Ways to do YouTube Paid Product Placements and Endorsements

Ways to do YouTube Paid Product Placements and Endorsements

Creating a video is not simple and needs a lot of energy and creativity.   When the video is created, it is natural that the creator wants to make money on it. The videos posted on YouTube can monetize easily, but to earn big takes a lot of time.   To increase the revenue, you can utilize the YouTube product placement and endorsement feature. Everything about YouTube Paid Product Placements can be found here.

Demonstration of YouTube Paid Product Placements and Endorsements

There is no need to have millions of subscribers to earn money using the product placement.

Paid product placement and endorsement examples are a video on a beauty product of a specific brand or a review of a product and so on.

When the YouTuber make videos then he should inform the relationship with the advertiser.  Graphic title or end cards feature can be utilized for this.

Brands approach you for paid product placement and endorsement if your YouTube channel is very successful.

The marketer then asks the YouTuber to place his product in your video or make a video on their products and offers monetary advantages.

Endorsing a product is promoting a product or service for which the creator receives payment.

Role of YouTube Monetization

Usually, YouTube runs ads on monetized videos. When the creator does paid product placement or endorsement, there is a chance that the ads create a conflict.

For this reason, YouTube disables the video monetization of the creator for some time.

YouTube Paid Product Placements and endorsement are ways to increase revenue by using YouTube.

There will be fewer ads in videos that contain product placement or endorsement. Thus the YouTuber must take care when checking ‘This video contain paid product placement’ option while uploading a video on YouTube.

Increase revenue on your video by allowing paid ads. YouTube Paid Product Placements also increases traffic to your video as the people looking for the brand will also come to watch your video.

YouTube has included the product placements and endorsements in the video content of the users.The product placements have to confirm the policies of YouTube platform with reference to the ad policies.

The users must have to comply the related rules, law, and regulations.

At anytime the platform may disable the YouTube Paid Product Placements and the endorsements across the videos if any users had broken the regulations made by the YouTube platform.

Involvement of Video Content

The paid product placements are generally the piece of content that was created especially for the third parties brand or for a product that is directly get integrated with the content in which the marketers can pay the users to mention their brand or product for the effective promotion of the company.

When comes to the brand endorsements on YouTube platform, they are generally the content that was created for the advertisers or marketers which consist of the certain message for the consumers that reflect the opinion and experience of the creators or endorsers.

Generally, advertisers hire someone who is well experienced in engaging the audience in promoting their products and services with endorsing on YouTube platform.

The marketers have the influence on the users content that can be included by placing some logo or branded message in the user content and has the ability to upload the content on the user’s channel on YouTube platform.

There must be certain requirements to utilize the paid product placements and endorsements for advertisers and marketers on the platform. In certain cases, there may be conflicts arise with the ads in which the platform can sell and serve as to monetize the videos.

The platform didn’t allow the burning of created and supplied video ads by the advertisers.

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10 Best Ways to Promote On-Demand Product Demonstration Videos

Prospective customers want an interactive experience and clear understanding of how the product or service works before they decide to purchase one. Product demonstration videos are the best opportunity for customers to evaluate the product or service.

Customers can get the virtual experience of using the product or service with the demonstration videos and these videos are sure to influence the customers to click on the buy button. Here are few ways in which on-demand product demonstration videos can be promoted.

1. Allow consumers to share the on-demand product demonstration videos

2. Make your product demonstration videos to answer most possible queries of the customers.

3. Product demonstration videos must have a strong clickable call to action so that it helps in increasing conversions.

4. Embed the product demo video on the official website homepage to attract the viewers.

5. Social media websites are great platforms to reach a number of viewers with different interests and different backgrounds.

6. Promote the on-demand product demo videos by embedding them in blogs.

7. Create writing content about the product demo video and post them in forums or directories.

8. Increase viewership for the demo videos by encouraging the viewers to share them.

9. To promote the product video and increase the viewership use proper keywords in the video title.

10. Post the link to the demo video on other related videos so that people are guided to watch your video.

Ways to do YouTube Paid Product Placements

  • Get your products in front of the right people
  • Prove you have inventory to sell
  • Find a YouTube network that can help promote your products
  • Choose a product or service that you are passionate about
  • Create content around the product- this can be tutorials, reviews, how-tos, and more
  • Contact companies with your ideas for paid placement deals
  • Find products you love
  • Create a YouTube video about the product and include links to purchase the product
  • Reach out to companies who sell similar products and offer your services as a paid spokesperson for their company
  • Use affiliate marketing sites like ShareASale or ClickBank to get started
  • Get the product you want to promote and find a YouTube influencer who would be interested in reviewing it
  • Contact the YouTuber and ask them if they are willing to do a free or discounted review in exchange for the promotion of their video on your channel
  • Promote the video across social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest
  • Post links to the video on related Reddit boards
  • Reach out to a company and offer them your audience
  • Ask the company for money in exchange for mentioning their products
  • Offer to make videos about the company’s products, and they will pay you if it goes well
  • Add a link to the product in your video description
  • Include links to products on your social media accounts
  • Create sponsored content with companies that are relevant for your audience
  • Collaborate with influencers who have large followings and are interested in the same topic as you

Ways to do YouTube Paid Endorsements

  • Make sure you have a YouTube channel with at least 10k subscribers
  • Be transparent about the paid endorsement and make it clear that it is sponsored content in your video description
  • Include links to products or services mentioned in the video so viewers can easily find them on their own
  • Give shout-outs to other YouTubers who are also doing paid endorsements
  • Make a YouTube video and mention the product in it
  • Add links to your social media profiles at the bottom of your video
  • Put ads on your channel with products you endorse
  • Give away free samples of the product- include a link to purchase more in the description
  • Choose a product to endorse
  • Make sure you have an account with YouTube and Google Adsense
  • Create a video explaining the benefits of the endorsed product and how it has helped you or someone else in your life
  • Add links to your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Provide a service (ex: makeup artist)
  • Sell products (ex: clothing line)
  • Do sponsor videos for companies or brands
  • Create a video series about the company’s product(s) and share it with your audience

Create the on-demand product demo videos by knowing the strengths of the product that help in gaining viewers attention.Concentrate on explaining about your product and services but do not stress on sales.Use the customer stories, reference and other things in your videos to build trust.Demonstration videos can be made to be humorous so that audience is entertained.

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