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Amazon Live: Best Practices for Amazon Influencers can Livestream on Amazon and earn commissions

The major online eCommerce platform Amazon recently come up with the new feature called Amazon Live. Amazon Live offers an interactive shopping experience to the customers; they can browse the products and can interact with the influencers in Live chat. Through Amazon Live Creator, brands can directly engage with shoppers and drive more sales on Amazon.

There are 3 key points to understand and ensure plan live stream more successful:

1. Follow the Amazon Live creator’s Community Guidelines.

2. Get ready with the right equipment to live stream to ensure proper audio and video quality.

3. Make sure to have sufficient internet connection to support the Livestream.

Get Started with Amazon Live Creator App:

Download the Amazon Live Creator app to your iPhone.

Click on the + sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new Live Stream.

First, create the Amazon live thumbnail so that people can easily access your brand.

To create the Thumbnails, just follow 16: 9 ratio and images can also be edited by using the editor.

In the next step, we should choose the products featuring the Live stream. Here you can select the products from the product list or search from the search bar.

Once if you are ready with the products, click on the Add to stream to get featured.

You can add multiple products to the products’ carousel.

Click on three dots to edit the products, just click on the left side to delete the products and drag and drop the products to recorder the products list.

Click on the “Name Live stream” button to add a title that is visible to the customers.

Next move on to the Set time option, it is an optional thing that you can set the Live stream time. This scheduled live stream will be visible on the Amazon site.

Video Source option helps you to change the video source either from a mobile camera or an external camera.

Use practice mode to share and experience all the live streaming options on Amazon live creators app.

Once you enable the practice Mode, you can copy and share the Live streaming link with friends via social media channels.

You can also create a Custom message during your Live stream, click on Get started and type the message and finally click on Save.

Once you are done with all the settings on Live stream, click on X to save Live streaming to show on features streams under streams section.

If you want to test the Live Stream, just click on the camera and flash on the stream, you can also practice on product carousels.

If you would like to Go Live right now, just click on the “Go Live” to start a stream and click on “End Live” to finish the Live streaming session.
You can also click on end Chat to stop the Live chat with the customer.

Best Practices for Amazon Influencers can Livestream on Amazon:

Clearances and Content:

Make sure to get all permissions and clearance to allow the Amazon Live streams with the other third-party apps.

Choose Best Selling Products:

If you are adding multiple products to the products carousel. Make sure to add the best-selling products on top.

Maintain Thumbnail Ratio 16:9:

Make sure to use the thumbnail images ratio should be 16:9.

Must have 5mbps Internet:

Amazon Live Creators app mostly recommend the 5MBPS internet speed for better video quality and upload speed.

Don’t miss the Scheduled Live Stream Time:

If you miss the scheduled Live stream time, you cannot automatically stream the live. At that time, you should visit the site and click on “Go Live” to start the Live stream.

Understand the content Modernization:

All the Live streams on Amazon are stream according to the Amazon Live community guidelines. Once if you got the Flag while streaming, your stream gets terminated. Make sure to understand the Live Modernization flag.

Video Quality:

Don’t shoot the video against the window and other natural light sources. Make sure to have good lighting, which is required for Live streaming.

Stream with Multiple People:

Stream with multiple people for a more effective and engaging Live stream. It allows chatting and switching between various products.

Be aware of using Inverted Images:

Whenever you are using the iOS camera, make sure to check the camera angles, text displayed on products can appear on the backword or inverted.

Adding Important products First:

Add the most important and focus products on Top. Add the best selling and top-rated products first o product carousel.

Always use the Practice mode:

Practice mode allows you to choose who’s is watching the Live stream. Practice mode is a great feature to check the quality of the audio and video before start a live stream.

Live stream the Pre-recorded content:

Amazon live stream you to stream the pre-recorded video content, if you are using the third-party tools, make sure to use the “Restream Scheduler” to create the pre-recorded content.

Use the Stabilization:

If you would like to use the phone camera instead of an external camera, make sure to use the Tripod for shake-free videos.

Know Boost Your Stream:

Have a look at how to boost your live stream to reach more audiences. Anyways it is a waste of money, but you can get more reach as compared to a normal live stream.

Good Sound Quality:

Your Ambiance noise can also produce the sound population, make sure to turn off your Air conditioner and other sound causing devices.

Possible ways to Download your Stream:

Amazon Live allows you to download the content once you end up a live stream. You can download the streams whenever you want from the stream session on the creator’s app.

Add your streams to Amazon Stores:

You need to contact the Amazon team, [email protected], to show your streams on Amazon Stores. Go through the community guidelines for more updates.

Easy way to continue the Chatting after the ending of Live stream:

You can chat with the customers once after finishing your Live stream. Live chatting is available after the Live also, if you are done with Live chat, click on End chat to complete your live chat.


Amazon Live stream is not like many other live streaming platforms, as we see in the market. It allows the brands and influencers to promote and sell their products through Amazon Live with the help of the Amazon Live creators app. Here we have explained the complete guide on how to start your Live on Amazon Creator app and best practices for the influencer to make money quickly.

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