50 YouTube Ranking Factors : The Complete List

One of the largest search engines, YouTube gets lots of traffic which help the brands to increases visibility. On an average, around three hundred hours of videos uploaded to YouTube per minute. Thus it is tough to get the content rank higher in the YouTube search ranking. Here are important ranking factors that can affect the video rankings.

  1. Optimization increases the ranking of the YouTube channel.
  2. Optimization helps search engines to understand what is there in the content.
  3. Metadata which is a part of the channel keywords is given much importance by the YouTube algorithm.
  4. Use right descriptions of the channel to give the users an idea of what is there in the content.
  5. Research the keywords related to the niche to choose the right channel keywords.
  6. Use tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Rank Tracker to search for the right channel keywords.
  7. The video title is another important factor that influences the YouTube ranking.
  8. SEO is another important thing for YouTube videos as it is important for the web content and the blog posts.
  9. The video title is a part of the metadata that is a ranking factor.
  10. A well titled YouTube Video title attracts more traffic and the views are increasing.
  11. Video titles must be short as the browser or the device cuts off long titles.
  12. Video titles should not be more than five words.
  13. Video title should have keywords at the beginning of the title.
  14. Video description is another factor that affects YouTube rankings.
  15. Video description helps the search engine to know what is there in the video.
  16. Video description should be around 250 words and should include keywords which are relevant.
  17. Do not forget to place the main keywords in the first 25 words of the description.
  18. Video tags offer insight into the video content to YouTube. To a little extent, these also impact the rankings.
  19. Use relevant tags to help people find the content.
  20. Another important ranking factor is the video quality.
  21. It is proved that high definition videos are given better ranking by YouTube than videos of interior quality.
  22. High definition videos are given prominence by YouTube in the search results.
  23. If the video quality is low, the audience will go elsewhere and this sends a negative message to YouTube resulting in low ranking for the video.
  24. User engagement is another factor that affects the rankings.
  25. Comments, likes and dislikes and shares are the user experience metrics that YouTube focuses on to determine video quality.
  26. The more the number of comments and likes and shares, the higher ranking the video is given.
  27. Video retention is another important metric.
  28. Video creators must request people to a subscriber to their channel.
  29. Watch time or viewing session is another user experience metric that YouTube considers.
  30. Videos with longer overall viewing session are prioritized by YouTube algorithm than videos that have more number of views.
  31. A great way to increase the viewing session length is to use annotations.
  32. Views are another important ranking factor to get high ranking in YouTube.
  33. For competitive keywords, the number of views the videos have, the higher the rankings.
  34. An effective way to increase views is to embed the videos in blog plates and sharing them in social media.
  35. Video thumbnails greatly affect the click through rates and there by the views, which in turn gets a higher ranking.
  36. Having customized thumbnails is a great way to increase click-through rates.
  37. Thumbnails should capture the attention of the viewers.
  38. Never use thumbnails that are not relevant to the content of the video.
  39. A big mistake that many YouTubers do is to neglect captions which have the ability to increase views and watch time and gives a higher ranking.
  40. Deaf viewers or audience who speak different languages also can watch videos with a closed caption which increases views.
  41. Search engines give major rankings to videos with closed captions.
  42. Favorites that have been obtained for a particular video will be another factor to estimate the growth of the channel.
  43. Creation of Playlists will show the major impact to gain the more traffic which helps in raising the YouTube rank.
  44. Video transcripts should be considered in the increment of YouTube rank.
  45. YouTube annotations are one to reach the targeted audience.
  46. Age of video content will majorly affect the channel growth.
  47. End cards help to raise the rank of YouTube channel.
  48. Age of the channel will be the part in the growth of YouTube rank as well.
  49. Mainly the building of trust at the audience with genuine video content helps in the rapid growth of the channel.
  50. The length of the video should be considered to clutch the more audience.

It is difficult to get the videos rank highly because of a large amount of content uploaded to YouTube every day. Pay attention to the ranking factors mentioned above and achieve good rankings for the videos.

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