China Online Video Statistics

50 China Online Video Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

Online video consumption shows no sign of slow down in the next few years. Time spent in online video viewing will considerably increase every year. The average person spends an average of 100 minutes per day globally. China has a more significant number of online video users. Some countries like Sweden and China have already exceeded this average online video consumption limit. Here is the list of 50 China Online Video Statistics that you need to know in 2022.

50 China Online Video Statistics

  1. Every individual in China spent an average of 103 minutes in a day.
  2. In China, the internet video traffic growth rate identified 30% every year.
  3. In 2020, internet video traffic will reach 19. 6 Exabytes per month in China.
  4. WeChat has exceeded more than 300 million daily active users.
  5. WeChat has more than 1.15 billion monthly active users in 2020.
  6. TikTok in China called Douyin, over 57% of the userbase for the Douyin in China.
  7. According to the Byte Dance report, more than 400 daily active users for Douyin.
  8. 58% of the social media users and 68% of the smartphone users active in Douyin.
  9. In China, online video penetration reached 80.4%, and there will be a 5.8% increase in year on year.
  10. Youku is in third place, with an online video penetration rate of 48%.
  11. Mango Tv is notified as to the highest penetration growth rate of 8.9% in China.
  12. Chine online video market kept the highest growth rate of 50% from the past five years.
  13. Chine has over 570 million online video viewers.
  14. Chine online video market leads the highest part of the commercial video ads.
  15. China’s online video market revenue reached to 95. 33 billion yuan.
  16. In China, businesses and consumers use 84% of the total internet video traffic.
  17. Over 150 million daily active users for Youku to social video sharing platform and is predicted 300 million by 2020.
  18. An average of 900 million daily video views for the Youku platform.
  19. Chines social video sharing platform Meipai has 30 million monthly active users and is expected to grow 50 million by 2020.
  20. More than 200 million videos unloaded in Meipai and marketers predict it is increasing 30% year by year.
  21. Chines social video sharing platform YY has over 773.4 million active users.
  22. Monthly active users of Social Medi platform QQ was 653.4 million.
  23. Ultra HD video consumption in china reached 12.3% in 2020.
  24. 74. 4% of the HD video viewing notified in china by 2020.
  25. 87% of the consumer internet video traffic generated in china.
  26. In China, internet video to TV traffic will be 24% in online video traffic by 2020.
  27. Over 307 billion minutes of online video content consumed every month in China by 2020.
  28. In China music video consumption increased to 42% year on year.
  29. China’s online video advertising revenue reached 13.4 billion yuan.
  30. 64.4% of the mobile video advertising growth seen for YoY, and it’s been reached 8.7 billion yuan.
  31. Netflix recently announced its online streaming television services to china based iQiyi platform.
  32. Top china mobile video application iQiyi ranked top on mobile video category with 245.61 million.
  33. China’s online video views reached two hours in 2020.
  34. Tencent’s video total revenue reached RMB85, 465 million, and increased to 16% first financial year.
  35. Online video viewing steels audience from the TV viewing, 14% is the average ad market in the TV viewing.
  36. Tencent’s video market set to $456 billion by 2020.
  37. Over 23.7% of the shares for the Tencent Video sharing in China market.
  38. More than 59% of the Tencent shares are in china’s social ad market.
  39. Tencent social media platform WeChat monthly active users rise to 1.15 billion.
  40. WeChat, QQ, and Tencent Videos are the top 3 mobile video advertising platforms in China.
  41. China has over 570 million online video viewers, and the figures are steadily growing.
  42. Mobile video advertising in china saw a faster growth rate of 64.4% YoY, and it reached 8.7 billion yuan.
  43. Chinas social video sharing platform WeChat grows 19.5%, with 965 million monthly active users.
  44. The top mobile video app Baidu’s iQiyi in China exceeded 440 million monthly active users.
  45. In China, The Ultra HD traffic will be 28.3% of the IP VOD traffic in 2020.
  46. There will be HD traffic of 37.5% of the IP VOD traffic in 2020.
  47. More than 46% of Internet video traffic crosses content delivery networks in 2020.
  48. The Chinas online video market reached RMB 93 billion of video advertising and subscription revenue.
  49. 10% of china’s online video market reach to only 45 million viewers.
  50. Live video streaming industry booming in china with 450 million users, and it’s a prediction it will reach 800 million within two years.


Chinas online video consumers spent almost two hours a day. Chinas online video exploded with local apps such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent video. The above figures show the rapid rise in online video consumption in china. China become the world’s largest and mobile app creation market in the World.

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