YouTube Content Strategy

YouTube Content Strategy: How to Increase Your Traffic

YouTube Content Strategy is Essential for Building a YouTube Brand. We all know how brands and marketers give prior importance to the YouTube platform in marketing and advertising. YouTube can boost search results and improve rankings, thus developing the business with excellent exposure to the right audience.

However, many marketers still failed to reach their potential audience, though they have included YouTube marketing in their strategy. It is because of the lack of a solid YouTube strategy that fits your marketing ecosystem. So, here is the best guide for a YouTube content strategy that can help you increase traffic by 200%.

Brainstorm before entering your YouTube strategy.

Brainstorm your YouTube strategic plan by focusing on your primary objective behind YouTube advertising and marketing. Always focus on the key requirements that are essential for your business or the promotion of your brand.

There is much to do in YouTube advertising and marketing; everything must be there in your content strategy to boost your traffic.

Your content strategy must cover the YouTube channel design to optimize your channel across the platform. Every step must be placed in your plan and executed better to fit your idea.

Follow these ways to boost your YouTube content strategy.

Content plays a significant role in your overall success as it is crucial to fetch your success and encourage your audience towards your content. Content can help you to reach the right audience and convey the message you want to share. It is the critical element that can bring your business conversions by improving the conversation between the brand and the audience.

Add your topics also.

Producing specific issues plays a crucial role in YouTube content marketing. Your topics must be trendy, catchy, and valuable to everyone. Then, only your channel can fetch good results.

Apart from getting the topics by researching the web, you can create trending and attractive issues for the audience.

Before creating your topics, do not forget to be and think like an audience. If you can feel like an audience, then only you can get the best issues to keep your audience more interested in watching your videos on YouTube.

So, create your topics instead of choosing regular trending topics from the topic generators. By following this, you can get closer to your audience.

Quality Content

Quality is everything here in success. For example, if you search for a video and click on another one as you think it is something interesting by seeing its title. However, after playing the same video, you might cut your interest if it is shot with a cheap camera and low-quality audio.

So, it would be best to have good quality equipment when you decide to produce the best video content for your purpose. Then, only the audience can connect with your videos and become potential followers of your channel.

Produce the best quality unique content to stay out of the millions of videos on the platform. Make your mark with creativity in approaching the audience.

Engaging content

Before producing the videos in your niche, you must research your audience’s viewing habits and interests. It would be best to have something different and engaging to the audience based on their interest in a particular category or area. Engaging content is nothing but content that can raise the audience’s interest to watch and follow regularly.

So, to deliver such content, you need good in-depth research on audience interests and the ability to produce unique content.

Using Trending Keywords

If something went viral across the web, we all searched for similar topics and things in a search engine to find out new and more on the same thing. It is general human behavior, so utilize the same to boost your traffic.

Use the trending keywords that match your niche and content and place them well in your video description and titles. So, while people search for relevant content, your video can have more chances to exposé at the top results. So you can boost the traffic towards your channel.

You can also utilize keyword optimization services for better optimizing across search engines to improve visibility and ranking.

Social signals and Shareable content

Your content must be shareable across social media platforms, and you need to provide an ease of sharing your content for your audience. People love to share the best content they watch on YouTube, so whyn’t your content be the most shareable? Yes, so get an active social signal and specialize with the people.

Make a good online presence on different social networks and engage with the audience with your content. Cross-promote your content on another platform where your fans are sharing your content. Please don’t leave them alone on multiple platforms.

Maintain official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and interact with the audience by conducting audience polls and taking their suggestions using the live sessions.

Latest and fresh content

Your content must not be boring to the audience. For example, if there are thousands of videos on making tea, you must fetch something different, which can create more interest in your audience instead of only making a cup of tea.

That is called storytelling; the way of storytelling can enhance your traffic to your channel. So, always keep your audience at the center of your storytelling and tell them how important they are to your channel. Your content must deliver a feel for fresh content and content that is new and different. That impact must be delivered to your audience.

It helps you to fetch good results.

YouTube Content Curation Tools

There are significant numbers of internet users worldwide, and the number keeps increasing rapidly. The Internet is used for different things, such as writing and publishing blog posts, browsing Facebook feeds, chatting with friends, streaming movies, and online shopping.YouTube Content Curation is the best tool and is a new concept for Content creators.

Many users create content to share with others and to engage the viewers. This could be to promote themselves or to promote their business. Users could always see a high volume of content on the Internet. However, users demand more and more exciting and unique content every day. Content creators may find it challenging to create new content regularly, especially for their business users, to meet the demands of the users. Sometimes, the content creators may be busy or out of ideas. What can they do in such situations? The answer is content curation.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is not a new concept. Content from various sources was reviewed, information was gathered, and commentary was added. Such content is published along with the authorities’ links in a single location. This is the definition of content curation. Content curation can be a helpful way to increase online presence and promote growth.

Why is YouTube Content Curation needed?

Content creation requires the investment of time and other resources. If proper tools are used, content curation will take significantly less time. A whole new piece will not be needed to create, saving time and effort. Content curation might be required when the audience wants more information on a specific topic or needs updating information.

There is a lot of content available on YouTube. The well-created videos can be curated and used as subjects for articles to be published on blogs. The videos can be embedded on the websites. This saves time as there is no need to do the entire search and compile resources.

YouTube Video Curation Tips

After understanding the need to curate YouTube videos, check what your channel’s audience will want and provide them with valuable content worth engaging with.

One should understand the preferences and needs of their viewers. The audience may wish for more and more information on specific topics. Identify the audience and the issues that will engage them and then target them effectively.

Curate only high-quality content. Focus on relevant and trustworthy sources. Find the topics that are related to your niche. When curating content, focus on quality rather than on quantity. Use SEO terms in the curated YouTube videos’ descriptions, titles, and tags.

Choose the videos with the highest video count because they show interest in them. Rewrite the title with search engine-friendly keywords. YouTube curation helps create new content without sitting there and coming up with new ideas and spending hours building it.

YouTube Video curation platforms

Video curation, when done by a professional, gives better results. Handling the work is better given to a professional as they can collect and organize the most relevant videos. Another advantage is that the platforms also provide the metrics of curated content. Content curation tools are available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Curation Traffic:

Curation Traffic is a content curation solution that is WordPress-based. This is a very easy-to-use tool. The platform provides all the tools and strategies to curate the videos.


Browse for the most relevant videos for your niche and accrue to save and share them later using the Pocket app. It also integrates with other useful apps.


Curata is another popular content marketing tool. It allows receiving relevant content from different sources.


ContentGems allows scanning through the best online sources. Valuable content can be found and shared with this tool. Free and paid subscriptions are available.


LinkedIn is another popular content curation tool. It is possible to save, share, and curate videos and other visual content with this tool. This can be used free of cost.

Pinterest :

Pinterest allows bookmarking and sharing the images and using them in videos.


With CurationSoft, the users can gather and publish content. It allows searching blogs, Twitter, or YouTube for content relevant to the niche and the audience. This tool can search and collect the best video content on YouTube.

Before choosing the best content curation tool, understand the role of curation and how the platform will help save money. Find the perfect tool to match your needs. Content curation should be a part of the content marketing strategy. Use the right tools to provide valuable content to your audience, who keep returning for updated information.

For any marketing strategy, content curation is a vital component. YouTube content curation helps in brand building, customer education, retention, and acquisition. Marketers curate video content differently, such as embedding videos on their blogs or sites and sending daily and weekly news to their followers, subscribers, customers, etc.

Content curation can help reach the goals quickly. Using the best content curation tools will help the creators to curate, publish, and share YouTube video content.

Best Practices for Creating YouTube User-Friendly Content

YouTube updated its rules and notified the creators of the content about inappropriate content. YouTube will be sending emails notifying which of their videos are demonetized. According to YouTube, the content which is appropriate for the audience will be considered by YouTube as advertiser-friendly. The video, thumbnail, or metadata should contain mature or inappropriate content. Even if a video contains mature or inappropriate content, it should not offend or shock the audience, and the content should be comedic or newsworthy.

Let us now see what content is considered not advertiser-friendly by YouTube.

• Nudity – even if partially, and the video that contains sexual humor

• The content should not display violence and violent extremism

• It should not use any vulgar or inappropriate language

• The video content in no way should promote drugs, sell, use, or abuse such items

• The topics related to political conflicts and war. Tragedies nat, natural disasters, and other controversial subjects

If YouTube finds any of the videos on its platform containing the above, it will inform the content creators, and the video will be demonetized. Even if monetization is approved, it cannot use all the ad formats. YouTube entirely reserves the right to monetize or demonetize the videos; if a channel keeps submitting such videos, it can be suspended.

Here are the best practices for making YouTube advertiser-friendly

• See that the video has graphic material

• Follow the rules of YouTube policy guidelines strictly

• The title and thumbnail of the video should tell what is the content of the video

• Increase the chance of your content being found by the advertiser and sponsors

• Do not use explicit language in the thumbnail or title of the video. Don’t promote your sponsors in the video, as this can create advertiser conflict.

Finally, follow these above simple ideas to make a better YouTube content marketing strategy and fetch good traffic to your YouTube channel by 200%.

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