Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Drone with 4K Live Streaming [Review]

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Drone with 4K Live Streaming [Review]

The camera market for Aerial Photography has focused on two types of Drones, Professional drones, and hobbyist drones. Yuneec is known for high-quality cameras and drones with 4K capable UAVs with excellent quality products. Breeze 4K is the Yuneec newest drone from Hong Kong.

As the name itself reveals capable of 4K Live streaming, sophisticated selfie flying drone. Breeze 4K is sufficiently compact, low cost, easy to fly and works for pretty good pictures. It’s good for shared pictures, sharing on the small screen via YouTube and Instagram.

Yuneec Breeze drone is a new flying camera drone with 4K live streaming. It has an intelligent flight system that allows the user to track objects on the ground or in the sky, and it can hover automatically above its take-off point. This device also offers advanced obstacle avoidance technology, which lets you avoid obstacles up to 49 feet away. And if you’re looking for something more advanced than this, then Yuneec Breeze might not be for you because it doesn’t have any sensors that allow it to fly indoors or at night time conditions.

The Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Drone is a small camera drone that anyone can quickly fly. It features 4K live streaming, 360° panoramic views, and intuitive controls. With the Breeze’s compact size, you can take it anywhere to get great aerial shots without being noticed!

The Yuneec Breeze is the perfect drone for anyone who wants to take their footage to the next level. It shoots in 4K, has a 5-mile range, and can fly up to 40 mph with an impressive battery life of 25 minutes! With its folding propellers and compact design, it’s easy to travel with.

Yuneec Breeze 4K Flying Camera Drone Review:

4K stunning videos and pictures with 4K breathtaking ultra high definition and ultra clear 13 megapixel capture.

No flying experience is needed, easy to fly takes aerial view of domestic photos and videos. It has 5 automatic flight modes like Pilot. Orbit, Selfie, Follow me and Journey.

Follow me and Orbit modes just work like an Yuneec larger and expensive drones.

Selfie mode ditches the controller interfaces and Journey mode offers fly away shot and coming back zooming option. These all flight modes will give you an impressive, nice and smooth videos.

Little Yuneec Breeze Drone for less than $350, less cost and is more affordable 4K UHD flying drone works like other expensive Drones.

The manufacturer has implemented app styled step by step app process for Yuneec Breeze flying drone, actually flying UAV works in Pilot mode.

The in-build camera can control separate from the drone’s flight mode with limited degree, it manages to come up with separate up and down remote control with 4K flight access.

Safe to fly in indoor and outdoor, it has safe to fly inbuilt indoor system. The propellers protects from other obstacles, automatic safe landing, safely land on the top of the button.

You can download the app in mobile socially control, navigate the drones through your smartphones, easily edit videos, photo share instantly through social media sites.

Easy to fly this Breeze drone, because it weights less than one pound and all foldable propellers makes comfortable to carry easily.

Yuneec Breeze stay in flight mode nearly 10 minutes, if you think is not enough time to capture. Yuneec Breeze comes with two batteries in a box it gives 20 minutes time that’s enough to capture all surrounding selfies.

Yuneec app’s live flight camera capable of 720p resolution, but camera indeed for 4k UHD capacity of 30 frames per second. It can capture 12 megapixels while it is on the move position.

Key Features Of Yuneec Breeze 4K Flying Camera Drone

  • 4K camera captures stunning footage
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for smooth video and photos
  • Follow me mode tracks your movements automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the drone flying away from you
  • Uses GPS technology to hover in place or fly a pre-programmed flight path
  • Comes with a controller that features two joysticks, one for altitude control and another for directional movement
  • 4K Ultra HD video and 12MP stills
  • GPS flight assistance to keep you in control
  • Automatic takeoff and landings with the push of a button
  • Automatically return home if the signal is lost or the battery runs low
  • 4K Ultra HD – The Breeze records videos in the highest quality possible
  • Automatic Takeoff and Landing- make it easy to fly with just one touch of a button
  • Follow Me Mode- record your adventures without having to control the drone manually
  • Camera Gimbal Stabilization- keeps footage steady, even during high winds or quick movements
  • It’s lightweight and compact, weighing just 2 lbs
  • The camera has a 4K resolution for high-quality video recording
  • The drone can fly up to 40 mph in Sport Mode or 18 mph in Normal Mode
  • There are three different flight modes: Selfie mode, Orbit mode, and Journey mode
  • 4K camera for aerial photography and videography
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization system with adjustable speeds to capture stable footage in any condition
  • Flight modes: Follow Me, Orbit, Selfie Mode, Journey Mode, Course Lock
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices using the Breeze Cam app (iOS version available now; Android coming soon)
  • The Breeze 4K has a camera that shoots in Ultra-HD
  • It can fly for up to 25 minutes on one charge, which is double the average flight time of other drones
  • Yuneec Breeze 4K drone’s price starts at $399
  • The Yuneec Breeze 4K has an autopilot feature with manual controls
  • The Breeze is a 4K flying camera drone
  • It has an HD live video feed with First Person View (FPV)
  • Users can control the Breeze using their smartphone or tablet as they fly it around
  • The battery lasts for 25 minutes on a single charge and takes 2 hours to recharge
  • The Breeze includes three flight modes: beginner, intermediate, and expert
  • Range: up to 1 mile from the controller, or 700 meters from the home point
  • Battery life indicator with low battery alarm
  • Maximum wind speed of 20mph for stable flight
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilization for smooth, stable footage
  • Follow me mode with a tap on the screen of your phone or tablet to track you as you move about the world
  • Point of interest mode that will automatically fly around an object while keeping it in frame


People who are looking to buy a drone camera for aerial photography with less cost, we suggest you Yuneec Breeze Flying little drone camera with 4K UHD live streaming. Check the above content to know more features about Yuneec Breeze 4K Flying camera.

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