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How to Keep Your YouTube Account Secure

Now -a-days, many of us face a different shocking experience that was caused by the phishing and hacking online. Sometimes, you may not get signed in into your personal Youtube account though you have done right. It may lead to severe consequences when the account was related to the official or business or individual. The phishing was commonly seen these days as someone was playing tricks to steal personal data like credit card numbers, financial data, which helps then to take the identity along with the property and the Money. Here are some tips to keep your YouTube Account Secure.

Keep YouTube-Account Secure

The first thing to remember is the Youtube platform will not ask any user about their data and the password, and even the platform also allows us to make a flag on video if you think it was fake and spam. Follow some privacy settings and the practices to secure the Youtube account. Here are some important points to secure your account from hacking and phishing online.

  • Don’t forget to add a recovery phone number and the email to the Youtube account. It helps your channel to get secured from the unauthorized access from the third party as they cannot able to answer your security number and recovery email.
  • Don’t expose your recovery information on to the any of your social platforms and keep it secure.
  • Update the password or change it for every three months to keep it more secure.
  • As Google account connected to the Youtube platform. Be sure you are going with the strong password to secure the account.
  • Don’t use similar passwords for the multiple accounts on various platforms on the web
  • Include eight letters in your password along with the Capital and lowercase letters including punctuation marks in your password which made it more secure and strong.

The Legacy YouTube account is the account that is created before May in the year 2009. The accounts that created in that month were not linked to the Google account and not sign in since 2011, and such accounts called legacy Youtube Channels. To access these Youtube channels, you must link the channel with the Google account. This Youtube channels can be accessed by connecting them to the Google account.

Steps to link your legacy account to the Google

  • Create best fancy Gmail account
  • Sign In to your Gmail account after creation
  • Enter Youtube link in your browser to claim the pre-Google account
  • Enter the username and password in the box that provided
  • Select the Link accounts option
  • Your account was linked finally.

You can claim your unclaimed it, which was addressed with the red color banner. The Google account linking, in turn, creates the Google plus page for the Youtube channel. The Google plus account is essential to carry on the AdSense and many other things that were related to this account. After linking this Youtube channel to your Google account, you can make changes in the settings as you like within the given options. You can choose your default avatar for your Google plus account and continue your usage.

What you have observed here, the only link that has been associated with getting YouTube legacy account is only Google account. Once you have successfully signed in to the Google account, then it could be easy to access the YouTube legacy. The steps mentioned here will guide to claim this account through Google account.

How to Appeal a YouTube account Termination/Suspension?

After submitting, the reason for spam in YouTube channel.

Just make an Email to [email protected] with all details and the video link for which you got delete.

Immediately you will be notified by Email from YouTube.

After one month again, you will get a message from YouTube.

Now the previous YouTube account can be accessed.

Tips to Protect your YouTube Account from Hackers

We as a whole realize that YouTube is a standout amongst the most popular online Social Media website, we use in our everyday life. Many get revenue through monetization of YouTube and work 24/7 on YouTube to get revenue. At the point when YouTube is this much essential, why if we not secure it from Hackers. Google upholds YouTube, so Google is exceptionally watchful about the security of the web. Tips to protect YouTube Account is listed here.

On the off chance that Hackers need to hack your account, they require two approaches to cutting the account. To start with, they should have your number, and second, they have to your email address. Since when you need to sign in from whatever other PC or gadget all of a sudden an email will go to your email address that somebody is signed in from this sort of PC or device if that individual is yourself, so that is not the issue. On the off chance that is another person taps the beneath link to reset the password or something this way.

The second approach is the Hackers ought to have your telephone number. Since a six-digit code will be sent to the telephone number which you have entered while creating a Gmail account.

From these two ways, a man can have admittance to your YouTube account. To ensure YouTube accounts tail this aide.

Have a solid password for your administrator and restricted accounts

The password must be just as than 12 characters these days, best. It must have lower and upper case letters, numbers, unique images, punctuation marks, spaces, must not be too short, must not be something effortlessly guessable, and must not have characters that are the same continuously.

There are such a large number of approaches that Hackers could gain access to an account. Using malware, including spyware. Guessing the password or trying an assault could likewise be utilized.

Phishing tricks are likewise at fault for plenty of account bargains in this case the casualty gave over information to the individual who didn’t have their best interests on the most fundamental level.

Go to Sign-in and Security at the left-hand side. It will permit you to secure your account using a password. You can likewise include a second layer of security with a 2-step verification, which sends a single-use code to your telephone for you to enter when you sign in. So even though some individual figures out how to take your password. To change this setting, you should affirm your password. Presently tap on 2-Step Verification to continue this procedure.

When you power 2-step verification on your account, every time that you are login from some other PC, they will request that you confirm the telephone number or account. You can customize this that Google ought not to ask again and again by modifying a few settings. Keep the terrible folks out of your account by using both your password and your telephone number.

Best ways to protect your YouTube account

  • Don’t click any unknown links especially shortened links
  • Use Strong and Secure Passwords
  • Keep an eye on Gmail last account activity feature
  • Change your Password Frequently once in a week
  • Confirm your mobile number and Verify it
  • Track and Disconnect Previous activity Sessions if there are any unnecessary Sessions
  • Don’t use your account on Public places like internet cafes
  • Don’t provide your information through emails or chat

Best Ways to Keep your YouTube Account in Good Standing

YouTube has been able to prove its supremacy and market leadership in its field of operation i.e., online video entertainment.  Once you open you YouTube account, you need to keep YouTube Account in Good Standing.

As per the YouTube terms of service, keeping the account in good standing means enjoying features offered by the channel for monetizing the videos, having uninterrupted access to all the features available to other features etc.  The ultimate aim of keeping the account in good standing is to avoid suspension or a ban and also possible legal action by a third party.

Good standing of account will be able to provide the user enjoy benefits like:

YouTube Live

InVideo Programming

Uploading videos as Unlisted

Hangouts on Air

Uploading videos that are longer than 15 minutes

Custom video thumbnails

Uploading videos under Creative Commons licenses

Now that the importance of keeping the YouTube account in good standing is established, let’s look at the best ways to ensure that the YouTube account is in good standing.

a) Avoid penalties that might cause due to any or all of – I) community guidelines strikes, ii) copyright strikes & iii) content ID matches.

b) In an unfortunate situation where the channel serves the notice, the user is immediately required to respond to the same with appropriate justification.

c) YouTube is very serious about strikes and the first strike is considered as the warning and the 2nd strike will seize the opportunity for the user to operate his account and all his videos will be down without any notice.

d) As the channel is very particular about copyright issues, the content matching team is ever vigilant to ensure that there is no encroachment on this issue.  The best way for the user is to upload own content without any kind of infringement/violation of copyrights of other users.

By the above, we can conclude that the channel (YouTube) is playing a fair game by using stick & carrot system.  While it is imposing penalties for strikes, it is all the way encouraging fair play from its users.

Tip to Protect Your Website from Hackers

If there is one issue that plagues all businesses, be it small family start-ups or large conglomerates, it is cybersecurity. It does not matter what industry you operate in or how significant your online presence is; you need to put some steps in place to protect your business. No company is immune to the threat of a breach, and if you are an easy target, you are merely inviting hackers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at different ways you can improve the security of your website.

Use strong passwords and update them regularly

You should never use default passwords. Change them immediately, and continue to change your passwords every few months. You should insist on good password practices for your website users, for example, enforce them to choose a password that has at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number, and a special character.

Of course, you also need to choose strong passwords for your website and server admin area. In fact, this applies to all elements of your online presence, from your social media accounts to your YouTube account. Moreover, you should always store passwords as encrypted values.

Form validation / server-side validation

It is important to make sure that validation conducted on both the server and browser side. Basic failures can catch by the browser. However, a deep validation provided on the server-side. If you do not validate on the server and the browser, you could end up having scripting code or malicious code inserted into your database.

Error messages

Next, be careful regarding how much detail you provide in your error messages. To make sure that your users do not leak secrets that are on your server, i.e., database passwords or API keys, you should only supply your users with minimal errors. Also, don’t give full exceptional details, as this can lead to complicated attacks.

Keep software up to date

The importance of keeping your software up to date cannot be ignored. Keep software up to date applies to your server operating system, as well as any software that could be running on your site, for example, a forum or a CMS. Hackers are quick to abuse any security holes found in software, and there are always going to be holes there to exploit if you have not updated the system.

Have a plan in place should a breach occur

Needless to say, prevention should always be the first step. However, you do need to have a plan in place should your system get breached. This will reduce downtime and minimise the damage. Look for a firm that provides site-wide disaster recovery as a business service, so you know exactly what to do if hackers find their way in.

All in all, there is no denying that cyber security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses all around the world today. To protect your website from a breach, follow the tips above.

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