you have added on to your video. So, keep a focus while adding the tags and title of the video and check before your upload. Add some relevant keywords to your video title and tags.

Check your Description Quality:

Check the number of words in your description and recheck the meaning of your description before upload. Take care that your description must not be too lengthy and short. It must be clear and relevant to the theme of your video.

Before You Publish Your YouTube Video: Tips To Get It Right

According to some survey reports, it revealed that more than 70 percent increase in the video viewing reported from the previous year. That means, there are numerous chances for the brands to meet their targeting audience towards their brands.

But, the thing is, only some videos on YouTube platform had good rankings, and remaining videos are just standing in the crowd. This due to some simple mistakes of many creators. So, here are some tips to focus on before publishing your video on YouTube platform.

The title should be catchy:

Some creators didn’t concentrate more on a title and make it very outdated and unattractive, and some titles are not at relevant and can’t be remembered by the audience if they want to watch the same video after a few days. So, your title must be catchy and everyone must remember your video title easily.

Research keywords:

The keyword research is a must. Keywords play a vital role in acquiring good rankings on search engines. Research the keywords which are widely used on search engines while searching your related topics and note down the proper keywords.

You can also take help of some SEO, who can provide you with a list of right keywords which enhances better visibility and rankings on search engines.


Go with the short and informative description of your video. The report must not be too lengthy, but it must be clear and easy to understand. Try to include the keywords in your video description also.

Thumbnails should be Bright and highlight:

Thumbnails are the first look of your video displayed on a results page. So, make your thumbnail attractive and bright. They can attract the audience towards your video and increases your video visibility too.

Tips For Repurposing Your Old YouTube Videos

Repurposing the content means reusing the content that created previously. The repurposing helps in saving the time and money. Repurposing the content helps you to boost the SEO rankings, and it also paves a way to reach the large-scale audience at one place.

The reusing content also acquires competent authority if it consists of the excellent quality. You can step towards repurposing the video content too. Today there is an outstanding competition in video marketing.

The video marketing plays a vital role to drive the audience towards your content which in turn brings success to the marketers and creators. But, the repurposing of the content must be done in a right way to reach the target.

Create Different Posts on your Blog:

Make new blog posts with the old YouTube videos. You can write a script from the video for the audience to have better understanding the past YouTube videos and share or post your old YouTube video link to drive the viewers towards your old YouTube videos.

Add Trending content by Editing your Old Video on YouTube:

The audience follows the trending topics on every platform and so as on the YouTube platform too. So, edit your old videos and add some small part of trending topics. You can also make some changes in the layout and design even.

Promote your Video:

There is no such rule of not promoting is only for new. One can Promote any content whether it is old or new that doesn’t matter. It depends on your way of promoting that influence your success. So, try to promote your edited content on different platforms from YouTube platform.

Target and Reach the Audience:

Try to follow the audience who have previously connected with your content and reach them with your repurposed video content.

Tips To Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

Many YouTubers upload the videos on YouTube channel frequently. So, many numbers of videos only stood on the YouTube channel. You may have some thousand of videos on your channel if you are maintaining it for educational related videos or tutorials since from one or two years.

So, it is necessary to have a channel cleanup to make your channel better on YouTube platform. There are several tools and some different ways that are available, which can help you to clean up your YouTube channel. Here are some tips to follow while cleaning your YouTube channel.

Cleaning of YouTube channel helps you to get excellent visibility in the search results. It also removes the hassles to find out the videos. It also helps in making your rank, even more, better during the search engine results as well as on YouTube search too.

Go to Playlists:

It is essential to organize your videos in a right way as the viewers search basing n the data and popularity. So arrange them in the form of playlists and make it easy for the audience. Clean up unnecessary videos.

Remove Extra Tags:

Recently, YouTube channel was not allowing more tags to the videos and even shutting down some channels permanently. So, go with your old videos and remove the extra tags and clean up the tags as soon as possible.

Vertical Sections Vs. Horizontal Sections In YouTube

Channel sections on YouTube are significant for better exposure of the videos of the user. They are instrumental in promoting the content that was created by the user. While making the sections on to the page, there will be some horizontal as well as vertical sections on the page of a channel. Many viewers scroll down the page.

Two videos can display for the fold in vertical columns of the YouTube page. For brands and startup companies channels must concentrate on the first rows of the layout that are horizontal.

The sections were also promoted the content for curation and highlighting the content within the channel tab. There are ten sections at maximum on your tab that allows for the creation of the single playlist that existed.

Creation and editing of sections:

Sections can create and edited merely by enabling the browser view of the channel and click on to the add section tab. After selection of creation button, click on to the content to drop down the content and choose the horizontal row or also you can select the list that is present vertically.

Even the sections can edit by the down arrows at the top corner towards right-hand side. The sections also divided into successful uploads, recent and liked videos and one can create the playlist sections also. The playlists also may be a single, multiple or loved playlists and they can feature by using the editing section.


Youtube is the place where you can find your niche and discover your passion and move forward by expressing your message in a right way.

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