What is Youku

What is Youku? A Guide for Brands and Publishers

Does anyone have an idea about What is Youku? Youku Inc is a company which is formerly known as Youku.com Inc. It is a Chinese video hosting service provider. The company was founded by Victor Koo who is the former president of Internet portal Sohu.

The company was started in the year 2003 in Beijing, China. In the year 2012, it acquired Tudou and changed as Youku Tudou Inc. the platform has more than 500 million users who are active monthly users. The platform was getting 800 million views daily to its videos.

Youku is the top online video and streaming service platform in China.

What is Youku?

Since 2003, Youku made its step ahead by expanding its possibilities for development of its platform in China. The company initially targeted the User Generated Content and later licensed from over 1500 content partners with its platform.

In the year 2010, It Ranked 1 in Chinese Internet video sector across the web, and YouTube was banned in China around 2008 and Youku partnered with MySpace. Hence it becomes the only online video provider in China embedded in popular browser Mozilla Firefox.

Features of Youku

• Youku commonly gives a permit to the users to upload the videos with suggestive length.

• The platform was partnered with the different TV stations, distributors and production companies in China.

• Viewers can watch the content all over the world.

• The platform also allows the Chinese government to check the inappropriate and offensive videos.

• What is the fundamental difference between the YouTube platform and Chinese Youku platform?

• Both the platforms have many similar characteristics. Youku is a content hub via Youku channel, and it has a section which is dedicated specifically to the content creators.

• From this section, the content creators can manage as well as distribute the content. The content creators also have the choice to interact with the subscribers of their channel.

Advertising on Youku

There is much content on Youku platform; the advertising revenue was around 80 percent of its total revenue. Youku reached around 1.45billion Yuan in the ad revenues.

This platform has pre-roll ads, and they are very popular. The pre-roll ads on it last up to 30 seconds, and some ads might be around one minute in length.

Because of its long and repetitive pre-roll ads, the Chinese users are a bit disappointed with this. The platform recently tied up with the biggest brands like Unilever etc. the platform had followed a different strategic approach by giving ads in shows that too with a customized song.

The platform also tested an ad-free format along with the big brand Rio with singing contests just like a favorite show American Idol and It named as “Sing! China.” On Youku platform.

Virtual Reality content

Yes, It is competing and covering all types of content on its platform. It has more than 20k VR videos on its platform.

How are businesses utilizing Youku?

Youku is the largest video sharing platform in China with more than 600 million active monthly users. It has become an effective social media platform. The revenue was already on rising since 2012 with 200 percent gross profit.

The platform allows the users to share, view and search for the videos on different devices. There is enormous content that included the TV shows, Movies and other sporting events generated by the users.

When it comes to brands; Companies are grabbing excellent opportunity to advertise their brands through this social media platform to reach the potential consumers. It also increases brand awareness. Many companies are advertising on Youku to promote their brand as well as to improve their ROI.

Mobile Advertising on Youku

Youku Tudou is the second most popular mobile application in China. WeChat is in first place in China. The video viewing had become the part of Chinese lifestyle today with the increase in smart device usage.

The mobile video views were gradually increased, and more than 25 percent traffic was reported to this platform.

Analytics on Youku

The online analytics option is available on Youku Tudou which helps in enabling the brands to identify audience based on the demographic rates, geo-location, and browsing language.

Viewing analytics and Ad options

The viewing analytics is one of the tools that enable the brands to identify the audience by providing the different analytics like viewers’ demographic information, geo-location, and another browsing language. It also draws the location-based analytics for the brands. So, companies can utilize the tool to track the performance and hence improve the strategy accordingly.

When comes to Ad-options, it shows different ways like banner and static along with the active type of formats, the Text link ads, buttons and branding the viral videos; the pause video feature is also there in video ad options for brands.

Along with these type of videos, many advertising options include the live events, in-house content, product placements, etc.

The brands and companies can utilize the videos that are displaced before, after and as well as during the video content.

The Youku pause ads display when the video is paused and finish when the video is resumed again. The banner ads are shown at the top side, middle and bottom of the page. The pricing is depended on the location of the ads and type of ad chosen by the advertisers or brands.

Multiscreen ads

The multiscreen advertising engages the variety of users across the different devices in use. Brands are following the same strategy and are going well on Youku supported devices with their various type of ad formats on this platform.

Account on Youku

Brands can create an official channel on the video platform, and they made this as a way of communicating their brand story and engage the customers. Many brands like Cartier, Burberry, etc has official branding channels.

Finally, if you are targeting the Chinese as your customers, don’t forget to include the Youku marketing strategy for your brand.

Youku Tudou Mobile Video Traffic Growth Stats

Youku Tudou has pulled down the small screen by showing tremendous services and this has drawn the attention of the public throughout the world. Youku Tudou is the leading internet television company which was announced the latest app named “Youku iOS app” which syncs the videos to the smart devices, tablet and on the desktops. While the user started watching video on the tablet he can move to the smartphone and later he can watch the remaining on PC at home. The app allows the user to shoot the videos easily and users can self-upload the videos of their fun events or many other situations by using this app.


The app helps in producing the high-quality content which is attracting the consumers and is successful in it. The movies and the TV series licensing produces the unique content and here are some of the highlights of the mobile app engagement and its growth rate.

The Highlights of Youku Tudou

  • iQiyi positions on top in China’s versatile video classification with 245.61 million dynamic clients in Feb 2017, trailed by Tencent Video, Youku, Letv, and Mango TV.
  • vertical computerized video versatile applications class with 30.52 million dynamic clients.
  • Youku and Tudou, the two biggest online video organizations in China, reported that they have consented to a complete arrangement for Tudou to consolidate with Youku in a 100% stock-for-stock exchange.
  • China’s top video site has 150 million day by day versatile clients. With a specific end goal to oblige each one of those portable watchers
  • The online video showcase in China is assessed to achieve 16.99 billion in 2013.
  • Youku will esteem itself at $1.1 billion regardless of having lost $25.2 million through the initial seventy five percent of this current year, as indicated by its filings with SEC.


China’s largest mobile viewing capacity has raised through the two sites Youku and Tudou. These above are the latest statistics of Youku Tudou Mobile Video Traffic Growth. This is an extraordinary guide for Youku Tudou Mobile Video Traffic Growth Stats.

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