YouTube in Business Communication

Role Of YouTube In Business Communication

How to make the Business Communication over YouTube?

Is it worthy to reach the real-time customers?

YouTube for Business

The brands are integrating the social media with the brands in building the strong customer relationship. In that category, YouTube has become the main target for all the business brands to explore their promotion strategies.

The internet analytics tool Alexa has assigned the rank 2 for the YouTube globally as well as in the United States also. YouTube is most successful video platform especially on mobile also on other devices.

The business brands are approaching the millions of customers through YouTube.

The businesses are building their organization’s profile on YouTube and launching video ads by partnering with the YouTube Partnering Program.

It is not only the whole property of large-scale industries but also the small-scale businesses can also make their presence on YouTube.

The usage of the internet habits is changing the business promotion strategies.

In the past television is the main source for the brands to acquire the sales of the business through the ads. Now it is migrated to online marketing and advertising.

Why Opt for YouTube?

There are two aspects that every business brands are hooked with. Starting a business is the primary and making a profit through success is another. The first one is the most basic thing that all do whereas the driving sales to gain the profit are the toughest task for each organization. Before doing all these, we just need to make our brands to reach the people and should turn them into potential customers.

Who is capable of doing all those tasks?

The only trustworthy social media platform that drives accurate results through the uploaded video content of the products or services in an instant is YouTube. The below are the most specific reasons to chose YouTube for Business.

Familiarizing the Products:

Once your product is ready to take off in the market, then create the innovative video that discloses the working of the product. Also, label the unique benefits. It’s damn sure that your products get sales along with the familiarity.

For example, if you take Amazon Echo. We can still find the echoes of it throughout the world. Recent video ad ‘Alexa loses her Voice’ is the most record-breaking video ad on YouTube. Along with the product promotion, they had creatively added the flavor of fun. The brand of an individual remains long lasting with such type of creation.

Easy Sharing:

The businesses might have the employees in remote locations. The activities of presentations of all those employees can be shared easily on YouTube. Moreover, the serving of the particular brand exposure at the millions of customers at a time will take place.

YouTube Insights:

The YouTube generates the analytics of the specific video of your products or services. That means the performance of the particular video ad campaign at the audience level can be identified.


Upload the creative video of the product with fully added benefits though your product not ready play in the market. Gather the reviews from the audiences through which the response rate after entering into the market can be predicted.

Save Money:

It is the most common factor that all businesses are looking for. Till now the advertising on television has charged excessively. With free of cost, the videos can be uploaded on YouTube by reaching the millions of customers at a time.

Driving traffic to own site:

YouTube allows the users to add the links to their videos. Through this activity, the organizations can drive the huge traffic to their website.

YouTube Advertising:

When the brands are in the thought of launching video ad campaigns on YouTube, then there are many tools and options are available on YouTube.

Get the Maximum Out of YouTube

Establishing your business profile on YouTube is the one you do. After that making your channel to gain the success of the video ad campaign is the essential thing.

To do that you should decorate your YouTube channel that out of massy channels.

For that YouTube added the options to customize one’s channel as their own.

Responding to the comments to the audiences will show a great impact on sales.

Creation of playlists by adding relevant videos will be the exiting tactic that let the audiences to find more about your products or services.

YouTube is the brand ambassador to showcase the business brands with the medium of video.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Collaboration of YouTube for Business


The frequent uploading of videos is mandatory to engage the audiences that stop them from deviation. Moreover, the over the uploading of videos with regular boring content is useless.

Dreadful Trending Choices:

All businesses are most aggressive to pick the trending topic and link that to their products. Choosing the trending topic is most vigorous one that all do but picking the relevant and proper trending topic is the most precious one to go viral on YouTube.

Delay to Respond:

Quick response to the queries raised by the customers about your products or service videos is the most significant one to engage the audiences that let them become the customers.

Many brands will delay in giving a reply to the audiences by considering the limited working hours. But going beyond working hours is the best strategy to get the customer attention for your brand.

Over Promotional:

The main purpose of using YouTube is to make the promotion of the brands. But the products promotion should not exceed the limits of promotion strategies, i.e., along with that the audience intended and engaging video content should be generated.

YouTube Tips and Tricks

Finding the tips and tactics to best use the YouTube for business is the one that everyone should follow.

Encourage the Audience to Subscribe:

The subscription to the channel will let the audiences to find the notifications of the newly uploaded product videos. Hence, when the product is going to launch in the market, there might be a chance of acquiring sales.

Insertion of relevant Keywords:

The relevant keywords such are mostly used and searched should be added to the titles, description, and tags.


Backlinking the videos on the main website and other trending social media platforms which drives the continuous traffic to the channel and let them subscribe.


Fame the relevant videos by creating the playlists. So that the viewers can find more about your brand’s products or services.

Adding clickable links:

Add the links to the other relevant and new videos at the present video that allows the users to spend more at your channel by going through that video content.

Sponsoring to other trending channels:

There are plenty of channels that have millions of audiences with frequent engagement. Become the potential sponsor to promote your product videos on their channel.

YouTube Stories:

It is another engaging feature on YouTube that allows the users to upload the short videos as the collection of story. The YouTube Stories will disappear after 24 hours. Just make use of this feature t promote your brand.

Benefits of YouTube for Business

YouTube has various benefits and uses for the business that can offer effective communication.

Creating Community:

YouTube works as a tool for the Business communication which has huge followers to engage and communicate with the customer.

For Example, we can see the Bicycle retailers launch their products share their events footage on YouTube videos and post own their Video Blogs.

Exhibiting Products:

YouTube allows businesses to showcase and demonstrate their products physically and Virtually. This is significant to the companies who display and sell their products online. The business enables the customers to review their products before going to buy via YouTube channels.

Determine Expertise:

Many business people use YouTube to maintain the reputation as an expert in a field. Demonstrating expertise including uploading video tutorials, short video clips, linking their website links in related videos.

Leveraging Event Promotions:

YouTube helps the businesses to run an event and share on YouTube to recollect what is happening at that time and to broadcast the Live event to see who didn’t attend. YouTube can recall or revisit the highlights of the successful event to demonstrate the audience.

Signify Brand’s personality:

YouTube is a chance for the businesses to add color and movement to the companies image.

For example, a single beauty product images do not give a detailed description of the Products. You can describe and demonstrate the products with models, and you can get the review from the models or consumers through YouTube videos.

Saving Bandwidth:

YouTube lets the business to keep their videos in your website without increasing the website bandwidth. You can save the products videos on your site from YouTube without decreasing your website loading speed.

Resolve the Customer Problems:

How to videos on YouTube can solve the customer problems. Sometimes people search for how to use the products or ask for guidelines to use. Mostly this kind of issues occurs in Technology products. YouTube videos solve the customer’s problems.

Best Practices to Use YouTube in Business Communication

Fill Out the About US Page:

Make Sure to fill all the details and maintain some description about your business and services on your company’s website. People first check for about us page to see the companies profile.

Use the Channel Keyword tags:

You should provide specific channel keywords, and description about your channel for easily identified by the search engine crawls.

Publish Long Videos:

The maximum time limit for page-one YouTube videos was 14 minutes and 50 seconds. So plan accordingly before publishing videos.

Update Channel Trailers:

Channel trailers are the “red carpet” to your YouTube channel, and the channel trailer should be 30-60 sec which allows nonsubscribers to wowed by your Channel Introduction.

Focus on First 15 Sec of Video:

Focus on first 15 seconds of your videos because that will increase your video watch time. The first 15 sec of videos should be curious make them watch entirely, compelling and grab the audience attention.

Say Your Keywords in Your Videos:

While creating your Channel Videos specify and use the focus keywords in your video. Because the search engine bots take relevant content through voice and video-based keywords, written on-page keywords to give Globally rank your Channel.

Use Video Cards and End Screens:

Enter the Video cards and End screen in your videos. You can use these end screen and video cards to directly link your products through affiliate links and to direct your consumers to the home page of your website.

Strengthen User Communication Signals :

YouTube videos will increase the ranking authority of your business. Include the share and like button to spread your business. Ask your users to comment on the videos and do subscription, and it gives positive communication.

Examples of Business Brands using YouTube to Sell

General Electric:

GE is an American Corporation based on B2B Brands. It deals with water, power, oil, Financial services, automotive and software development services. This is the best example to explain the heart of GE innovations and how technology has created the impact on industries.


Nike is the king on introducing their campaigns on YouTube. Nike always uploads the best ads related to sports, and now it is also released few videos of their marketing campaigns complementing their ads.


At present Colgate targeted the YouTube Influencer to market their Colgate products. Colgate has collaborated with the YouTubers like Andrea Brooks and Blaire Fowler to create YouTube videos. Surprisingly they managed almost 24 million views.


Maybelline keeps it relevance through YouTube videos. Maybelline used YouTube as the best tool to market their products. In 2014 Maybelline collaborated with the 13 influencer beauty Vloggers to their product campaigns. It only managed the around 15 million clicks just for this example.


GoPro introduced action cameras to do adventures with the 4K footage. GoPro captures riskiest sports, skydiving, events, skateboarders and all other adventure sports. GoPro allows the users of GoPro to post their adventure videos on their YouTube account. Almost GoPro get views and campaigns through user-generated content.

Facts and Statistics that do Business should Takeoff on YouTube

The number of people watching YouTube videos every month increased to 50% year-over-year.

According to the statistics, each generation watch YouTube by the percentages

  • Baby boomers – 43%
  • Gen Xers – 58%
  • Millennials – 72%
  • Teens aged 14-17 – 81.7%

Only 9% of the small business used YouTube videos for Business in 2015, but it ’s increased to 3 X times.

The top 10 ads on YouTube generated 3.6 million likes, 14 hours of viewing time and 539 million views.

86% Of the YouTube users regularly use YouTube to learn self-directed things.

65% of the people use YouTube to fix the stuff in Home or cars or to learn new things.

Among all millennials, 93% of the YouTube users watch videos to find out how to do things.

18% of the U.S adults use YouTube for news, more likely 45% on Facebook and 11% on Twitter.

70% of the time spend on YouTube to watch AI recommended algorithms.

100 million hours of YouTube video content viewed on TV every day and it raised 70% last year.

Almost $127 million earned by Top 10 highest paid YouTube stars.

More than Half of the U.S marketers run YouTube video ads.

27.1% of the digital ad spending share by US share market.

93% of the YouTube video ads are Viewable, and only 10% of them come under playlist.

62% of the users watch YouTube ads compared to 45% TV ads.

83% of the paid ads on YouTube, users spend at least first 30 sec rather than skipping.

YouTube find who watch TrueView ads are 10 X time likely engaged with brands on YouTube.


YouTube is the efficient tool for the businesses to grow the audience faster. Use simple technique create, manage and publish the videos on YouTube and similarly other social media sites. Start promoting your products and services through YouTube for effective business communication.

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