The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Ad Placements

YouTube platform is the second-largest and powerful video search engine. It is the best platform for advertisers as it opens new opportunities to reach billions of people across the platform. Youtube channel is a community-driven media with high valued content.

To get the most out of the Youtube channel, you need to build up a better relationship with the people across the Youtube platform with your ads. Advertisers target the same with their ads on Youtube platform.

Youtube offers various ad formats basing on the ad placements and targeting options for the advertisers at different budgets. Youtube platforms had equipped with the different variety of ads in the budget for small to big advertising budgets which made the advertisers look forward to the better strategy with new hope on youtube.

Let us come to different ad formats and the ad placements that impact your overall ad strategy on Youtube platform.

Though you have created unique, engaging, and attractive content for your audience, you need to get the attention of your customers towards your content. By running a series of ads on Youtube, you can be sure to target your audience. With new tracking and ad formats capabilities you can increase your ROI.

New changes in Adwords 2017

Running an advertisement is different from running a PPC ad campaign. There are many creative barriers and a lot of options on Youtube platform.

Google had already announced the new changes in the AdWords that allows advertisers to reach a huge audience and can target the views basing on the Google search history along with the viewing behaviors on Youtube and it is already going well.

Ad formats and Ad placements

• The TrueView ads are considered as a standard video ad type on Youtube platforms.

• Advertisers only pay for whenever the viewers watch or interact with the advertisement just like clicking on the CTA in ads.

• The advertiser will pay if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad

• The TrueView ads are around 12 to 60 seconds in length, and non-skippable ads are of 15 to 30 seconds in length.

Video discovery TrueView ads

• Video discovery ads are placed on the top of Youtube homepage, search results and other related videos on the YouTube watch pages.

• These ad types are seen in the while searching for the videos.

Display TrueView Ads

• These types of ads are placed on the right-hand side of the video sidebar.

• Whenever users click on the ad, they destination page of that video with features will be displayed on the right-hand side column.

• The companion banner ad is displayed in the right-hand corner with a subscription button.

In-stream ads

• The TrueView in-stream ads play before someone watch the video content on Youtube.

• The viewers will get an option for skipping these type of ads.

• These ads are very familiar to the users too.

• Viewers can skip these ads after watching them for five seconds.

• These ads can also be placed on the Google display network.

• Marketers can customize these ads with a different call to actions and text overlays.

Mid-rolls ads

The mid-roll ads are placed in the middle of the particular video. Viewers will view the ads in the middle of video watching on Youtube. These ads can be both skippable and non-skippable ads.

Above all these are different formats of video ads that can see in various places on the Youtube platform. The placements can make a great impact on advertising as people like to go through the relevant, attractive, useful, and trending ads that perfectly match their requirements. That is the key point that makes the viewers turn to your customers. So, choose the right ad placement.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion YouTube Ads

Want to increase the Click Through Rate of your YouTube advertisement? Utilize the Dynamic Keyword insertion feature of Google Adwords. This feature helps you to increase relevancy to the end user. The title of the YouTube Ad can be changed to match with the keyword that the user searched. YouTube Ad increases the clicks to your ad. The complete details of Dynamic Keyword Insertion YouTube Ads is explained here.

Using the Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature and changing the title will help to appear as an exact match for different search terms of the end user.

The first thing one must do while using the Dynamic Keyword Insertion is to decide on the best keywords to help the business.

Go to the Google Keyword Planner and type in the keyword you want to insert.

Google will show the popularity of the keyword. Choose the one that best suits your business.

Choosing the exact match or Phrase match types of keywords will help your YouTube ad to receive precise targeting audience.

If done correctly, this helps for lower CPC and increased relevancy.

Dynamic Keyword insertion is not without risks. One should be very careful while choosing the keywords as these should not be owned by brand name.

There is a risk of Google disapproving the ad if it felt that there is inaccurate information.

It is always recommended to utilize the services of a digital marketing agency to get the most out of Dynamic Keyword insertion feature.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion helps you in specific targeting.

Dynamically inserted keyword text is bolded by YouTube which will attract the people. One of the benefits of DKI is that Google allows using long keywords.

Using the correct format is necessary to ensure swapping of keywords in right places by Google. After using DKI, do not forget to see whether it increased the performance of your ad or not.

A/B Testing YouTube Ads & Finding Ways to Increase Subscribers

YouTube has been able to prove itself as the No.1 online video platform adding increasing number of viewers on a daily basis.  A/B Testing YouTube Ads platform is having over a billion users and this is around 33% of the total users of internet world over. The content on YouTube generates billions of views. In addition to the quantity (no. Of users) video adds the magic of harnessing the viewers to the content.

In view of the same, the subscriber base for YouTube ads (by the marketer) need to be increased and given below are some of the ways to increase the subscriber base.

a) KISS (Keep it small & sweet). The video should be aptly sized i.e., it should neither be too small nor too large.

b) Interesting thumbnail prompts the viewer to visit the video.

c) The first impression is the best impression: The first few seconds (say 5-10) are most critical to harnessing the viewer till the end of the video.

d) Call to Action: As the main purpose of the ad is to convert the visit to a purchase decision, there has to be a provision to this effect.

e) Linking to other content of the company (through providing online links in the video) prompt the viewer to visit other sites of the company thereby increasing the viewership.

f) Make optimum use of keywords. This is nothing but SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

g) Be customer specific.  Depending on the demographics of the targeted audience, the content has to be constantly updated.

h) Selection of the appropriate type of video and ad is another important aspect to increasing the subscribers.

i) Identify, finalize and declare the budget for the campaign.

j) Compelling product demonstrations is definitely an addition to the marketers in increasing the subscribers.

By following some or all the above steps, the marketer will be able to increase the subscribers for his YouTube ads.

Difference between TV Ads & YouTube Ads

There is a huge competition taking place between the TV ads and YouTube ads. But everyone choosing YouTube for promotion and the YouTube advertising cost is reasonable for the ads we promote.

Advertisements are important to make the products of the companies reach the customers. Advertisements are a part of the marketing process to introduce products to customers. With changing equations, the effect of print media was reduced with the introduction of television a few decades ago. There is a huge difference between TV Ads & YouTube Ads. Now social networks such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, and YouTube are being used by companies to reach a large number of audience.

Television has become a central point for lakhs and crores rupees worth businesses. Five to ten seconds advertisements, scrolling advertisements are helping the television to earn few thousand crores of rupees. Because of the reach and accessibility of television, big companies and industries consider television as the main platform for releasing their products in a market.

The Internet is now reaching even remote areas, and this is leading to major brands shifting their focus to social platforms such as YouTube for advertising. YouTube commercials are now being considered more effective to reach young customers. There are few differences between TV ads and YouTube ads.

TV advertising is costlier as to reach the large target audience, one has to select a prime time-space. The advertiser will never know how many people watched the advertisement. Some people hate to watch advertisements on television in between the programs and change the channel. It is also said that most of the people who watch television nowadays are elderly and the perfect way to reach the younger generations to increase the sales is to make use of YouTube advertising.

When advertising on YouTube, the advertiser will pay based on the views. Advertising on YouTube is also affordable and moreover engaging. It is possible to know how many times the advertisement watched on YouTube, how many times clicked, and what the cost per view is. On YouTube, the advertiser can decide to whom he wants to show the advertisement. It is also difficult to plan to get consistent ROI with television advertising.

TV Ads Vs YouTube Ads Which One will give High ROI

Radios are replaced by TV’s and TV to YouTube platform today…

Yes, what you have read is right!!

In initial days of technology development, Radio had created a great sensation across the globe and then

Television replaced and dominated the space.

Since from years, television ads are still effective over other ads. But, today the effectiveness of the TV ads goes on decreasing drastically with the domination of the video platforms.

TV stations are already grabbed some billions of dollars from the advertisers by purchasing the viewers attention towards their commercials which varies depending upon their TRP ratings of different channels during a variety of programs.

Let us explore these things

What, Where, When and How?

• Cost

• Effectiveness

• Pros

• Cons

• Analysis

• Research findings

Well, let’s start with the initial point.

What, Where, when and How


TV advertising is the most powerful as well as the most working format for advertisers. Especially for the local or small business marketers will get more benefitted with TV advertising.

When comes to YouTube platform, it had grabbed some millions of user base across the globe. It has become the most powerful platform for advertisers and marketers to reach the marketing targets.


But the days are changed. The utilization of smart devices was increased rapidly. Everyone was using their mobiles to watch video content and hence the watch time was decreased on the Television.

People were more likely to watch the video content online though they are using the televisions at home to watch some content. But the engagement rates are higher across the web rather than offline engagement.

Before online advertising, marketers used to reach a large audience through television ads. But the days were changed and the change in video watching behavior too.


TV ads are generally planned at the time of the specific program and the costs of the ads are also depended on upon the engagement of the program with a particular user base.

When your ad comes to YouTube will reach your targeted demographics and it becomes easy to the marketers to analyze the same.

Marketers are getting successful with the YouTube advertising with different types of ad formats. There is a chance to grab the right format in the video ads that specifically fit in the marketing strategy unlike

TV ads which can only target the audience basing on the program viewer base and emotional expectations.


When comes to cost, the TV commercials will not work for all company sizes as it might not able to reach the audience that marketers targeted in specific to their strategic plan.

Whereas the YouTube platform plays a key role for advertisers and marketers to meet their requirements with time to time reach and other analytic reports.

The cost of TV advertising is very expensive comparatively with the cost of YouTube advertising.


We cannot say that the TV advertising is completely vanished and has no reach.

TV advertising is also the most powerful way of advertising but was limited to the audience and is expensive comparatively with online advertising.

YouTube is more effective when compared and weighed the things for all companies of different sizes from startups to reputed companies.


The Television advertising delivers the best visual elements to the audience which makes the product more appealing.

YouTube is competing for the video world with its video content to its billions of user base with millions of unique users every month which make the marketer’s services to reach the large audience.

The television Advertising can reach a lot of people and can be targeted basing on the people’s interest to the specific program. YouTube ads can target the millennial and demographics along with the location-based targeting.


TV ads are difficult to target the specific audience and the changes can’t be made within a short span.

People may fast forward the commercials or it might not be reach and the audience when they are aired.

YouTube ads need the perfect marketing strategy and targeting. It entirely depends upon the conveying ability of the video which can pull the audience to buy.

Analysis and measurement

Analyzing the TV ads is a bit confusing to the marketers as the rates vary basing on timings and programs.

A separate analytics platform is there to analyze and measure the video ad performance basing on different factors of video ads.

Research findings

According to the recent research reports, it is revealed that more than 36 percent American viewers fewer than 34 years are stopped using the paid cable connections.

YouTube was getting three times more attention visually, comparing with the TV ads.

The performance-based media placement TV ads are one of the types of TV ad which can be more effective and low-risk advertising on TV. But these ads are available for at certain stations only.

The number of unique users had increased on YouTube platform whereas decreased in TV viewing.

Therefore, the final conclusion towards the YouTube ads Vs TV ads has YouTube won the hearts of marketers, viewers, and advertisers and become a preferable platform for marketing online.

Clash of Clans YouTube Advertising Success Strategy

The king of online video games that has been blasting the record of the world gaming history is any guesses? Yes, absolutely the “Clash of Clans”.
Clash of Clans is the only game which is being the long-time target for the game lovers. It has been being developed by Supercell by considering the mobile players.

All the users of Android and iOS are being enjoyed by playing this game. By picking the unbeatable demand for this game in the public, they had launched some video campaigns on YouTube.

This blown the ad-revenue of the YouTube that never happened before and the clash of clans is in the top position on YouTube. What could be the part of it?

Clash of Clans: Revenge (Super Bowl TV Commercial): (Top Most Viewed)

This is the top most viewed video ad in the account of “Clash of Clans” in which the opponent has been plundered Liam’s village and defeated him.

Then the word ‘Revenge’ has fallen from the words of Liam which is going to be taken against the opponent with his troop. This ultimate commercial video of ‘clash of clans’ has got 163,748, 529+ views since it published on 2015. Awe! It’s really unimaginable.

Clash of Clans: Balloon Parade (Highest Views on YouTube in short span)

The record-breaking ad in May 2017 in the biography of YouTube is “Balloon Parade” of ‘clash of clans.’ This is the most fun generating ad ever in which the Hog Rider is most excited by watching the parade of balloons and expressed his love on balloons by singing a song.

Then the Archer says it’s an air attack. The expressions of Hog Rider are hilarious in this video. This video got 35,146,207+ views just for one month which blocks the mind of other YouTubers.

Clash of Clans: Welcome To The Builder Base (New Update!)

This is the new update from the army hub of “Clash of Clans” and the added feature of the running game is that each player will be provided with a ‘broken boat’ and they can repair that and sail to another new village where they create another builder base.

This is quite different from the present one containing varied army appearance. It gives more fun while playing both games on the same stream. This is the recent upload of “Clash of Clans” which has extremely 7,985,935+ views.

This is the number one game that no one can hit and this has become the celebrity of mobile games. With the entry of this game the remaining games have been buried with no life again. If you are not playing this game just download it and start playing.

Different Types Of YouTube Ad Formats

We are living in a world of short-form content. The Youtube platform is massive, and it is hard to reach your targeted audience in a precise way. So, it is imperative to choose the best ad format to reach your targeted audience on this large video platform.

Today, every social media platform is experimenting new ways and providing its advertisers’ with new ad formats for targeting the audience, and likewise, Youtube also did the same with different targeting video formats.

Youtube is maintaining enough ad revenue, and consumers are experiencing the best user experience that is maximizing the awareness in reach using the bite-sized ads and mobile targeting ads.

Since from years, the content creators and the advertisers are maintaining the perfect relation to convey the brand message in a clear way to the targeted demographics and other targeting methods. The ad formats are changing their pace in the way of communicating the brand message.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads on Youtube platform are the bite-sized ads that accompany the review messaging which allows the viewers to skip after five seconds though it served contextually.

They are very relevant without disrupting the things, and it also decreased the skipping of the ad by the viewer that provides the audience with the most relevant and exciting to them. By using the bumper ads, you need to target the things in 6 seconds, and that little bit can do everything you want. You can cut the 15 to thirty-second ad spot to grab everything in just six seconds span.

Create ads the bring good emotion and humor to the viewers. Make sure your message is clear. Youtube is pushing the bumper ads in their innovative ad units.

Youtube Masthead Ads

Youtube provides a clearer ad targeting format for advertisers in the name of Youtube Masthead ads. These ad formats allow the advertisers to increase their view count and compile the remarketing lists to meet the engaged viewers.

The main advantages of using the masthead ads are, the advertisers can gain good access to a broad range of demographic audiences and can create a real buzz for their brand. There are many 24 hour takeovers and options to build some custom type mastheads.


In-house build masthead: It is effortless and efficient to launch a masthead on Youtube using the templates of 90×250 unit type.

Standard Custom type: it is similar to the in-house build masthead, and the custom has more options virtually for the customization and creation. Advertisers can utilize this kind of masthead as a black canvas for customer interaction.

Dynamic: The rich media masthead can adjust the images, destination URL and video basing on the time, date and location.

Google preferred

The Google preferred breakout videos be one of the most exciting features for the advertisers on Youtube and ad network. The Google preferred is mainly targets the following things with the ad formats.


It can be targeted with the categories that include the Google preferred which is comprehensive targeting type that finds the best match to your brand and advertisement by linking them in a right way.

By using the breakout videos, the advertisers can detect the present trends and can react in the best possible way to reap the rewards of this format. It also offers the contrast with the classical type of which is already set backward to the extent. So, be ready to respond to current trends.

You can become the youtube next breakout star by keeping the youtube accounts on tabs and can reveal the viral accounts, stagnated accounts and the rate of views and subscriptions.

All these above are the most interesting useful and exciting ad formats on youtube that every advertiser must know about.

How to Set Up an Effective YouTube Ad Campaign

Lots of efforts are put in perfecting the scripts, storyboarding, shooting and editing a product video or a promotional video. The primary thing we should follow for every business growth must include Effective YouTube Ad Campaign.

To get the maximum value for the time and resources invested, you cannot just embed the video on the homepage of the website or share it on the social media as this is not enough to get enough views.

One of the ways to gain the attention of the audience is to post the run YouTube ad campaign.

However running the YouTube ad campaign is different from others.

Types of Video Ads 

There are two types of YouTube video ads. Trueview ads where the advertisers pay only when viewers watch and interact with the ad.

There are two types of Trueview ads and these are Video discover ads or in-display ads.

These appear on the homepage of the YouTube, in search results and so on. In-stream ads are the second type of TrueView ads and these can be skipped after watching for five seconds.

It is easy to get the information of ad performing with TrueView ads.

Setting up YouTube Ad Campaign 

Once the type of ad is selected and the video is ready, it is time to set up and upload the video to YouTube.

Here are the steps to set up the campaign.

Go to the Google Adwords homepage and click on the ‘Campaign’ button and then select ‘Video’.

Give a name to your campaign.

Do this after choosing the video from Type drop down menu.

After this, you will have to select the ‘in-stream of video discovery ads’.

This is to make sure that the video ad will be in the TrueView format.

The next step in setting up the YouTube video ad campaign is to set the budget per day.

There are two delivery methods to choose from and these are standard delivery and accelerated delivery.

Choose the accelerated delivery to capitalize on a trend relevant to your video. Next is the time to choose Networks.

The ad can appear in YouTube Search, YouTube Videos and two separate campaigns are required to be created to track performance metrics.

Choose the location of users who you want to ad to be watched.

There is also the facility to exclusive some locations. For advanced targeting, you can also specify the targeting system, device and carrier.

Next, go to the advanced settings and choose the beginning and ending dates for the campaign.

Name the ad group and insert the YouTube link for the video on which you want to run the ad.

Based on what you choose the in-stream ad or the in-display ad, you will have to include the title, short description etc.

Bidding is the next step in setting up the YouTube video ad campaigns.

The maximum price you want to pay for each view is determined here. You can choose the target audience based on gender, interests etc.

You can run multiple campaigns for different target groups and check who is most engaged.

Use the in-display ad with keyword targeting which is a powerful tool.

Link the AdWords account to the YouTube channel where the video is hosted.

And then click ‘Finish’.

The video ad campaign is now ready to run.

Make the most from YouTube ad campaign by defining the metrics and goals, tracking the low performing placements etc.

Thumbnail for the video should be used to grab the attention of the viewer. Have a clear call to action in the promoting videos on YouTube. Direct the audience to a landing page, product page or your website.

How to Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Ads

YouTube is the brand of original videos, and that boosts up one’s talent by launching the inspirational challenge on competitors. Such a viral platform is the target for everyone to prove themselves either personally or business purpose.

An intention of starting YouTube channel is becoming to increase one’s financial status. Do you want to find the secret behind it? I.e., with the insertion of YouTube ads for the videos they upload.

We can find huge channels with millions of video ads then how to be unique in that crowd. Is it possible? Of course, it is. Just leave your attention towards below strategies.

Create your Goals and Objectives for YouTube Ad campaign:

Sketch your main goal for YouTube ad campaign it means that ad campaign should reach the targeted audience that evaluates your brand. Build an objective to use limited and efficient resources for the implementation of that ad campaign without consuming much money and time.

These will comes under the theme of vision and mission which leads you through a strong desire.

Test Multiple Display Ads on YouTube Platform:

Try to upload the flood of multiple ads on YouTube. So that some of your ads might be viewed by a huge number of viewers and can clutch the audience for your video ad.

Target your Ads to Right People, Location and Device:

Release your video ad by targeting the relevant people, the location where the theme of that ad is related and the video ad that you create must be device friendly.

Re-target your Video Ads on Competitor Most Successful Videos:

Check the competitor videos that are viral in the YouTube and to know about the performance of that video just click “more” option where the video plays.

Just ad that video URL for which the monetization is available at your list of video ads. This could help you to drain their traffic as well.

Use Multiple Variations of your YouTube Ads:

Use the technique of releasing varied style formats of video ads on YouTube platform and check which are in the top position of being watched by the more number of audience and which are not.

Then it could be the best practice to get a key point about the launch of your ads on YouTube.

Keep your Ads Short and Simple:

As short you use the ads, then you can expect a 10x viewing rate for that ad. Because the users might not allocate much time and patience to watch the long-form of videos as they are busy. Then they might quit off your ads.

Use Right Call to Actions:

The call action is the best option to get huge engagement which allows the viewer to find the more information about the content featured in that ad and upcoming stuff that will generate.

Always Measure ROI:

This evaluates that to what extent your ad is beneficial that means how much you are earning in return on the investment you had put on a particular ad.

After analyzing this you can better go with the advanced strategies to boost up your ROI through YouTube ads.

How to Launch Non-Skippable In-stream YouTube Ads

Nonskippable video ads are also known as in-stream video ads which are generally seen on Youtube platform. The in-stream video ads may appear as a pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads while watching the video content on youtube platform.

These ads can be sold basing on the CPM rates. They can generate high revenue rates. These ads can be of 15 seconds to 20 seconds long, and the viewers must watch the ads as there will not be any skip button in the ads.

But the watch time will get decreased with this type of video ads before your video content.

These ads have high abandonment rates as it can result from the fewer views to the video content as viewers may get disturbed with these ads.

These in-stream video ads will be appeared as hosting the dynamic signals which include the content type and as well as the determination of the favorable time for serving an in-stream ad.

These unskippable in-stream video ads on Youtube platform can be created via Adwords interface. The first step to launch unskippable in-stream ads is to select the campaigns then ad group and have to create a new ad.

One can select the ad gallery in the drop-down menu and can click on video ad to the next screen which is directed to the click in-stream video ad that launches the lead on various videos across the platform.

The true view video ads are another type of video ad formats on the Youtube platform, which is different from the in-stream video ads. The true view video ads can be skippable after five seconds of the video content.

These are best and real-time strategies that will help you to launch the latest YouTube ads with no bounces in the journey of video advertising. Once you implement these plans in real-time, then you might get an idea of how much it is useful.

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