Global Online Video Consumption

50 Emerging Trends in Global Online Video Consumption

The online video consumption is increased greatly across the globe. People are habituated to watch video content at least an hour per month at an average. There are many emerging trends in the global online video consumption rates. Let us go through 50 emerging trends in global online video consumption rate across the web.

  1. Video has covered 74 percent of the total internet traffic in the year 2017.
  2. According to global video index, it is revealed that 47 percent of all video plays on mobile devices rather than tablets and desktops.
  3. More than half of the video content consumed in the year 2016 is from mobile devices.
  4. Video viewed through tablets is only 14 percent compared to other devices.
  5. The mobile video traffic will grow 15 times more within five years span.
  6. More than 70 percent mobile video traffic is expected to grow in next year.
  7. The live streaming will be about to take off from the digital marketing ecosystem.
  8. The 4K standard video content will be increased within few months.
  9. Facebook platform was getting more comments to the live video.
  10. The LinkedIn platform was allowing more than 450 million people to live stream the video to improve the interactions online across the platform.
  11. The native video is always on rising and marketers are focusing more on native videos.
  12. Video consumers are spending at least 16 minutes in a day for watching video content.
  13. According to the recent forecasts, it is predicted that there will be some 27 percent rise in the year 2018.
  14. The video watching through mobile devices will account more than 75 percent by 2018
  15. The video views by social networks are tremendously increased. According to the top three social networks and their statistical reports revealed that more than 22 billion video views are accounting from the social networks daily.
  16. Different forms of video content will be an emerging trend in future of online video marketing and video advertising.
  17. The mobile video consumption rate was increased to 100 percent every year. It is estimated to emerge in the future according to the recent   research reports.
  18. The video email conversation rate was increased to 300 percent click-through rates. Brands are using the email video marketing to enhance their consumer interactions as well improves the lead generation sales.
  19. By including the video in landing pages can result in 75 percent increase in conversions.
  20. More than 64 percent people are more likely to buy a product after watching the product videos.
  21. Videos are receiving more inquiries than the normal content. The text content was almost crushed when the video comes into the play as a   majority of people are getting connected with the videos rather than any other form of content online.
  22. By integrating the video as a full page ad can boost 22 percent more engagement rates compared to small sized video ads.
  23. Audience rate will increase more than 10 times when you advertise your video on social media platforms.
  24. 70 percent marketing professionals are saying the placing a video in a website is receiving higher conversion rates.
  25. Efficient streaming with the data is everything today. The quick stream loads are the latest trend and will be emerging in future with new technologies just like 5G similar to 4G speeds.
  26. The video length and the formatting will be changed in future video marketing and advertising.
  27. The new 360-degree video advertisements are on rising and will emerge to mobile devices.
  28. The price points and the interaction will matter the most with the new VR technology.
  29. Personalized video marketing will be on the top of new emerging trends.
  30. Brand will consider leveraging their strategies with the virtual reality technology.
  31. The wearable technology will emerge in future trends and will occupy the definite space in global video consumption rates.
  32. The affordability and the efficiency will become the main key of online video consumption.
  33. The traditional media companies will access and transform to the digital technology completely.
  34. The multi-channel will get integrate and boost the video consumption rates.
  35. The cross-device audience identification, as well as the behavioral metrics, will be improved by 2017.
  36. The influencer marketing becomes a present and emerging trend across the web. New ways of approaching the people with definite influencer strategies will emerge in future.
  37. The ad blocking software will get increased and publishers are estimating 30 billion revenue.
  38. Brands will continue creating the personalized video content across the web and increase the trust and engagement levels.
  39. Rise of micro-influencers become the emerging trend across the web.
  40. Native OTT content will be on the rise and video chat-bots will emerge.
  41. Lead generation marketing will be unplugged and continue to emerge in future online global video consumption.
  42. Companies will follow the micro influencer marketing and emerge with new strategic plans.
  43. Long form video marketing with interactive lead marketing will emerge again.
  44. Loyalty programs with high customer value will emerge.
  45. Social Networking and social lead generation sales will be the emerging thing.
  46. Recall videos will be more emerging than any other form of video content online.
  47. 80 percent buyers are watching video content In order to make the purchase decisions.
  48. The total video ad spending will increase by 12 percent.
  49. The video ads will make more than 32 percent of total online video spending rates.
  50. 40 percent online video consumers are trusting video ads than the other form of content while making the online buying decisions.

Finally, all these above are the emerging trends in online global video consumption rates and statistics.

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