Growth Hacking Techniques

YouTube’s 42 Growth Hacking Techniques & Secrets: The Complete List

Don’t you find the better way to pin your YouTube channel in the top place?Then here are the growth hacking techniques.

Do you want to immerse your channel in the success tunnel?

No one is watching your channel though you have ultimate content.

These all be defined only through the performance of the YouTube channel.

How it’s possible?

Here are the 42 stunning and reasonable factors which help in the increment of YouTube performance that never seen before.

YouTube Growth Hacking Techniques

  1. Create call-to-action for the videos you upload. This would magnify the audience immediate to react.
  2. Crawl on the web to find the other channels video content having low views and subscribers.
  3. Make comments on that stuff by admiring them and this type of tactic would give a quick response from both the audience and vloggers as well.
  4. Immerse the URL of your YouTube videos at the placed comments.
  5. Make collaboration with other vloggers by taking interviews.
  6. Generate the ‘keystone’ video content and link up the relevant videos at the newly created one.
  7. Pin the testimonials at the landing page of your YouTube channel to have the trust.
  8. Design the eye-catching thumbnail that can feed the channel instantly.
  9. Make analysis on the devices from which the channel is getting more traffic.
  10. Frequently go through the ‘analytics’ of the channel to file the activity of the channel.
  11. Mostly target the ‘mobile’ as the most of the audiences are from it and push the content that mostly preferred by the smart phone users through regular observation.
  12. Make ‘pre-schedule’ of the video content that you want to upload to consistently when there is no presence of you.
  13. Focus on the landing page of the channel that the video content should influence the audience at a glance.
  14. Setup varied ‘social media’ profiles like Facebook and Twitter to push the YouTube video content at those sites where the continuous audience engagement will be found.
  15. Blast the updates of the newly launched or upcoming video through the email notification to the subscribers.
  16. Step ahead to check the competitor’s channel of same niche.
  17. Repurpose the old video content by extending the content or adding video optimization strategies.
  18. Offer the giveaways through CTA for your channel videos.
  19. Target the audiences by preferring the local location as you are much familiar about what they need.
  20. Be hyperactive in responding to the audience comments.
  21. Implement the A/B testing at the newly created multiple videos.
  22. Use (#) Hash tags of trending keywords at the description of the video you insert. When the audience search for the specific word in the YouTube search bar then your content will be appeared in the top list.
  23. Take the advantage of using Google keyword planner to add the viral keywords for your video content that you upload.
  24. Launch the contest through refer which gives huge shares on other social media sites including your YouTube channel.
  25. Cope up with the ‘micro influencers’ of your niche who can show the rapid growth in short period of time.
  26. Ask your subscribers to share at the end of the video.
  27. Target the other vloggers that are linking at the competitors channel and approach them as well.
  28. Use the extraordinary titles and keywords that are most searchable.
  29. Consider the SEO optimization techniques to drain the traffic through search engine.
  30. Pick the specific day and time at which the social media sites are being engaged continuously with the huge traffic.
  31. Go on choosing the press releases to make promotion about your channel.
  32. Playlists are the sauce to engage the channel that flavors good in watching all the relevant video content.
  33. Select the trending topic on YouTube to make videos.
  34. Be the top commenter to give varied comments at the others videos.
  35. Use free tools that automatically reduce the work stress which helps in inventing new ideas.
  36. Add the ‘video transcripts’ at your YouTube channel.
  37. Create the custom URL for your YouTube channel for easy recognition.
  38. Embed the uploaded video so that it can get more shares than we expect.
  39. Make research on finding the low and highly demanded keywords at your videos and rectify the issue.
  40. Sketch the report of watch time by visiting the analytics to find which are going with high speed and which are not.
  41. Make use of YouTube video Information Cards.
  42. Go through YouTube Video End Cards and promote other videos and ask for Subscription

The mentioned 42 points are taken from the personal experience of experts who had achieved the boundless success. These are real time collection that no one can share to grow as the competitor to one successful channel. If you want to know the result of those just implement at your channel.

How to Growth Hack from 0 to 5 Million YouTube Video Views

As a YouTube vlogger everyone wants to escalate the traffic for their channel by getting a huge number of views. This could explore the ideology of the YouTuber in creating the ultimate video content with a hidden talent. If you are struggling to get millions of YouTube Video Views then the below-revealed secrets will be helpful to swap the boundless traffic.The strategies to increase YouTube Video Views can be found here.

Analyze your Videos day by day:

The first thing that a YouTuber should remember is to analyze the videos that you have uploaded and as well as competitors frequently, and this can give an idea to sketch the better video content for the upcoming videos.

Real-Time Analytics:

To run the channel without fluctuations then just keep your eye on real-time analytics. That shows the complete overview of the data with the browsing details and the location of the viewer. So that you can prefer video content of location-based for everyday traffic.

A/B Test your Video Content:

A/B testing is essential to identify the quality of your Videos. Through this, you can make amendments by comparing with the previou video uploads.

Best use of Titles, Description and Tags:

YouTuber must focus on the titles, description and tags of the video content that means that the title should be unique and attractive while looking at it.Try to insert the most commonly used tags.

A/B Test YouTube Video Thumbnails:

YouTube video thumbnails will play a vigorous role in eye-catching of the user to watch the video. So must pick the best suitable one in drawing the concentration of the viewers by choosing from the selection of a user.

Focus on Watch Time:

You should focus on which video the viewers are spending much time and the average time spent by each user on every video. Hence, you can make the audience to spare little more time by adding a bit of stuff to that video content that adds YouTube Video Views.

Make Subscriber Happy:

The content should not be repeated or duplicated from the others. That means the subscriber will always look for the fresh and watchable content that never had before.

Make subscribers feel happy by eradicating the boring junk videos.

Use Social Media for overall Reach and Branding of your Channel:

To make your channel go viral then the most significant aspect is branding your channel through social media.

Use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to promote your channel.

Create better Videos, not advertisement:

Always go for creating the indistinguishable videos that should switch the unexpected count of subscribers and views.

Concentrate on existing Subscribers:

Consider the reviews of the present subscribers for the video they watch and then go on making improvements according to their requirements.This can stick the subscribers to your channel for a long period of time.

A YouTuber should have a specific strategy to seize the traffic with millions of viewers while running a YouTube Channel. These are most notable things to get unbeatable success as a vlogger.

Growth Hacking Using Video Marketing Strategies

Growth Hack Your Business Promotion Using Video

Growth hacking is a process of fast experimentation across marketing channels and products … It highlighted the growth of hackers from LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. … YouTube, Groupon, Udemy and Instagram are all companies that utilized and still utilize the growth hacking strategies to build brands and enhance benefits.

Growth hacking is basic, innovative solutions that significantly expand your website’s revenue. As indicated by 71% of marketing professionals, the video is the best sort of content for changing over website guests into customers. But most businesses still treat video as a luxury thing — held for “different companies” with more profound pockets.

Science of Growth Hacking and Video Marketing

  1. Building a Sales and Marketing Machine Upsell/Cross Sell CAC/LTV Virality Engagement Retention
  2. The Art and Science of Growth Hacking Upsell/Cross Sell CAC/LTV Virality Engagement Retention
  3. This is used to be Marketers Job what’s changed?
  4. Today’s World • Freely accessible data • Free Trials • On-line reviews • Social Media discourse The Customer is doing their research before they come and talk to you.
  5. Your Online Presemce is Crucial
  6. The Creation is your Salesperson

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a crucial tool to include into your marketing blend. A successful campaign requires connecting with syntax that reverberates with every viewer. The video gives you the ability to introduce one compelling visual message as well as a few in an enchanting series.

Ways to use Growth Hacking for Video Marketing

There are a bunch of ways to growth hack your business. Since the video enhances your marketing channels, it’s moderately low-risk, a low-cost approach to developing your business. You should simply make the video assets you need and utilize them to boost the viability of what’s going on with as of now.

YouTube Growth Hacking Strategies

  1. You ought to peruse the YouTube docs till the end or some other time.
  2. Upload huge stuff, let the people show you if intrigued or not
  3. Make and share playlists that the people will utilize each day
  4. Use analytics, analyze, gain from others, ask and attempt each day to achieve your goals
  5. Try not to hope to be the richest Youtuber in the world following couple of weeks of work

Facebook Video Growth Hacking Strategies

Facebook is super powerful, conveying about mysterious ROI. Retargeting through custom audiences is the center. This is a checklist of doing it.

Digital Plumbing

Use Google Tag Manager to introduce a Facebook custom audience pixel expansively, and discover a setting of 180 days is the sweet spot for data gathering.


Start your personal branding sequence—by proper selection of topics which drives audience.


Guarantee you’re posting at any rate once in a day on Facebook, even that is curated content.


Make saved target audiences– one workplace focused on the audience, one occupation title to target the audience, and one comparable page for the audience.

Ads Create

Make boosted posts against latest 5 Facebook posts (audience and engagement), utilizing every saved audience.

Optimization (once per week)

Round out week after week performance report template to outline performance of content and targeting against your goals.

Mobile Video Growth Hacking Strategies

1. Secure Quality Users Early On

The most vital thing for a youthful app is to at first build a foundation of quality users. These users will give you input

2. Customize The Onboarding Experience

Josh Elman of Greylock Partners prescribes slowing down the onboarding process

3. Find and Polish Your Hook

20% of downloaded apps are opened just once. To keep away from this, you need to get your users to make some move to commit to your product.

4. Be Aware of a User’s Progression

While intruding on a client with a review request or whatever other notification, be aware of a client’s location in the app and what they are doing.

5. Focus on Being Great First

Everybody knows getting highlighted in an app store will spike downloads, however, be patient and ensure you’re prepared when it happens.


Growth hacking isn’t an entirely new thing. You perceived how Hotmail caught a gigantic measure of users much sooner than the term would beget. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were likewise obsessed on user growth and engagement.

Keep in mind that growth will include a considerable measure of tests and hustle. It’s a complex process that can’t be restricted to hiring one growth hacker for your company and hoping the best.

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