Google Duo Tips and Tricks

50 Top Useful Google Duo Tips And Tricks For Better Video Calls

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling application introduced by Google. It is one of the best video chatting not only for Android users also for iOS, tablets, and for the Web. Let’s check out the bunch of Tips and Tricks that we would like to share for all Google duo users.

50 Google Duo Tips and Tricks better Video Calls

  1. Use the knock-knock preview option for incoming video calling.
  2. Make sure to encrypt the video call if there are private calls.
  3. Before starting the group, video calling makes sure to connect with high internet speed i.e., 5G. Google Duo allows group calling of eight persons.
  4. You can not add or invite the people when you are in an ongoing call. Make sure to disconnect the call and create a new group to call.
  5. If you are in a group call with two persons, it splits the screen into two parts instead of the full screen.
  6. When you are in video calling, you will get a small thumbnail for yourself and a full screen of another end so that you can get the best capture from other ends.
  7. It is best for video messaging instead of text messaging. Use the best smart devices for recoding HD quality videos to share.
  8. If your friends and family are not in online chat, just leave a messaging the form Video message, text messaging, or else by sending recorded video.
  9. More and more people are having fun with friends via Google Duo video watching party. Be with your friends in virtual happy hours.
  10. Google duo allows people to create a video conference with up to eight people, which is not permitted through other apps.
  11. Just use the quick filters and efforts on the self-screen for creating unique selfie videos.
  12. Google Duo is giving fierce competition to Apple’s Face Time exclusively for iOS users. While Google Duo for both the Android and IOS users.
  13. Google recently rolled out the important feature, such as calling with your email id.
  14. You can make a video calls with an email id or at least with a new Google Duo email calling option.
  15. Enable the low light mode for better video calling. This feature allows you to see more clearly the person on the other end.
  16. Tap on the low light mode option, which is on the left side of the screen; it will give you a brighter tone to your screen.
  17. Make use of the Google Duo web feature for official video meetings. It is just a straightforward process in minutes.
  18. Make use of the “Delete Duo history?” feature to delete the history of individual chat. It brings more privacy.
  19. You can make calls through Google Home Mini Devices or call from Google Home.
  20. Use a direct video messaging option without calling that person first.
  21. Record the 30 seconds voice recording and send it as a vice messaging via Google duo.
  22. Accessing the voice recorder from the Google Duo screen is pretty straightforward.
  23. One of the great things about Google Duo, you can make one to one video calling from any web browser. Don’t miss to use this option.
  24. Google Duo users must know this Data saving mode, which limits your data usage. It s helpful if you have low WIFI signals.
  25. Multitasking option allows users to do your works by swiping out and navigating around your phone small picture in picture window that follows you.
  26. As you are an Android phone user, you can make calls through google duo call history.
  27. Google Duo notifications option overloaded with several options such as calls, messages, and other settings.
  28. Make a video and as well as voice calls from the Google duo dialer options.
  29. Google duo has given a chance to set call remainders in case if you forget to make important calls. The UI is identical and straightforward to use.
  30. While you are in a video call, just a single tap can switch between the front and rare cameras quickly.
  31. Dark Mode is a system setting that is available on Android 10 and available on several phones a few years before.
  32. Under the Duo, settings choose theme mode as you required among light, dark, and system default mode.
  33. Tap and hold on the contact to remove the recent contacts.
  34. Limit your mobile data usage. Just toggle the Limit Mobile Data usage option.
  35. They are enabling the knock-knock option to see the face of the caller before answering.
  36. Toggle on the knock-knock from the bottom of the Google Duo screen.
  37. Google Duo shows recently contacted people at the bottom of the screen. History does not show time and call duration.
  38. If you would like to know the detailed call log, you must open the phone app or dialer on your device.
  39. If you want to see the download of the duo app history, that just dig in the setting by selecting the Help and Feedback option.
  40. Export the call history from the Google duo app and share it through the other apps.
  41. Just tap on the mute option instead of ending the call. Just simply mute the call for a while. It is applicable to both the audio and video calls.
  42. To view your video on the full screen, just tap on the video box and revert back to see the smaller box.
  43. Would you like to Move your picture on the window by just dragging the picture the window.
  44. To disable the duo calls, just go to the setting on Google Duo, select the App Preview Messaging.
  45. If you want to block the frustrated caller in your Google Duo, contact list, just press and hold the contact to block the number.
  46. Just tap on the mic to mute your voice that the other side of the person does not listen to your voice.
  47. Use the other apps while you are in a video call; just come back to the home screen. Video call automatically shrinks down to a small window.
  48. If you don’t want to use the Google Duo account, tap on the Remove Google Account from the Duo and tap on Remove option once again.
  49. Google Duo video and audio calling is more secured because duo calls and chats are end to end encrypted.
  50. Anyone wants to sign out of the Google Duo or delete the account to leave services temporarily.

Getting Started Guide to Google Video-Calling App Duo

Google kept its promise. Its promise to offer video calling app became a reality on 15th August 2016. Though initially, it is available for select regions, the app DUO is scheduled to be available across the globe in a phased manner. The duo is an app (available across various operating systems) which is available at play store for download, and the best part of the story is that downloading as well as use is free.

The video calling is immediately created doubts in some of the analysts regarding the security, and Google has been quick to confirm that all calls are encrypted end-to-end and hence they are secure.No unauthorized person can listen to these conversations. Now that the DUO is quite interesting for the prospective users, given below is the step by step process to download, install, configuration and use the DUO.

Installation procedure:

• Open play store

• Search Google Duo.

• Click on Install button.

• Downloading & installation is over.


• After installation, click on the open button on DUO icon.

• Accept the conditions.

• Accord all permissions as prompted by the app.

• Verify your mobile number.

• Select the country (it is not selected and shown automatically) and enter the mobile number in the space provided.

• Verify the code (it will be entered automatically).

Use of DUO:

• Once DUO is installed on your mobile, click on the icon.

• On the app getting launched, your face will appear on the screen.

• Initiate the video call

• Select the contact (from the drop down list of contacts).

• Start video calling.

As always, Google kept the whole process (of video calling through DUO) very simple in terms of installation, configuration and usage as well. Now that the app is going to be available for the whole of the world very shortly, the callers will be more thrilled for using DUO.

Despite the hue and cry about DUO, there are still certain limitations that are affecting the performance of DUO.

Best Ways to use Google Video-Calling App Duo

After long waiting a period of more than 3 months, Google kept its promise of offering video calling app. This 15th August is one of the best days in the history of Google, as well as its numerous users. This day marked the launch of the video calling app by Google, i.e., DUO. The Google Video-Calling App Duo will give the best experience than compared to other apps.

The big bang comes with a catch. The facility is immediately available for users in select countries (Google promises to extend the facility to the rest of the world very soon). There is another limitation for DUO, i.e., the video call can be connected to two persons (one to one), but both the persons should have this app installed on their smartphone. Of course, Google has been able to offer this app for both Android & iOS as well.

Initial reports indicated that the app is the super-duper hit because of the simple procedures involved in the installation and usage of this app. An app is a mobile number based and does not have a separate user id or password. Because of simplicity offered by DUO, the app could lead the leaderboard in both Android & iOS.

A brief comparison of DUO vs. others offering similar product indicates the following:

• Competitors for DUO (from Google) include Messenger (from FB), FaceTime (from Apple) & Skype (Microsoft).

• While Duo supports platforms like (iOS & Android), Skype beats the competition as it is supporting maximum platforms including Android, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Amazon Fire, Linux, macOS, TVs, Xbox One etc.

• DUO is not offering group video calling whereas Skype & Messenger are able to offer this feature.

• DUO beating the competition with its shortly coming feature of ‘voice only calls’.

At the first instance, Google placed the app (Duo) at the basic stage but the company has been able to substantiate its action. Really Duo is very easy to operate and the downloading, as well as operation, is hassle-free. As the initial reports gave huge thumbs up for the app, there are increased expectations about the modifications to the app in the time to come.

Google Duo is the new trending app from Google, and it is the most exciting app that it has been born from the world stunning search engine ‘Google.’ By using this app, you might get an idea of how Google Due is different from other running apps.


When it comes to video calling on Google Duo it competes with Whats app, FaceTime and other apps. It is pre-installed in Android and IOS as well. Google mobile video chat and calling available on both the iOS and Android platforms. This platform is will be accessible t the Google browsers. Hopefully, you learn something new from the above Google Duo Tips and Tricks.

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