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YouTube Affiliate Marketing To Make Money

Billions of hours of videos are surfed on YouTube, and it became the second user-intended Website in the world after Google. Now, YouTube has become the primary source to promote the products or services of a particular brand through the evolution of creative video content that led to the launch of YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

How can one make money through YouTube without investing a single penny?

What does YouTube Affiliate Marketing mean?

Does it add bucks to one’s pocket?

How does it work?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

All advertisers and marketers are migrating to the hype on YouTube about their branding. The new branding strategy, “YouTube Affiliate Marketing,” which catches a million customers, is also rolling on YouTube. It enables both the brands and creators to improve their revenue.

“YouTube Affiliate Marketing will enable the creators to place the links of the products or services of a particular brand on the specific YouTube video.”

The theme of YouTube Affiliate will enable the audiences to buy the products or services of the brands through the third-party named creators.


If the audience clicks on the affiliate link in the YouTube video content, it is directed to the brand’s primary Website, where the products or services are displayed to buy.

Because of this YouTube Affiliate Marketing, the Wbrands’ website will get the continuous engagement of visitors, which can help boost sales.

Similarly, the creators are most beneficial in adding bucks when the customers purchase through their video link.

Factors to Make Efficient YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Establishing the Potent YouTube Channel:

Launching a robust YouTube channel is the primary factor in raising income through affiliate marketing. That means it helps to influence the audiences to purchase as you are most worthy of the fans.

High-Quality Video Content:

The content of the Video is the most precious one to describe. Choose a unique and exciting story from the daily routine video snack. Also, the proper use of audio and video editing software is a considered factor. Make sure to deliver the ultimate Video by using advanced video cameras.

Build Value Before Sales:

Whenever your YouTube channel is only meant for affiliate marketing, generate valuable video content that should entertain the audiences along with the Product or service description.

Annoying the audience by repeating the exact words will not work well. Then, spend the last minutes buying your Product that reaches the audience.

Clicks through Thumbnails and Titles:

The titles and thumbnails are the fascinating aspects of the YouTube video that let the audiences decide whether to go through. Hence, keep concentrating on producing fabulous thumbnails and titles.

Driving the Traffic through Collaboration:

Just cope with the other trending YouTube creators having millions of subscribers to be a successful YouTube Affiliate Marketer.

Now, generate the videos by featuring relevant content on their channel. Hence, their channel subscribers will watch your Video, which drives massive traffic.

Video Consistency:

Frequent uploading of the video content on the YouTube channel is the most significant factor that every YouTube Affiliate Marketer should consider.

Types of YouTube Videos to Boost the Affiliate Revenue

Product Review Videos:

The creation of product review videos of the favored products are the most engaging videos on YouTube. Then, make the promotion by giving the affiliate links on YouTube.

Funny Videos:

Launch the most humorous videos on YouTube and then add the relevant affiliate links to that Video. The audiences can readily accept it by going viral.


It is the most fascinating topic on YouTube as every audience will show more interest in watching the internal parts of the particular Product that newly arrived in the market. Then, include an affiliate link to that Video to add bucks to your pocket.

How to Videos:

For example, if you consider ‘how to do simple makeup at your home,’ here, you can describe the way to do makeup and the beauty products.

‘How to’ videos are most sought after on YouTube; you can attach the affiliate link to that Video.

Movie Trailer Video:

The upcoming movie trailer videos will engage the audiences and also helps to earn money by making promotion through YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Best of Videos:

Like best online selling sites, best movies, best mobiles, best music albums, etc., will drive the continuous engagement of the audiences to the brand’s location where the affiliate link is assigned.

Affiliate Product Link:

If your channel promotes any products, include the affiliate link to that particular Video, which drives massive traffic of customers to that specific brand’s official site through your YouTube site. Hence, it helps to make money.

Monetization of Affiliate Videos:

Monetization is essential to enable your channel to launch YouTube Affiliate Marketing. It will be the announcement for the advertisers that your YouTube videos are eligible to place video ads and Affiliate links to make promotions.

Shorter Affiliate Links:

Using shorter affiliate links will give a good look at the videos where the affiliate links appear. The straight use of ties will make it easy for the audience to click and go through that link. Some channels are choosing to place longer-length affiliate links, which seems clumsy.

Launching the Own Website:

Along with the YouTube channel, one’s official Website is needed where the YouTube videos you will embed. The brands to collaborate with your YouTube Affiliate Marketing will check your Website that contains the relevant content of their products or services.

Superior Affiliate Networks on YouTube

Amazon Associates:

Amazon is most familiar with offering products to sell through the YouTube Affiliate Marketing program. All YouTube creators mostly pick it to launch affiliate links.


Depending on the sales of the products, they offer a commission. They will commonly sell the non-branded products.

eBay Partner Network:

It is also another well-known online store. When you refer a person to that promoting products by signing to that network and that item sold by them, they will pay the bucks.

Sign In to your YouTube Account and Go to “Video Manager.”

Choose Any video to add an Affiliate Link; go to “Info and Settings.”

Authorize your Website for external links.”

Go to “Cards” and add authorized website external links.”

Click On “Add Card,” and the Video plays automatically. Choose the place where you would like to add a Card to your Video.

Click on “Link” under the “Add Card” option.

Go to the Affiliate Website and copy the affiliate link to the Product.

For example, if you provide an Amazon Link, the product code is too long.

So, Go to Google URL Shortener and paste the link to the URL option.

Copy the “Shortcode” of your Affiliate Link.

Add a Link to “Link URL” and click on Next.

Now play and Check the Video to see if your Affiliate link is Working.

Fill in the Details of the Card Title, Call to Action, and Teaser Text, and Click “Create Card.”

Now, play the Video to see if the affiliate link works.

Now You have successfully added an Affiliate Link to the YouTube Videos.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Affiliate Program

Pros Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Lower Competition:

Unlike the web, YouTube videos still massively want competition outside a few slots like gaming, fashion, technology, etc. If you have content that is equally or dominating the niches at that time, you can build a large audience.

Massive Audience:

We all know that YouTube traffic is enormous and growing day by day. People are watching millions of videos Globally. So you can’t find any other industry besides YouTube where people eagerly await new updates.

More Stability:

Thousands of marketers and advertisers spend on social media pages like Facebook to see organic results. But now it all goes down when Facebook algorithm changes occur. Algorithmic changes don’t happen on YouTube because YouTube has a more stable search Algorithm.

Build A Loyal Audience:

Many people like to watch videos as a series by subscribing to the channel. If any video has compelling content, the user waits for your following Video’s alerts.
People who subscribe to your channel videos don’t do any promotions. But, They are only loyal to your video content and loyal to your YouTube channel.

High growth:

Researchers stated that 80% of all web content will be converted to Video by the end of 2019. The Video is eating all the web content. YouTube’s revenue increased over the past three years. YouTube videos grow your audience and produce your income and views.

Freedom to Choose Offers:

Outside websites provide spam offers and content to users who are not trustworthy. If you provide Affiliate Links through YouTube Videos, users click and go to the Affiliate Website directly. Here, you are given the freedom to choose the products.

SEO Friendly:

On Google, 82% of the Video is from YouTube, and 50% are searchable through Keywords. Because of Lower competition on YouTube, viewing YouTube at the top of the content list is relatively easy.

Cons Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Niche-Specific Challenges:

It is easy to create content relevant to Screencasting Software technologies. We can buy and download the related software and microphones—for example, DIY Plumbing, we need to spend time, energy, and skills.

Restrictions on Linking:

According to Google rules, YouTube only promotes video content, driving people to YouTube from other websites. But if your content exclusively focused on the Affiliate Program, sometimes it may be ticked as banned content.

Content Creation:

Creating Content for YouTube is not as easy as people talk about. You have to create engaging, compelling videos to drive more views. Most people are uncomfortable in front of cameras, so it’s painful for the creators of Videos.

Difficult to Get Views:

Getting traffic to YouTube videos is the Hardest part of any Industry. Millions of people upload videos on YouTube; it’s tough to drive more traffic from the audience and get the competitor’s thoughts.

Affiliate links will help them increase the Quality of YouTube videos, allow more value and user experience,ence and get more Affilicommissionssion. Here, we have given some best practices for using Affiliate Links to YouTube Videos.

Use Affiliate Links Only When It Makes Sense:

The Purpose of including Affiliate links in any content is because they are helpful for affiliate marketing. Connections are valuable. Directly move the Website to buy any product. Through the links, people purchase the products.

Don’t use affiliate links to abuse online platforms by filling them with Spam content. Create quality content and include links only when they add value. If you provide proper links to direct the Product, the user will feel happy, and then you will receive more affiliate income.

Include Affiliate Links on Your Websites, Social Channels, and YouTube Page:

We can see many of the Bloggers include links for connecting to their website’s Facebook pages and don’t contain affiliate links for products they are discussing. If the Affiliate link adds value, make sure to add links that allow people to buy the Product.

Remember that a good link drives website traffic and increases revenue. If you are maintaining the websites, social channels, and YouTube chan channels, hesitate to give links to them. Affiliate links also drive more audience to your sites.

Make Sure Be Honest About Your Affiliate Links:

If you are dishonest about your affiliate links, you abuse the policies of the Amazon and YouTube affiliate programs. Ensure to give proper Affiliate links in the description as a disclaimer or at the end of the specification.

Make sure to name the products you have offered and include the checking box “this video contains pairs included d Promotions” under the “Monetization “tab to be honest to the Viewers.

Know How International Your Viewership Is:

Understanding your audience is an essential part of anything that grabs more attention. First, understand your audience on your YouTube channel to maximize your returns through Affiliate links. Knowing who is watching your video links manually it’s tough. You Can use any of The YouTube Analytics tools to understand how your Viewers are.

If you have many International fans for a YouTube channel, sending each fan to the local storefront gives a better experience. For Example, Amazon provides new revenue by a stream of earnings.

Provide High Quality and Valuable Content:

The most important thing we must follow is to get more traffic by maintaining high-quality and valuable content. It does not require expensive cameras and the best software; it just needs a genuine product review.

Providing high-quality video content and providing genuine host reviews of products are the factors that determine the Quality of content for an Affiliate program. The best place to ensure your Affiliate links are YouTube videos.

After completing the product review, the Affiliate Link can buy the products directly. Earn high affiliate revenue by sending the affiliate link anywhere you are.

Top Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channels

Affiliate Summit:

This channel was started by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003 to provide educational tutorials on the latest technologies. This channel uploads 24 videos per week. It has around 6,897 Subscribers and 1,204,398+ views.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate:

You can learn all kinds of affiliate marketing tips and internet marketing tactics. It started in 2016 and uploaded almost 244 videos, three videos per week. This channel has 116,375+ Subscribers and 6,436,188+ Views.

Cj Affiliate by Conversant:

Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing platform specializing in a pay-for-performance program that drives the best result for the business. This channel uploads only one Video per month. It has 3,228+ Subscribers and 462,650+ Views.

Affiliate Marketing Training:

This channel has ten years of experience in internet marketing and how to earn money from YouTube and online marketing. This channel uploads three videos per month. It has 13,956+ subscribers and 1,401,454+ Views.


Marcus runs this channel from the United States, and they have 16 years of experience in internet and Affiliate Marketing. This channel provides tips to earn from online with your blogs and websites. This channel uploads about one Video per week with 30,838+ subscribers and 1,606,696+ Views.


If you are a startup, review the phrases mentioned here before launching YouTube Affiliate Marketing on your channel. YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a simple and easy way to earn money instantly without any investment.

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