Chip Manning

Exclusive Interview with Chip Manning: COO of VDO360

Exclusive Interview with Chip Manning: Chief Operating Officer of VDO360

The ultimate discussion about Global success of VDO360

Tell us something about your company VDO360?

VDO360 was formed over 4 years ago by 2 veterans of the VTC industry, each with over 20 years’ experience. Dan Freeman came from the technical side of the business with significant expertise in service and installation. Chip Manning’s experience was in the sales and operation arena. Both saw a changing industry as the trend shifted from hardware-based codec systems with hefty price tags to cloud-based video services which were economical and easy to use.

While most cloud-based conferencing takes place from desktop to laptop, tablet to phone, there was still a need to bring that technology into the conference room. This required a larger monitor, a better audio system and a USB camera with top-notch video that could pan tilt and zoom. VDO360 introduced the first enterprise-grade USB PTZ camera under $1500 in 2012. Over the years new products have been introduced, including an award-winning camera with an INTEL NUC PC built right inside.

Can you describe about your VOD360 products and services?

We manufacture and distribute USB PTZ cameras and systems to the business, education, medical and worship markets. The heart of the product line are high quality, yet affordable USB PTZ cameras. In addition, we have packaged systems with audio options and as stated earlier even a PC on board. At CES 2017, we will be introducing not only a new camera but a tracking system that will accurately and smoothly follow a presenter/instructor around the room as they move.

What is the advantage of using your product VOD360?

In 3 words, Innovative Affordable Products! Every new product introduced is a result of customer input and feedback coupled with VDO360s continued innovation. We don’t simply resell another company’s products, which in many cases are older technology being adapted for the USB market. We are the manufacturer and the designers. By designing a USB camera from the ground up, we are able to use better technology which simply provides better video. In addition, we can provide a camera with a small footprint. Many participants in a video conference are uncomfortable with an oversized camera staring at them. Our footprint in unobtrusive and less invasive providing a more comfortable atmosphere in the conference.

What is the success model of VDO360?

We do not sell direct to end users, we only sell through distribution. I provide a solid value to the end users but also allow the distributors and installers to make a fair margin. We have a MAP policy which means that anywhere in print or on the web, the advertised price will be the same. This only controls the advertised price, not the actual sale price from the dealer or integrator. We are strong in B2B, education, government both in the US and internationally.

What are the upcoming features you are going to add to your products?

CES 2017. Introducing the New CompassX camera. This will be the absolute best USB 2.0 camera available and will be better than many of the USB 3.0 cameras on the market. We will also show our new tracking technology on both our CompassX USB 2.0 camera and our Saber USB 3.0 camera. We have several additional products introduced throughout the course of 2017.

Is there any special aspect in your products by comparing with others?

As stated earlier, we design and build, we innovate and most importantly we listen to our customers. That combination delivers the best products on the market. We are also dedicated to the USB market which supports the cloud-based conferencing like Go To Meeting, Webex, Skype for Business and many others. We continually are working on a roadmap of new products so that end users can have the best and most transparent video conferencing experience possible.

If you get any issues regarding your product how you can solve it?

Our cameras connect to PCs and MACs. These “hosts” are constantly changing and evolving. We follow standards in our design and production to minimize problems. If there is an issue, our help desk is ready to help resolve an issue, which most of the time resides in the PC or MAC, not the camera.

Thank you Chip Manning for sharing your valuable inputs with ReelnReel readers

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