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eSports Live Streaming: How to live stream an esports tournament

The popularity of eSports Live Streaming has created larger and larger online audiences. Popular events such as Poland drew 100,000 fans per day, the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, and hundreds of thousands of online concurrent viewers.

eSports has grown up as popular industry over the past decade both in terms of viewership and money. Fortnite has helped reignite interest in esports, as the entertainment industry  struggling to figure out to catch up.

For example, we can consider Comcast has recently announced that eSports would build a $50 million arena designed to accommodate esports tournaments.

How to live stream an Esports Tournament:

The teams competing in the tournament are arrived through the combination of invitations, a system seems Respawn will continue to use for future tournaments.

With the exception made it through the online qualifier and most of the teams at tournament are sponsored by professional esports organizations such as Cloud9, Team Liquid, TSM, and Fanatic.

Twitch Live Streaming Platform:

Twitch is the digital Live streaming platform that spear-headed to the video games including esports. The live-streamed esports to an Internet audience is still spike over the 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors for every month tuning them to the platform.

eSports fans are looking for their favourite tournaments streamed live through Twitch platform. As such, you can find the majority of the largest streaming sports big-name live streamers, e-Sport tournaments and some special events hosted on Twitch.

What is eSports Live Streaming tournament:

eSports Live Streaming are accessible for free in 2020, with some of the biggest live streaming services including YouTube and Twitch. Some of the pro esports teams even have their own live streaming services and video footage of professionals can be a great tool.

eSports is a multiplayer real game played by professional players in an organized environment. eSports Tournament Streaming go hand-in-hand, esports is very much a spectator just audiences are excited and entrenched in particular teams and players as they would in conventional sports.

Players in the teams typically tend to broadcast their events and special matches via Twitch. YouTube become a great platform for eSports Live Streaming Tournaments in recent years to move into this sector. Anyways Twitch is still primarily preferred the avenue for eSports Tournaments.

The basics for eSports Live Streaming:

Live video Streaming platforms involves streamers broadcasting their gameplay. The entire event can be challenging, if you are planning to live-stream the eSports tournament to a content delivery network such as Twitch, etc. If multiple live streams going on simultaneous to Esports tournament, so the NewTek NDI thing and is important in making everything work.

  • Here is a list of live RTMP streams,
  • The Main Stage (Produced by a TriCaster TC1)
  • An IRL stream with a LiveU Solo
  • The Esports Tournament Run with Wirecast and OBS
  • The Basics of Live streaming requires:
  • Source Media that may be a Video Game Console, video camera
  • Capture devices such as 4K video grabber
  • An encoder like digitize the content
  • Broadcasting platform such as Facebook Live, YouTube
  • Content Delivery Network to deliver the content that improves the user experience.

Streaming software is best broadcasting solution that it makes the live streaming process easier by integrating the capture, encode and publish application and letting users stream video content to a different platform such as Twitch and YouTube.

esports live stream setup:

OBS Live Stream:

The gaming computers were provided and used Open Broadcaster Software to capture eSports gameplay. OBS is used to create a picture-output with a source that may a WebCam or a Video Camera via USB.

The OBS can able to output an NDI IP video feed for each computer and can be pulled into Wirecast as additional sources over the LAN.

The observer PC used to view the gameplay from each player in the eSports tournament that is was captured via OBS and NDI.

Then, obeserver PC used by the play-by-play announcer and they run broadcast for Gameplay viewing at large scale.

eSports Live Stream LAN Setup:

Most live streamers of eSports Tournaments do not recommend to use of more than two capture cards for one computer. Due to USB bandwidth constraints built-in for most of the computers.

For Live streaming from LAN Setup the computers should be connected to a local area network or LAN as a prerequisite to hosting the tournament.

It is an interconnected system connects each computer for eSports with ethernet cabling with the help of networking equipment.

These networking infrastructures can connect to each gaming computer to the production PC.

Most of the networks handle 254 connected computers all are communicating with unique IP addresses.

LAN is generally of networking equipment called as a “router”. A router used to manage all the computers and other connected devices with a unique IP address.
Each computer can be assigned to an IP address automatically using DHCP.

Internet connectivity is an important for esports tournaments not for live streaming it is also for updating latest game software’s

eSports Live Stream Tools:


Discord is the modern voice and text chat app. It gives crystal clear voice,Channel support amd several server, mobile apps, and more. It will let you to offer members access to private text and voice servers.


GameWisp is the best YouTubers subscription tools to actively interest and monetize their audiences through this GameWisp.

It is a free web-based service and third-party app that will connects with various services,app and devices together. You can actively work and Super Chat works with IFTTT allow creators to add a fun for viewers with Super Chat.


It allows you to live stream right now from web browser. with a simple sign in with the Google Account you could add you will share and you can go Live with select button.


Nightbot is a chatbot app that allows the eSports streamers to automate sports live streaming chat with moderation features.


It is an all-in-one toolset for the streamers for sports and events live streaming. It include stream overlays, chatbot for audience engagement, post-stream reports to your inbox.


Streamlabs allows users to activate the loyal viewers by thanking them with an attractive on-stream notification popups.

XSplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster:

XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster lets users to easily stream, record gaming moments at the click of a button. It is user friendly and easy to use, mainly perfect for sharing the gameplay with the world.


Esports planners have a great opportunity to expand the world of live streaming and live TV broadcasting rapidly through online video. The global popularity of eSports Tournaments demands expertise in multi-device broadcasting and the capacity of planning. However, planners who execute these steps to create a successful online eSports Tournaments and excitement to put their faces online.

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