YouTube for Automobile Brands: Online Video Marketing for Automobile Industry

Do you have any idea about what brands and marketers exactly need?

Did you think about how digital video has influenced the marketing ecosystem?

Do you have any clear idea about digital video marketing in the automotive industry??

Want to know how these automotive brands are getting successful on YouTube platform??

If YES, you are in right place. Let’s begin the exploration.

YouTube and Marketing

You may already have a clear idea about the potential of YouTube platform in video marketing and how other brands in various fields are getting successful with YouTube video marketing online.

The majority of people are looking for a particular brand or product information on search engines before buying. Most of them prefer the information in top 10 pages that are displayed in search results and prefer to buy the things.

YouTube videos always display at the top search results basing on its algorithm norms. This is one of the most echoed reasons behind using the YouTube platform for marketing.

YouTube not only boost the rankings on search engine results but also drive the people towards your brand if you have right strategic approach or plan. Because YouTube had millions of unique users on its platform, so brands and marketers had a great chance to reach the right audience in those millions and can also expand their reach.

Digital video and its influence on marketing ecosystem

More than 88 percent users are clicking on the first ten results that are displayed in the Google search results. 63 percent of people are more likely to watch the video for the second time. Marketers preferring YouTube video marketing as they can repurpose the content from multiple sources and can ex[pand their marketing.

Marketing with YouTube videos had great influence in the present marketing ecosystem. Today every small business entrepreneur with large business is focusing on YouTube video ads and YouTube marketing to reach their target. Most of the brands and marketers are already got successful in marketing their product/services through YouTube video ads with a good strategy.

As video can make a great impact on the viewer, marketers are busy making their strategies to deliver their brand message in a different way where people can visualize the things that can impact them and drive them towards purchasing their products.

Digital video marketing in automotive industry

The automotive industry needs consistent online presence as people like to visualize your brand. When the video marketing comes to automotive industry on YouTube will change the destiny of marketing in a different way.

“Traditional marketing was not ended but digital marketing had transformed it”

many brand stories had succeeded with YouTube video marketing and raised its sales bar. So, let us have a sneak peek at the automotive industry.

Do you know that? more than 89 percent of views for automotive brands were generated from earned media and only 11 percent of views were generated from their own YouTube Channel and this is an example of how YouTube had influenced the marketing ecosystem and transformed traditional marketing with digital marketing on its platform.

Best practices by automotive brands

Automotive brands are following the HERO, HUB and HYGIENE strategy and becoming successful with their strategic implementation.

Brands are producing the Hero content with high production to push the large audience across the platform and going with regular consistent content as a Hub and going with the main focus on consumer interests and creating a hygiene content which is the main secret ingredient in their success.

BMW Strategy

BMW is the leading giant in the automotive industry which becomes successful with straight YouTube video strategy. It had acquired more than 4.76 billion views across the globe. More than 86 percent video views are accounted from the fan videos rather than their own video production or video channels. BMW had restarted its films again and attracting the audience with their branding.

Mercedes-Benz targeted younger audience

Benz had created a great buzz with its approach t reach the younger audience and digitally savvy audience across the web. It had launched the new SUV-GLA class ad targeting the GLA Adventure showing the lifestyle of the audience that targeted and created an engaging, adventurous scenario. As result, the content went emotional and drives huge audience towards the commercial and gained great popularity across the web.


Audi is the top most luxurious car manufacturer had targeted the audience with its new debate type of ad turned a great impact on the audience. The brand had pictured the ad as a debate between two valet parking staff for Audi RS 7. More than 80 million people showed interest in watching the new commercial. That is the impact of YouTube video marketing.

Ford reached with unboxing

Ford started its new approach towards building its brand equity with the unboxing concept. It was started influencer video marketing with an unboxing video which is also targeted the customers who like to buy a car through the web. Its new approach of unboxing a car had grabbed the audience attention on the YouTube platform.

Volvo VR approach

Volvo started this New Year with a new VR approach that is delivering a great user experience to its consumers. Its XC90 model not realized since its announcement in 2014 and now, the company targeted designing and the capabilities of its new car with a different approach. The audience can watch this commercial using the Google Cardboard. It had created a different experience for the consumers and revolutionized the VR for cars.

Do’s and Don’ts of Video marketing for Automobile Brands

Do rely on your message

Rely on your brand message by conveying your message to your targeted audience in a clear way with confidence. Don’t deviate your message with other things in your ads.

Do straightforward approach

Try going straight forward but a good story telling plays a key role here. So, make your story interesting, useful to your audience and tactful to your brand.

Don’t over promote

Your ad must feature the targeted concept but the concept must be pictured in such a way that your audience must show interest in the ad and must drive them towards the purchase.

Don’t lose the consistency

Connect with your audience all the time with your frequent updates; make it as a consistent approach to stay connected.

Finally, the YouTube platform had become the best destination for automotive marketing and gaining great importance.

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