The Performance Of Your YouTube Video

How Do You Measure The Performance Of Your YouTube Video

YouTube has followers Globally, and it is a global network. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. So we can’t measure the YouTube video performance, by a single demographic region. We can measure YouTube video performance by considering different factors. Video playing most crucial role in the video marketing Industry. Every eCommerce retailer and video advertisers first choose YouTube to promote their brands. Here we have some tips for measuring the performance of Your YouTube video.

Measure The Success Based On Feedback:

Some people interested to give Feedback on Videos like in the comments section. If you target on the commented person, they convert into Customers. First, we should give importance to feedback persons if we resolve the issue for better interaction we can easily convert them to clients.

YouTube analytics help you to track your audience by any performance. the video get more positive feedback and less negative feedback, and analytics can measure an average of positive feedbacks.

Respond to each comment for better communication gets positive feedbacks. You can grab the person’s profile and convert to customer for branding.

The terms Links, sharing and Ranking are interrelated together. Sharing video links are one of the best parts of social media to know how Your YouTube video get ranked.

If a video goes virally shared on all social media websites, then Your video ranked on top of the YouTube analytics. Give a proper name to your video for people’s understanding. It should contain keywords easily displayed in search engines.

If your video content can grab the attention of all YouTube video users, then the video will automatically share in social media. YouTube analytics shows on which platform your video shared and which rank your video. The video rating is one of the metrics to measure video rank. You can see the number view, like and dislikes of that particular video.

Check the analytics page of YouTube that shows how many social media websites have your embed links all those come under sharing of your video.
YouTube video embed links can count as how many users using your video links. Based on likes, dislikes, views, and shares will decide the ranking of the Video.

Measure Video Social Shares and Who is Sharing Your Video:

Users are already on your website they are digging with your content better make sure to contact them with the chat option. Add share buttons and links in between the video, so people can easily contact you through the links.

Call to action links helps you to get direct interaction with the audience on social media sites. You can easily find that if you know how people viewed your video. If your video has links to featured videos they keywords get sources from search engines.

Check the analytics of Your YouTube video for getting information of who shared your Video in social media and how many social media websites your video is going viral.

YouTube videos more probably shared with Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, Orkut, and Linkedin. You can use analytics of video which website has more viewers to your video and the person’s profile who shared the video.

Measure Organic Search rankings:

The YouTube will get the huge traffic only through the organic search. The search engine is the hub to gather the information that is in the form of the video content. All the users of YouTube will be assigned to the search engine.

Just go on analysing the statistics of the organic search, i.e. which keywords are highly and frequently preferred.Focus on devices that are commonly used to search the video. Track the number of conversions that are gained by the users. It might be useful to estimate the activity of the viewers.

Analyze the URL links of YouTube video that merge in others video content. Try to give as many links as you can, and this will drain the audience from them.
This organic search ranking can be done by using the excellent tool of Google analytics, which gives the complete metrics in bit wise.

Measure traffic to the Video:

To calculate traffic to the video on YouTube, check the number views obtained in an average of upload. In YouTube analytics, we can catch up with the performance of each video or playlists we created, for individual devices, the statistics can obtain.

We can choose real-time or overall analytics, and in this new feature, Translations has been added to know the audience watched in other languages than the common one. Keep an eye on annotations by adding the additional stuff to the most viewable video.

Estimate the accomplishment of the cards that guide users with a précised link provided for the video on YouTube.This YouTube analytics mainly suggested for knowing the growth of demand for the video on YouTube.

Measure Watch Time for the Video:

By measuring the watch time of the video we can find on which video content the audience is spending much time to watch. Depending on that analysis we can make advances in future videos.

The video content which has more watch time will be given priority to be in the first place of the search results by YouTube algorithm. To know the metrics of watch time just search the analytics of YouTube through your account.

If it is an E-Commerce or Product Video measure Conversions:

If you have uploaded the videos related to E-commerce or Product then it’s better to calculate the acquired rate of conversions. So that it is straightforward to assign the videos which are user preferable. The analysis of conversions will sketch the details like which video product is mostly watched and how many times watched.


everyone post videos on YouTube that may be personal or maybe business Ad videos. If you would like to know your video ranking and performance on social media go through the above article, we have given guidance on How to Measure performance your YouTube video.

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