YouTube for eCommerce Sales

How to Use YouTube for eCommerce Sales

Video marketing works for every sector and especially eCommerce sector can go with the better results by concerning the video as their key in marketing strategy. YouTube platform is more than the social for networking platforms which provides the marketers with a possibility for the interaction and reach the customers.

YouTube video ranks at the top place in search engines. So, being an eCommerce YouTube marketer itself brings advantage to the eCommerce marketers online. eCommerce is a growing sector of the web.

There is a huge competition across the various marketing places like Amazon, Flipkart and many other e-commerce shopping sites. It becomes challenging to grab the consumers’ attention towards your new e-commerce site from this competition.

Ways To Use YouTube for eCommerce Sales

YouTube is the best destination to increase the visibility of your eCommerce store online. YouTube videos has good ranking on major search engines especially on Google search engine. Here are some best ways to get more sales leads using the YouTube for eCommerce.

Go with short video content:

YouTube platform provides the eCommerce marketers with various types of ads such as TrueView ads, Banner ads and much other type of ads which can helps your eCommerce business to drive sales.

The short video content has the better engagement with the audience as the audience doesn’t like to watch the long form of content.

Create YouTube channel for your brand:

Create branded YouTube channel with perfect logo and design of the channel along with the attractive and interesting Metadata which plays a great role in achieving good exposure and reach. So, always go with best keywords to get good exposure.

Make frequent uploads and cross promote your eCommerce site:

Upload the videos frequently and get impressive impression from the viewers. Cross promote your eCommerce video link on to the various social media platforms like Facebook and encourage the audience to get connected with your YouTube video.

The Shoppable videos:

Shoppable videos are the new trend today. YouTube was allowing the marketers in creating the Shoppable videos which has greater demand and good results on YouTube platform.

The Shoppable videos can increase the sales of your eCommerce as they can directly take the customer to your site landing page after the user clicks on to the product in the video itself.

How To Increase YouTube Visibility For Your eCommerce Store

YouTube curates quality videos for its users basing on the relevancy and the quality as the main considerations. So, it is important to maintain the relevancy and the quality of your videos to get identified among the millions of YouTube videos on the YouTube platform.

eCommerce YouTube marketing was in practice by some millions of eCommerce stores with a variety of videos and ads. So, here are some ways to increase your visibility for your eCommerce stores. Here are the Ways to increase visibility using the YouTube.

Create a Channel for your eCommerce stores:

Create a separate channel for your eCommerce store by creating best background, titles, description of the channel while creation. This will have an impact on the visibility on Youtube.

Use Google paid advertising services:

By using the Google AdWords, you can make your video searchable in the search engines which can helps you to increase the visibility levels. Include appropriate AdWords in the description and the video titles and tags which can helps you more.

Create and upload product related or services related videos with the name of your eCommerce stores:

Create product videos by explaining your products and the services to the viewers in a different interesting ways and capture their attention.

Include your eCommerce stores URL in videos:

The audience can click on to the URL to know more about your eCommerce store if they like your videos on Youtube. So, there are good chances to get visibility.

Increasing of sales with eCommerce YouTube channel

Ecommerce companies were looking forward to raise their sales. an official channel of the business can help them towards their target in which they can approach with the trailers of their channel innovatively to attract the audience towards the trailer which can leads to brand awareness in the people.

The channel helps the eCommerce to market their products with different types of videos to increase the branding and sales.They can also add different YouTube channel art along with the graphical content for the explanation of their brands on YouTube.

The channel description also very helpful for the marketers, YouTube can give the options to share towards the cross platforms which is a good opportunity for the marketers to share their trailers and product related videos to the wide range of audience on the web.

Using YouTube Cards for eCommerce Promotion

YouTube cards are the most essential in e-commerce marketing to boost up the marketing strategy with newly advanced techs. YouTube cards play a vital role in the promotion of the e-commerce site.

The cards on YouTube platform can replace the annotations and allows the video marketers to introduce or integrate the call to action videos which can provide the advantages. YouTube cards are very interactive, and the platform also allows the users to add more interactive cards to the videos.

The features are included with the customized images along with the call to action and integrate within the cards on YouTube platform. The YouTube cards show the sidebar options on the videos.

It allows the users to provide some links and call to actions with the related content. So, the viewer who wants to know more about the company, brand or creator can merely click on the YouTube card to check the critical information that was provided by the company or brand.

YouTube cards for E-commerce site:

Some YouTube cards which are maximum six types that are available on the YouTube platform. The E-Commerce companies can utilize these YouTube cards feature to increase the conversation rate with the viewers towards their business. Here are the different types of advantages of YouTube cards for your e-commerce e-marketing.

The Merchandise cards allow the owners of the store to push the viewers towards the landing pages where the users can purchase the different products offered by the company. So, with these merchandise YouTube cards, the e-commerce companies can generate more traffic towards their site and also increase their sales leads.

The Fundraising YouTube cards and associate website cards:

The Fundraising cards can be useful to store owners to raise the fundraising efforts and allows the viewers to donate directly from the card. The associate website cards take the viewers to our online store and encourage the visitors to get connected with your brand.

The video cards and channel cards:

These cards are also beneficial for the e-commerce sites to allows the viewers to get connected with the channel as well as the video cards allows the store owners to cross-promotion of their products with various how-to product videos etc.

How The Top eCommerce Brands Use YouTube

eCommerce business was growing, and many top brands are using the digital marketing strategy for their growth. Many e-commerce brands are using the video marketing with the Youtube platform and got successful in achieving their goals.

Youtube increase the popularity and the visibility of the brands and also provides the various marketing channels for the increase of visibility of the brands.

Effective way of approaching:

Youtube is offering two types of video ads on its platform where one is in a stream, and other is TrueView. The True View is skippable, and wherein a stream is not. so, many top e-commerce brands are targeting their first 5 seconds of the video and making the audience to get interested in the ad in the first five seconds of time.

So, the audience cannot take the skip button as they can attract towards it. Skippable ads is the mantra that is followed by many top e-commerce brands on Youtube platform.

App promotions and unboxing trends:

Brands like Amazon also promoting the content directly about its services and the products it was offering. It was using some different video marketing campaigns on Youtube platform.

Even the top brands in E-commerce like Amazon were going with their app promotion by making Youtube as their medium and the “Amazon Prime Air” is the example for this.

Some brands like Argos also advertising on the Youtube platform with different style videos that created with the toys unboxing just like the top beauty brands. The unboxing videos are the biggest trend on Youtube platform from beauty to toys.

YouTube Vs. Facebook: Which Is Best For eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce are focusing on the ads online for their eCommerce outlets online. Brands are choosing YouTube and Facebook as their main mediums for their eCommerce advertising.

We cannot say that only Facebook or only Youtube is the right medium for the E-commerce as both are efficient and many brands have reached their targets with both the platforms. Let us explore some advantages of both platforms for e-commerce.

Usage, Analytics and Exposure:

When comes to the Video usage rates, Youtube is at the top place comparatively with the Facebook video. Viewers like to watch the videos on YouTube platform only.Even the analytics are best on Youtube platform when compared with the Facebook.

A detailed analysis can be provided by the Youtube which is very useful for the marketers to know at which part of the video was getting high engagement and so that they can modify according to the engagement of the video on Youtube.

So, YouTube is best in analytics. Even when comes to visibility also, Youtube videos places at top results on search engines.

Sharing, Visibility on News Feed and interactivity along with Video Length:

For better sharing, Facebook is the best one as the platform has high interactions and everything was posted on to the news feed which increases the better exposure.

With its latest autoplay video feature it was more effective by displaying the video on the news feed. It also has high interaction and can be shareable to the large audience within a short span.

So, finally Both Facebook and Youtube platform were good for E-commerce advertising with their own features.

Get More Online Sales With eCommerce YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the best platform for the eCommerce companies to improve their sales leads efficiently using the YouTube channel. YouTube platform is the best video destination where brands meet the people with their message, and even the commerce companies are making their own YouTube channel in the name of their company which is working too well to increase their sales.

It was revealed that more than a billion unique users were approaching the YouTube platform every month and more than 102 hours of video was uploaded by the people across the globe on to the platform.

The subscriptions were also greatly increased on the YouTube from the US region, and it reported that more than three times raise noticed in the subscriptions of channels on YouTube from the YouTube comparing to the previous year.

E-commerce Video Advertising on YouTube

There is a way to everything to get succeed and the YouTube is the best option for the eCommerce marketing today. YouTube platform has more than six billion hours of video that watched every month and 100 hours video uploaded every minute, and such a huge platform is the best place to get more conversions. Here are some ways how to use the YouTube platform for the e-commerce marketing.

YouTube skippable video ads:

The skippable video ads provide the users to have the option to skip the ad. It will not force your customers to watch your ad. But, the skippable ads on YouTube plays for five seconds, and then only users can skip the ads.

So, that five seconds are the most valuable for the marketers to grab the attention of the audience to watch the ad and then to buy the things in ads. Many ads worked better with skippable ad formats and got succeeded.

Shoppable video ads:

The new YouTube Shoppable video ads displays your products within the video. It allows the users to shop the products from video with one click on the products that are displayed in the video which can take them to the marketer’s website to make the purchase.

It is a wonderful video ad format which can bring more conversions towards your products.The marketers can also go with the trends like unboxing their Products with the YouTube influencers and also with the YouTube live product launches and many more.


eCommerce is the raising sector online. Many businesses have turned online and established their outlet online. E-commerce marketers were approaching their consumers by building their separate YouTube channel especially for the eCommerce business on YouTube. Here we have given Ultimate Guide for the eCommerce marketers how effectively use YouTube for eCommerce Sales.

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