Consumer Buying Behavior

How YouTube Is Changing The Consumer Buying Behavior

Is the Consumer Buying Behavior completely depends on YouTube?

Are the YouTube video ads major source of the brands in reaching the customers?

There’s no doubt that YouTube has changed how we view video content. But it’s also changing the way we buy things. A recent study found that almost half of all shoppers use YouTube to help them make purchase decisions. So what does that mean for businesses? It means you need to start thinking about how YouTube can play a role in your marketing strategy. Sure, you may not be able to create videos as good as those from big brands like Nike or Apple, but there are still ways you can leverage this powerful platform to reach consumers. Need some ideas?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. With over 1.5 billion active users, it’s no wonder that businesses are using it to reach consumers. And with new changes to the way advertising works on the platform, YouTube is becoming an even more powerful tool for influencing consumer buying behavior. And how can you make sure your videos are getting seen by the right people? In this blog post, we’ll explore how YouTube is changing consumer buying behavior and give you some tips on how to take advantage of it.

Effect of YouTube Ads on Consumers

  • The reach of the audience through the embedding of the video ad campaigns in the YouTube channel is the most significant tactic that every brand use to gain the potential customers.
  • Moreover, the YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine that drives the huge sales for the brands by highly influencing the consumers.
  • The YouTube embed videos on the official websites of the business brands will help to gain the number of customers from the visitors.
  • What the video is about is the most trending strategy of YouTube to acquire such demand in the promotion of the brands.
  • The YouTube video completely changes the Consumer Buying Behavior and makes decisions to buy the products or services.
  • 74.3% of product promotions are explaining through video ad campaigns on YouTube.
  • The positive impact of driving sales through the medium of online video ad campaigns can be observed. Hence we can say that YouTube video ad campaigns are greatly influencing the consumers.

Consumer Viewing Behavior Depends on the Device

The consumers are mostly consuming the YouTube video content on smartphones and video game consoles than PCs. Mostly the viewing rate of the YouTube video consumers is more on the tablets and smartphones.

The viewer engagement for the online video ads is obtained only through the video ad campaigns.

More than 20 minutes video content is being consumed by the mobile users daily.

From brands like beauty to music, everything is surfing on mobiles from anywhere at any time.

Recently the in-stream ads of the Netflix are playing in the YouTube videos. The content they deliver in the ads is more excited to watch.

It might influence the audiences to make subscription on Netflix.

It is happening on mobile, and if it happens on the desktop, there might be chances of using the Adblocker which will block the video ads. Hence mobile is the most seeking device for both the consumers and advertisers to convert the sales.

Reasons to use YouTube Video Ads to gain Consumers

Changing the Consumer Behavior:

For example, if we take the online video streaming providers like Netflix, they are completely relying on the digital ads displayed on the YouTube.

It helps to gain the attention of the millions of the audiences and simulate them to become the customers. Presently the traditional TV watching is completely migrated to online video streaming.

Global Reach through YouTube:

As it has billions of viewers and millions of hours of video on YouTube is consumed by the viewers daily.

It is the direct medium to communicate with the consumers that display the ads in their intended relevant content.

The unknown fact about the YouTube is that its half of the viewing results are obtained only through the mobile.

Serving the Video Ads to Relevant Consumers:

The primary befit of the brands in using the YouTube for the promotion is that it serves the video ads to the matched consumers.

That means the ads will be displayed by considering the audience intended content.

Through this, the audience might show interest to watch the video ad campaigns that are completely relevant to them.


The advertisers can squeeze the number of customers with the innovative video content by investing very low on YouTube.

Things that consumer Brands should know about YouTube

YouTube is limitless for potentially Advertising and Marketing. According to researchers, YouTube is number one social media platform for discovering to measure the buyer’s behavior, product conversions.

YouTube beat the all other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on regulating buyers behavior. The Brands should follow these three techniques while video sharing on YouTube.

YouTube Videos drive Conversation:

Most of the mass media advertising tend to be branding Exercise. Influencer marketing on YouTube increases the conversation among the consumers and Brands. If we consider social video metrics like click-through rate, comments, influence, sentiment and other shareholders Feedback will drive the discussions.

YouTube Videos Convert Consumers Sales:

YouTube Influencer marketing can be easily increased both sales and ROI of a company. The Number of Videos views are the critical factors that drive more sales and conversation on YouTube.

For Example, YouTube star Kandee Johnson who is well known as a YouTube Beauty influencers. She has 3,960,476 subscribers and 442,053,655 views for her YouTube channel.

The community is Important Than Ever:

Social Media influencer is master on building huge community on YouTube. Influencer reviews and their activities lead more conversions and sales of a Business.

For example, Over 27 years old Michelle Phan boost the YouTube community with 8,969,856 subscribers to her YouTube Channel.

Features Impacting Consumer Buying Behavior

Researchers proved that these Cultural, Personal, Psychological and Social features are important to estimate the Consumer Buying Behavior on YouTube. For marketers, it is difficult to measure behavior, why consumers buy something in some situations and what type of activity impacted on them.

Cultural Feature:

Marketers can know values, hopes, manners, and conceptions where the consumer believes as a Cultural factor. All these factors influenced by the consumer’s environment they learned to live. Cultural, Subcultural and Social class are the three categories of the Cultural feature.

Personal Features:

Age, Lifestyle changes, Occupations, Lifecycle stage, Occupation, Economic Situations, personally self-acceptance are the Personal features that influence Consumers when they are buying a product. Consumers professional work also plays a primary role in Consumers purchase behavior.

Psychological Features:

Motivation, perception, beliefs, attitude, and learning comes under the Psychological behavior of a consumer. Need is a factor that drives consumers to be motivated to buy a product. Personal motivations include needs for the diversion to play a part on where social influence has a social experience.

Social Features:

Social features refer to the family, Group, plays the key role in status. All other features depend on the individual consumer behavior when making purchase decisions. Whereas, in a community, only a few consumers are likely influenced by other small groups.

Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior on YouTube

Previously the Consumer has to sit in front of a TV for Commercial to change the Consumers decisions. Now it’s broken. You don’t need to wait for the commercial you can see the choose your product and get the reviews from Google and YouTube. Here we have described the types of videos which have an impact on consumers purchasing decisions on YouTube.

How To Videos:

Brands will take some time to release how to videos, but YouTube Influencer are reviewing whenever the new product launched in the Market. How to content does not go viral, and it is evergreen. The consumers only search for the How To content watch again and aging.

Gardening, Home renovation and Crafting industries always evergreen videos that should use these tactics. How to videos directly impact on purchasing decisions on Home furnishing.

UnBoxing Videos:

If a person would love to buy some Unboxing videos for a Particular Product, they directly type the product type on YouTube for Reviews. Some people instantly search for the Brand to buy the products. YouTube Influencer Videos are the best examples of these type of Videos.

Entertaining Videos:

The need for entertaining on YouTube are endless. There are dozens of videos uploaded to YouTube only for entertainment. Each one depends on purchasing decision. The best example of this video type is Epic Meal Time.

The Rise of Influencers demonstrations of today’s companies depends on the mindset of consumers. Consumers are playing a key role in the company-consumer relationship. Most of the Companies are willing to learn and implement technique from YouTube Influencers to measure the Consumer Buying Behavior.


YouTube is a powerful platform that can educate consumers, increase purchase intent and drive sales. The more you know about how people consume content on the internet today, the better your marketing will be for all platforms. Contact us if you want help using video as part of your customer acquisition strategy or boosting your business with online video advertising. We’ll work with you to create an effective plan tailored to what works best for your company!

YouTube is the fastest-growing social media platform, and it’s not just for kids. With over 1 billion active users each month, you can reach an audience that spans all generations in every corner of the world. More than 40% of marketers worldwide use YouTube to promote their products or services, so there are plenty of opportunities for your brand if you know how to utilize its power correctly. Contact us today for a free consultation on how our YouTube marketing consulting can help grow your business!

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