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Thought Leadership Video Content: How to Make Yourself as a Thought Leader Using Video

When it comes to content marketing, companies are still missing the Human elements. One of the most popular words that we are listening to in the marketing world is Thought Leadership. Thought Leadership is basically positioning yourself on your company with an expert leadership quality within the Industry where all other people will engage for ideas and analysis.

Building brand awareness and credibility through leadership lead to authentic audience engagement when executed correctly from small to Big industries, no matter where you find the leadership qualities that can achieve video content marketing results. In this guide, we provide a few tips to start your journey by crafting the Leadership Video Content.

Thought Leadership Video Content Tips:

Having a good script:

Having an excellent script will ensure your brands optimize your time spent on camera and the new key messages across.


Take advantage of the teleprompter, which prompts while speaking with an electronic visual text of a script.

Figure Out Expert Qualities:

Figure out the expert qualities that you are an expert in.

Creative content:

Create content that speaks in your voice with animation or visual format.

Influencer Marketing:

Reach out to the Top influencers collaborate with them to promote your brands or services.

Expert Interviews:

Having an expert interview is a great way of demonstrating your expertise and personal knowledge.

Garner awards and accolades:

It will help you reflect on your potentials and strengths. It also influences the financial landscape throughout Asia.

Get Ready with Equipment:

Backdrop sounds effects and lighting is the backbones of your video content. So, take considering these things as the primary elements.

Include a call to action:

Call to action is the primary contacting element that every user reaches the sellers. Make sure to include the right call to action elements with the right links to communicate.

Consider Tools:

Adopt the best analytics tools and software which you gather, analyze data on of content is performing.

Repurpose Videos:

Take advantage of the old video content and repurpose it to publish as a fresh content format.

Drop the self-promotion:

Work on social media networks for self-promotions. Create and monetize your profiles for easy accessibility on multiple devices.

Use Multiple File Size:

Don’t try to create one-size files for all platforms. Create different file size formats for various platforms.

Understand the Needs:

Try to explain certain things and consider the insights into the underlying trends and causes you picked.

Define the Objectives:

First, identify your topic and its objectives. Try to target the narrow audience and their needs to focus oncontent.

Be consistent:

Be consistent while creating and publishing on video hosting platforms. Only publishing it will not promote your brand. Make sure to promote it on social media.

Identify the Right Questions:

Take questions to Google and figure out what type of questions are most searched on the internet.

Deliver Valuable Information:

Deliver memorable value-packed information in an easy understanding format.

Don’t limit yourself:

Do not keep any limitations while offering creative content and applying bold strategies.

Engage on social media:

Use different social media networks for promoting yourself and leverage great content for promotions.

Online Tutorials:

Leverage some online tutorials and share that content on video platforms.

Use Graphics:

Make use of graphics tools and software’s for creating excellent visual content to move the narrative along with the script.

Identify Audience:

Identify and give priority to the quality of your audience and understand how interactions taking place.

B2B Videos:

Explore the possibility of creating various B2B videos which will show potential changes in the social media game.

Approach Sales Team:

Meet your sales team and write down every question you get in part of your sales process.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is key to increase your sales and brand credibility to capitalize on native expertise.

Get published:

Keep an eye on whether your published content reaching the right audience. If not, make sure to publish your content on all social networks.

Choose Topic:

Research your industry and other industries and choose topics the right topic what people are actually looking for.

Be Careful:

Be careful while talking to the others in your industry. Not to talk about other industries, focus on a niche industry.

Maintain Good Team:

Surround yourself with a good team and explain your topic and get suggestions from your team.

Build Trust:

Build trust among the consumer and get credible people to talk on the subject.

Have Good Network:

Acquire a good Network within your industry and build a strong community by Secure speaking engagements.

  • Showing up often
  • Nail your Instagram captions
  • Collaboration
  • Stand out from the noise
  • Be creative of post formats like video, live stream, pictures

If you create thought leadership content

  • You need a great speaker
  • Nice to have someone filming your person talking
  • Get some great graphics to go with the video
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  • Post on “evergreen” topics.

Thought Leadership Video Content is the key to being a thought leader

  • Thoughts aren’t weird, so don’t think you have to be weird
  • Video will be the next big thing, so get in the game now
  • Capture your client’s imagination through visuals
  • Strive for differentiation, not imitation
  • Be clear everyone will share their opinions, but only Thought Leaders back it up with visuals

If You Invest in Developing a Thought Leader Strategy, Everything Else Falls Into Place

  • Create a Series of Video Content
  • Put All Videos on 1 YouTube Channel
  • Use this to create a magazine-style website
  • Publish on Social Media once in a week
  • Create additional videos related to other topics

Stand out as a thought leader using video

  • Brainstorm topics
  • Video length
  • Stick to one idea, no editing
  • Use existing images or assets
  • Keynote is free and excellent for an internally facing video
  • Talk directly to the audience
  • Edit together a draft script first instead of recording what you’re thinking at that moment.

Why you aren’t #1 on Instagram

  • You don’t take enough photos
  • You use the wrong hashtags
  • You need to look at your post and follower metrics
  • You’re not appealing to a niche group of people
  • Check out my Thought Leadership video series

Why thought-leadership is important in your business

  • It helps build trust
  • It opens up the door to conversions
  • It can build credibility

Every business has its influencer

  • If you’re not telling your story and sharing your message, someone else will
  • Social media demands quality content. Fun 30-sec videos don’t cut it anymore
  • Create thought leadership content now. It’s a HUGE asset for your business

Here are some ways to make yourself a thought leader using video

  • The ‘avatar effect.’
  • Personality is key
  • Show off your expertise in front of the camera
  • Be consistent with your theme and message. Evidence in this article.
  • Stick to it.

You want to make yourself a thought leader?

  • Start pitching podcasts
  • Dive into the AMA on Reddit
  • Start a Twitter thread
  • Pitch an Op-ed for your blog
  • Create content that is strategic and consistent

You’re wondering how to make yourself the thought leader in your industry?

  • I’ve got the answer for you.
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Create short videos showcasing one of your knowledge
  • Grow your platform
  • Become a speaker at conferences or events

Become a thought leader

  • Take a ‘show and tell’ approach to your content
  • Show people what standing out looks like
  • Create an opt-in for video updates in the body of your posts
  • Relevant hashtags will aid your audience discovery

5-step process for becoming a thought leader

  • Come up with your ideas
  • Create a video for each of your ideas
  • Share it on social media
  • Send video links to people you respect
  • Contact the press and bloggers about your videos

How do I become a thought leader?

  • Guest post on blogs that receive few to no comments
  • Give your opinion on podcasts
  • Share your ideas in book form. Writing a book is the most feared task for most nonfiction writers, but here’s how you can leverage it into becoming a thought leader.
  • Invest in yourself by becoming an expert.

Are you a thought leader?

  • Present yourself the way you want to be seen
  • Learn how to speak like a thought leader
  • Create content appropriate for your target audience
  • Don’t be shy about promoting yourself and your brand
  • Share and cross-promote with other thought leaders

Are you a thought leader? Would you like to be perceived as one? Here’s how you can learn

  • Identify your unique niche
  • Find a way of telling the world what you know
  • Showcase your expertise, not just your product
  • Speak in-depth with an authentic voice
  • Be consistent and show up every day


Building brand credibility and visibility as a thought leader can take a lot more time by nurturing relationships in a non-commercial environment. Marinating the consistency and relevance are the two main factors of the source to grab audience attention. Thought leadership videos are the best strategies to make your business memorable and stay top of the competition. Remember to make the right Though leadership videos can help businesses to build a community and gain massive engagement in no time.

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