Inbound Marketing Using Explainer Videos

How To Boost Inbound Marketing Using Explainer Videos

Why does Explainer Video make a Big difference in Inbound Marketing Campaigns? The ways to do Inbound Marketing Using Explainer Videos can be found here.

Why does Explainer Video play a Vital role in Video Marketing Campaigns?

Why should we choose Explainer video rather than a Blog post?

If you have a product trying to sell it, What will Do?

Here You will get the solution to all the above questions. Explainer videos have increasingly become a solution for every marketer to boost their Campaigns.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are the short form of Videos that allow business to quickly introduce themselves by explaining what they do and how they help Customer with their Services.

In other words, we can describe that an Explainer Video is a short video that explains the Business idea via Visually animated story.

Explainer Videos tend to be 30-60 seconds long, and these are valid options for companies which do not offer substantial budget on TV commercials and Web commercials.

Explainer Videos are the perfect way to advertise their products or services even if your product offers complicated services. Majority of the businesses started using the explainer videos as the new conversion tactic.

Importance Of Explainer Videos For Business

Explainer video helps the people for better understanding your product services or visions of the campaigns. The primary goal of an explainer video is to convey the business message within 60-90 seconds.

Nowadays buyers are becoming independent. If they carried an issue, they are solving themselves before referring to customer support or talking to sales.

80% of the people remember what they saw, and what they did. The visual information process 60,000 more times than the Text. According to these statistics, we have compiled the Importance of explainer videos for business.

Boost Search Engine Ranking:

Explainer videos increase the audience engagement to our website. The more time visitors spent on your website, search engine recognize the content is valuable. Videos embedded on your website makes 53% more likely to show up on your search engines.

Validate and Build Trust:

Explainer Videos help the consumers to leverage their brand personality and help to socialize their company. 57% of the consumers say that videos give more purchasing confidence and build trust with the consumers.

Boost Sales and Conversions:

Building trust and driving engagement lead more sales and conversions to a company. Adding an explainer video to the landing page or a website will increases 80% of the conversations to your Business.

Videos shared more than any other type of medium, which can increase the audience engagement and extend the companies reach through multiple platforms.

Why Explainer Videos are more effective to enhance Conversions?

The arrival of explainer videos is the trending tactic for each business brands in molding marketing strategy that drives the huge sales. Most probably the video marketing social media platforms are decorated with the bunch of videos that each contains the bulk of information.

It is a too boring picture to watch the similar bulk video content on the social media screens. Hence, the audiences are skipping the video watch to very less time.

What to do?

The most effective marketing strategy to grasp the audience attention is a collaboration of Explainer Videos.

The survey of Video Rascal has proved that 85% of audiences are stepping ahead to purchase the product after watching Explainer Videos.

The Explainer Videos are the single medium to elevate the business brands that means how the brands work and the purpose of buying that specific product.

The Explainer Videos will improve the conversion rate. Then how?

Clutching the Attention of the Audience/Customers:

The visitors can find the clear and brief explanation about the particular product or services of the brand.

These videos will disclose the complex messages in a simple and clear way through short and attractive visual effects.

The audience watching video time shrink to about 8 seconds based on the research.

It is the essential thing to make the savvy video content that holds the attention of the audiences to watch the video what it contains. Here the Explainer Video will come to the screen to do that.

Visual effects show more impact on customers:

The visual effects have the nature of hold the attention of viewers for a long time, i.e., 60,000 times quicker than regular texts.

The Explainer Videos with visual effects are more likely videos that audiences will keep that information for a long period.

That means information about the particular product or services of a specific brand.

It is proven by the giant inbound marketing platform HubSpot that is the watched video ad is recalled by the 80% of audiences.

Boost the Visibility and goes Viral:

The trick of using Explainer Videos will enhance marketing strategy by boosting the online presence of the particular brand.

The audiences are much excited to watch when the video content  is served with the flavored and interesting entities.

There no special aspect is required to go out of your theme to engage the audiences by adding fun etc. just make the Explainer Videos more attractive.

53% of visibility can be obtained when Explainer Videos are placed on your landing page that contains the gunshot visuals along with the speech.

Building trust to make a purchase:

The sense of sight is the most effective aspect of the discussion of videos.

When the video content discloses the more benefits, to the customers while buying, then it builds sales of purchasing through trust.

How is it possible to establish the trust in the audiences?

Through the launch of Explainer v
ideos in an eye-catching way will result what we expect as the seller.

Brand Exhibition through Explainer Videos:

The brand hype can be achieved through the use of Explainer Videos. It can be attained by adding the graphics, audio, and narration of the story, etc. Explainer Videos are brand ambassadors to elevate the brand in the present challenging market.

The regular usage videos will make the audiences to buy the product at instant whereas, the Explainer videos will make audiences to become long customers to buy the product.

Establishing the Product Reliability:

The Explainer Videos are the demonstrators to discuss the product what it is going to do and going to be.

These videos are not going to sell your product but drive sales by influencing the customers through the strong product reliability.

How to Increase Conversions with Explainer Videos?

Concentrating on Quality:

Quality is the major focusing concept that every social media marketer should remember.

When there is great content with poor quality, then there will be no use of using.

Moreover, the poor quality Explainer Videos will project the bad results by damaging the brand’s reputation.

Quality is proportional to the brand exposure that means the quality of videos you produce the more sales you get.

Explainer Videos should match with the Brand:

Find what type Explainer Videos are most suitable for your brand that attains the attention of the customers.

Just pick the topic of the Explainer Video that exactly reaches the audiences by delivering the brand characteristics.

Make use of advanced tools to create the best Explainer Video that reflects what the product is about.

Immerse Call-to-action:

It is most commonly know factor to include the call-to-action button. The most common uttering of this word will generate the importance of using it in the Explainer Video.

It makes the audiences to participate in subscribing to your brand products or services.

This activity will let the audiences to get the notifications of newly released product or services of your brand in the market. Hence, add call-to-action in your Explainer videos.

Beat Ways Animated Explainer Videos Boost Inbound marketing

The effective Inbound Marketing is possible by merging the Animated Explainer Videos. Well, the use of Explainer Videos is the right concept. In what ways it can highly impact the Inbound Marketing. Here is to go.

Magnetize Audiences to Visit your Website:

The flock of videos on the social media platforms is discouraging the audiences to find the effective video content.

Hence, it results in drowning the sales of the products or services of the specific brand though it has the unique and fine quality video content.

In such cases, the Animated Explainer Videos are the solution to hold the attention of the audiences and influence them to purchase.

As the crowd of audiences visiting the website the Google search rank increases that benefit to place your product’s site on the first page of search results.

Getting leads through Visitors:

The Animated Explainer Videos will not let the Inbound Marketing strategy to lose the customers, and moreover, it increases the generation of leads and visitors.

Lead generation can be achieved only through the use of video, and it also drives more new visitors.

The Explainer Videos will explain to the visitors how the sign up will be the most advantageous aspect for them.

Convert Leads into Customers:

The old customers that have left the brand will get back through Explainer video strategy in the Inbound Marketing.

The more information about the products that are most beneficial to the customers can be elevated with the use of visuals and effective storytelling in the Explainer Videos. Hence, it builds the potential leads and converts them into customers.

Makes the Customer Brand addict:

The most satisfied customers will take place to utter about your brand’s product or services with others.

It results in getting the huge sales through the continuous traffic of customers.

The sharing and commenting on your brands especially on the social media platforms will make your products go viral with no huge investments for the promotion.

Explainer Video Case Studies

These two are the best examples to illustrate the rapid success made by using the animated Explainer Videos.


Dropbox is the fascinating case study which has proven that the success of using the Animated Explainer Videos as a startup. DropBox was started in 2010 and grew their customer from 0-100 million in just five years.

DropBox designed their landing page uniquely which has only the animated videos and download button. It used effective viral campaigns and increased its conversions by 10%. The fact is it viewed by the 750,000 times in a month. is another best example of Explainer Videos. is formally as Rypple, and this owned by Salesforce and illustrates a gamification solution for HRM(Human Resource Management).Rypple placed an animated Explainer Video on the landing page and increased its conversions and sales by 20%. 100 out of 30% people watch the landing page video, and more than half of them waited until the end.


Animated Explainer Videos makes complicated things simple in both the ways explaining the products features and engaging consumers incredibly increase the conversions. It will boost the business in multiple ways and also boost Inbound Marketing.

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