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Enterprise YouTube Marketing: How to Launch Enterprise YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best online video hosting platforms that let people share their videos for business. Enterprise YouTube Marketing is nothing but using YouTube services for their business. Individuals and Businesses use YouTube to share, including promotions, entertainment, and instructions.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and popular video hosting service offers and followed similar services such as Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. YouTube enables the audience to interact with the world like other social media platforms.

What is Enterprise YouTube Marketing?

YouTube can be a useful marketing channel for businesses because of its features and popularity. Companies could use YouTube to launch and promote their products, monitor feedback, exploring the brand personality, and provide customer service. YouTube helps the brands and customers spread the word about their business.

Enterprise YouTube Marketing generally refers to is the idea of using video content for business communications. YouTube for business is not all about video marketing. It involves businesses to use on-demand video for training purposes and to keep their workforce better connected.

10 Commandments of Enterprise YouTube Channel Content Strategy

Since YouTube started, it has become one of the most popular search engines on the planet. So that companies have been looking for implementation on YouTube for business.

YouTube Pre-Roll advertising:

Apart from making and hosting videos for your channel, running ads on YouTube can be incredibly successful only if you target individual videos and highly relevant channels. Making relevant ads brings increases to watch time and also use Skippable ads on your channel for better success.

Branded Bumpers:

Branded bumper preceding your video length should be no longer than three seconds. A good bumper video represents the brand and varies the bumper include any relevant promotions. Post-video bumpers can be more extended than it should consist of Call to action and also include the subscription request.


Annotations are the text windows sometimes, it pop-up during a video playing. If you used annotations for your business, these are a great way to interact with viewers and engaged. Correct placement, clickable functions, Timing & Duration, are the key things you should keep in mind.

Video Descriptions:

A proper promotional YouTube video should include video descriptions that includes channel boilerplate, links. Video descriptions must include the keywords, custom links to a landing page, etc.


The video thumbnail is where you directly compete with other videos on YouTube for user clicks. A well-designed thumbnail draws more user attention likely to click on related video sessions.

Video Optimization:

YouTube video optimization must include uploading the HD videos, Keywords in Title, Keywords in Descriptions, and upload a video with the closed captions.

Video Length Matters:

Most of the videos are 30 sec long, and more the average viewer watch 80% of the users. Only 60% of the users watch the video with 3-4 minutes in length.

Cross-Channel Collaboration:

A great way to expose your business channel to a group of people who have never heard of the brand with cross-channel collaboration. Many people interested in your channel through cross channel collaborations.

Content Curation:

A YouTube video should make sense from its business channel and its viewers. After uploading the videos, their performance needs to be tracked in YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Channel Content:

Recurring content is content that is all about authority and Successful recurring content. Content should be Scalable, evergreen, Informational, and drive consistent engagement.

Enterprise YouTube Video Advertising:

Depending on your audience reach, most of the markets would watch informative video brands and then scroll down the landing page of text. Currently, digital video advertising is on the top of enterprise marketing trends, and small businesses can get involved by creating the best YouTube video ad. Online video advertising is an excellent tool for converting consumers’ interest in sales and growing your brand on the web.

For creating an active enterprise video ad, we need to consider the following guidelines,

Solve a Problem:

A good video ad will highlight a problem and showcase the viewers how the brand or companies are solving it.

Use Script:

The script is essential to have a plan before creating content for any ad formats, especially when it comes to video.

Choose the right platform:

Once you are done with the creation and editing of the video, you must choose the right platform for hosting the videos.

Get Creative:

Online viewers are active and used to seeing commercials online. Choose the unique ad format that allows brands to promote themselves while appealing to your target market.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind as you plan and create online video ads for small businesses. The goal to increase sales, brand recognition for an effective strategy.

Enterprise YouTube Live Streaming Optimization & Best Practices

Before you start Live streaming on YouTube, you must follow these below tips and best practices.

Prepare the basics:

Every stream should start their Live Streaming with a set of goals. Make sure that you are working on Live video, and that will help you most out of the broadcast.

Choose a good time:

Choose the perfect time to go live and simultaneously check the YouTube analytics to see when your videos get massive engagement and more reach.

Optimize your setup:

Before you broadcast, go through all the setup and optimize it. Make sure that there is nothing inappropriate, nothing distracting, and confidential.

Promote the event:

If you are live streaming a virtual event, there are several ways to build the buzz on YouTube. Design banner for Live streaming to promote the event.

Engage the audience:

Convincing the people to tune into a live stream is a tough thing. But now it has become interesting with the help of engagement-boosting tactics:

Make your live stream accessible:

Live streaming automates the captions that are available for YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Try a YouTube Premiere:

YouTube is a combination of both the pre-recorded and premieres blend. If you are uncomfortable with the recording live, Premieres offer a middle ground. A live chat accompanies YouTube Premieres while you are on Live.

Check analytics to see what works:

YouTube live streaming offers the best post-live stream analytics and the real-time. Keep an eye on the YouTube analytics dashboard to check whether your Live streaming is engaging or not.

Enterprise YouTube Channel SEO:

Video SEO is essential. Initially, businesses might promote their video on your social media channels in the form of online videos. Enterprise YouTube Video SEO is the gift that keeps on giving, and it will bring you more viewers with no extra effort. Here are the few YouTube Video SEO ranking factors every enterprise must follow.

Check How high your video shows up in search results, and it shows up at all below main factors:

Video Views does your video have.

How many Likes does your YouTube channel get?

How much percentage of video do viewers watch on YouTube?

How many comments does your YouTube channel get?

How many people added your video as their favorites?

YouTube Video SEO:

Once your YouTube channel is customized for the business, you can now upload the products or services videos. Optimize your business videos and do follow the YouTube video SEO strategies.

  • Video file name must include the target keywords.
  • Follow the Title character limit and must have at least one target keyphrase.
  • If you want to write the YouTube Descriptions and content limit to 1,000 characters for easily accessible to search engines crawl.
  • Make sure to include some long-tail keywords in the description to keep attracting people.
  • Pick the right category so that YouTube knows how to categorize your video and try to add more than 10 relevant tags to your YouTube video.

Best Enterprise YouTube Channels:

TED Talks/TEDx:

TED Talks curates talks from thought leaders around the world. This channel focus on educational talks and current trends.


Entrepreneur channel mostly focuses on trends, big business ideas, advice targeted at entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Content Marketing Institute:

CMI is a great channel for entrepreneurs to learn more about storytelling, branding videos for business, and marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk:

Vaynerchuk channel offers videos that expanding his advice featured in public speaking books and events. His channel becomes a favorite among business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Startup Grind:

Startup Grind channel from the startup community that empowers and connects entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Marie Forleo:

Marie Forleo is a well-known thought speaker, leader, and small business advocate. This channel offers both long and short-form videos for the entrepreneurs.


Backlinko mostly focuses on marketing tips, in that many specialized about SEO topics. This channel offers tips and tricks to experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.


There is no doubt that YouTube works well for the business if you go with the right strategy. A YouTube channel can make a big difference in the success of your brands and business. Here is the quick guide to the enterprise YouTube Marketing and how Enterprise YouTube channel is significant to your business.

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