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Holiday Video Marketing: Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Video

The festive season brings the utmost importance for the Buyers and sellers. Marketers will consider some of the biggest Holliday video trends to take your business to the next level as the holiday shopping season kicks off, and the digital video consumption spike. Holiday videos are a good chance for marketers to set their product-pushing agendas and making excellent Holiday video marketing strategies. Explore further to know the best ways to promote your business with Holiday Video marketing strategies that every marketer should follow. Major Bands can focus on Holiday Video marketing to promote your business and drive more sales.

Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Video:

How-to videos:

Create useful and most engaging How-to tutorials for the audience.

Christmas Gift Video:

Launch a Christmas gift ideas video for your audience.

Thank You Video:

Show some gratitude to shoppers by creating and publish a video by saying Thank You to your loyal subscribers.

Christmas Listicle Video:

Make sure to consider creating the Christmas listicle videos for this festive season.

Holiday Sale Promotion:

Leverage your brand’s Holiday sale promotions and giveaway videos to gather a good following.

Facebook Video Cover:

Create the best short Christmas video for updating your company’s Facebook cover page.

Holiday Facts Video:

Create a video that reveals all the Holiday fun and facts.

Holiday Greeting:

Bring your brand video with lots of wishes from your Company or a greeting from the CEOs.

Holiday Video Ad Ideas:

Provide some Holiday video ad ideas to promote in this festive season.

Fun Social Video:

Create a video of social gathering from your community, fun things, and activities have undergone.

Web room your products:

Make sure to consider all your products and offer some discounts to place on web ads.

Offer free rewards:

Conduct a few contests through social media networks and offer free rewards to the active participants.

Use hashtags:

Place the right hashtags by tagging your company, festivals hashtags, contest names, etc., to your Holiday videos.

Holiday Event Invitation:

Send video emails to your subscribers and loyal customers, including video links.

Plan for Holiday Ads:

Make sure that marketers should plan and schedule their ads accordioning to the Calendar Holidays.

Start Campaign early:

Start creating ads in advance, which means you should start campaigns approximately one-month in advance.

Holiday Ad Video Tips:

Create a video by offering a few tips on creating a good Holiday video to attract more customers.

Encourage discussions:

Conduct a few discussions in your YouTube channel through Live or recorded sessions on festive significance.

Retarget customers:

Retarget your returning customers through your Holiday video campaigns.

Capture the spirit of Christmas:

Consider all the elements that bring the true spirit of Christmas in your video.


Send some Ecards via online platforms to your customers.

Market your brand:

Take advantage of the new Holiday video to market your brands.

Explainer video:

Create a short explainer that should reveal your products descriptions and how it’s useful to your eve.

Add holiday flair:

Include the Holiday flair in your video.

Newsletter Roundups:

Market your products by sending email Newsletters to the regular customers and target new followers.

Encourage user-generated content:

Encourage your customers to share their holiday cheers with the brands by promoting your brands.

Customer Experience:

Offer the best customer experience in this festive season to bring a good rating to your products.

Share Gifts:

Share some gifts in every price range to your loyal customers by sharing the joy of Christmas.

Embrace email marketing:

Take advantage of email marketing to promote your Holiday videos.

Create gift guides:

Offers some tips to other marketers through your video.

Plan a holiday Live event:

Plan a big Holiday event and share the links through messaging and emails.

Engage Your Audience:

Keep in mind that the audience is the primary key to your brand marketing.

Create Emotions:

Create content that appeals to shoppers’ emotional touch for better engagement.

Hold a social media contest:

Host content takes advantage of social networks such as Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube Live.

Video marketing campaign:

Launch a good video marketing campaign for calendar holidays.

Local Charity:

Take advantage of the local charity, work with them, celebrate the Holidays, and bring some gifts from your companies. Sponsor your community for donation projects.

Products/Services as Gifts:

Offers your own company Products and Services to the customers as Gifts to bring brand awareness. Use your product or services to create holiday-specific visuals.

Dialogue on Social Media:

Create a good Dialogue on social media by tagging your company or brand.

Offer an end-of-year special:

Create campaigns of end of year sale specials for marketing your products and services.

Season Special Offers:

Offer some holiday season special offerings to your customers to clear your stock.

Virtual Holiday Sale:

Host a Live sessional to communicate with your audience virtually to sell your products directly.

Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Video

  • Save it for the future.
  • Spread the word right now
  • Give more than you get
  • Use it as a premium
  • Invite customers to help
  • Create awe and excitement
  • Make way for special offers and spotlights on your holiday video!
  • Watch Holiday Videos for ideas
  • Get people excited about the holidays
  • Create a Holiday video for your business
  • Holiday collections are great for businesses
  • Create a video about it
  • Include a personal greeting
  • Insert cheerful music or sound effects
  • Be creative with the topic and title
  • Create holiday party invitation videos and post them on social media
  • Sponsor a charity such as Mealshare
  • Encourage people to give tips in your holiday restaurant campaign
  • Make potential clients feel special by sending them a personalized video for the holidays
  • Create a how-to video
  • Blog about holiday traditions
  • Add seasonal content to your website
  • Plan an editorial calendar for holiday content
  • Put up holiday decorations
  • Send out a holiday card
  • Do an annual contest
  • The best type of video is the one that promotes your mission Statement
  • Make an informational video online if you have time
  • Come to an agreement with local businesses in your community
  • Decide on a holiday event for social media
  • Create your content before the holiday season
  • Make your video holiday-themed
  • Focus on more than one product or service
  • Create a playlist of holiday videos and product promos for your customers to enjoy
  • Make A Holiday Video
  • Pin the image above on Pinterest
  • Share this Image on Twitter or Instagram
  • Post it to your Facebook Status
  • Create a Holiday Video
  • Use social media
  • Be unique
  • Sing, dance, and be silly
  • Have a theme
  • Define your audience
  • Seek out video experts for advice
  • Create a holiday-specific landing page and blog post
  • Start with a social media strategy
  • Create a three to four-minute YouTube video
  • Use Facebook Video for business
  • Build customer awareness on a new product or service
  • Increase brand engagement and loyalty
  • Generate word of mouth referrals
  • Share holiday activities with your audience
  • Showcase your company culture and community involvement
  • Get in the Holiday Spirit
  • Create good Content
  • Take advantage of social media
  • Create a holiday video
  • Leverage the holiday
  • Use it as an incentive
  • Send greetings to your customers
  • Try a holiday-themed video or slideshow
  • Run a contest on Twitter or Facebook
  • Create an Advent Calendar
  • Use Video Marketing to Share your Holiday Traditions
  • Create a Holiday Wish List
  • Get into the giving spirit with a “Secret Santa” campaign
  • Use social media tools to broadcast to your fans
  • Create a holiday party contest
  • Engage with other blogs and publishers promoting your business
  • Create a holiday video tutorial or product demonstration
  • Host a giveaway on your Facebook page or blog
  • Use the Holiday Theme
  • Use Calls to Action
  • Be Social
  • Have Fun
  • Create a promotional video for social media
  • Do a holiday giveaway
  • Use video to promote your Facebook page
  • Host an Instagram story takeover
  • Use Facebook Live and Twitter for behind-the-scenes moments
  • Host a party
  • Send Holiday cards and notes
  • Post your events on social media
  • Promote year-round
  • Put a creative spin on the holiday video
  • Create titles that can be used throughout the year
  • Make multiple segments to keep available all year round
  • Upload to your social media outlets
  • Share on dating sites for instant exposure
  • Make a holiday video that is not holiday-themed
  • Create a festive environment
  • Mix up the traditional Christmas visual
  • Record a video
  • Use your online presence
  • Make your own holiday greetings card
  • Add it to your current marketing mix
  • Movie Teasers
  • Host a Holiday Giveaway
  • Promote Your Content (After YouTube)
  • Turn Online Viewers Into Offline Followers
  • Start a video blog
  • Have a happy customer give a testimonial
  • Make a short animated video
  • Have a video that stands out from other promotions
  • Promote through channels with higher reach
  • Make it social by sharing through multiple channels
  • Memorize your message and practice before recording
  • Create a video treatment
  • Think about your audience
  • Include text to help people find you
  • Add tracking code
  • Edit with music and effects
  • Distribute and promote it widely
  • Create video content that answers common questions
  • Saturate social media with videos
  • Make a holiday-themed video for your website
  • Offer special deals to followers via video
  • Reach out to other business owners and ask them to share your holiday video with their followers.`
  • Look at your current customers
  • Include video testimonials
  • Try a Christmas email newsletter
  • Make videos for social media
  • Involve your employees in the videos
  • Add product tutorials to your site
  • Add links to holiday promotions
  • Image via Huffington Post
  • Expert testimonials
  • Create Video showcase
  • Use Flash Mob promotions
  • Add Holiday music to your video
  • Don’t just talk about your products; show them
  • Use comparisons to explain your offerings
  • Keep the video short and sweet
  • During the holidays, use festive promotion techniques
  • Create a mood to match the season
  • Advertise on a forum or blog that has a high volume of traffic from people in your industry
  • Use marketing tools like video snippets and hashtags on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Start a video blog
  • Write a company mission statement
  • Make marketing videos
  • Video marketing for business is more than a trend
  • The power of visual storytelling
  • Video can increase sales and show your brand
  • Holiday video marketing do’s and don’t’s
  • Create a holiday video
  • Reach out to other bloggers
  • Share it with your email list, YouTube, and social channels
  • Holiday-themed intro
  • Turn your customers into your cast
  • Be unique
  • Add a copy to the screen
  • Add music or voice-over
  • Make a Facebook Cover Video
  • Use Social Media Ads
  • Make a video for Pinterest
  • Cut down the clutter
  • Get a professional to shoot and edit your videos
  • Make your video funny and/or entertaining
  • Use Facebook live to expand your reach
  • Incorporate Holiday Themes
  • Post during holiday times
  • Add a twist to your message
  • Add a personal touch with social media promotions
  • Make sure you have the right equipment and software to make the best video ever.
  • Make sure you give these listicles a try.
  • Decorate your storefront and windows
  • Make a holiday video
  • Create some chalkboard art
  • Personalize your message
  • Stay on topic to the holidays
  • Be authentic in your videos
  • Add holiday-specific keywords
  • Make the most of the holiday season
  • Work with other businesses in similar circles
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Stay Consistent Through New Years
  • Take advantage of the holidays to create a sale or contest
  • Join the conversation with other businesses and holiday party goers
  • Keep it simple
  • Make a wishlist video for your customers
  • Engage with popular brands/celebrities
  • Connect with influencers in your niche
  • Be present on relevant websites
  • Showcase your expertise and brand voice
  • Use holiday video with your email newsletter marketing campaign
  • Create a YouTube holiday video channel
  • Post seasonal social media images using Holiday Video
  • Create a video holiday card
  • Use social media
  • Think outside the box
  • Create a Social Media campaign using holiday keywords
  • Announce your promotions on the big shopping days
  • Make an agreement with your local mall manager
  • Promote your business on YouTube
  • Make a YouTube channel
  • Make short video clips
  • Create a video that is seasonal related
  • Show your products in use
  • Inspire your audience
  • Create related and timely content
  • Make goals reachable
  • Craft an inviting call to action
  • Record a video blog
  • Plan ahead for holidays
  • Create Good Looking Promos
  • Make the Best Out Of Holiday Themes
  • Stay Consistent With Your Look and Vibe
  • Add Festive Sounds and Music To Your Videos
  • Create your holiday video with a catchy title.
  • Use a blend of techniques to grab attention and not bore people
  • Keep the message consistent from beginning to end
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of using audio versus pictures
  • Create Videos Around Holidays
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Go Viral
  • Use Holiday-Themed Images
  • Join the holiday party circuit
  • Create your own holiday greeting video
  • Use holly images in your marketing campaign
  • Produce quality content on your blog
  • Be consistent with the message
  • Choose a holiday theme that appeals to the customer
  • Make a gift for them
  • Promote your brand with consistent messaging and partnerships
  • Use hashtags in your video to increase viral potential
  • Pitch Online Video News Outlets
  • Work with bloggers that have large followings
  • Consider hosting a contest or giveaway with videos as submissions
  • Create your content
  • Get in those sweet holiday views

Wishing you #HappyHolidays from this video about ways to promote your business with holiday video.

  •  Backlink your YouTube channel
  • Create a hashtag for every post and make sure that people understand how to use it
  • Mention your brand and then ask people to watch the video
  • Youtube can drive traffic to your site, so why not attach links to your posts

ways to promote your business with Holiday Video

  • Sell before you shoot
  • Micro-producing is key
  • Hold contests and give away prizes to get more views
  • Create a story arc with a call to action at the end
  • Try different things. You’ll only know what works when you try.

The Holidays are the perfect time to promote your business with holiday-themed machinimas/videos

  • We all like cash
  • You can use holiday videos to build brand awareness and humanize your company
  • Holiday-themed videos connect closely to the audience
  • Holiday-themed videos have a strong emotional appeal

A few ways to kick ass with holiday video

  • Allow people to use the app or site in a Christmas themed video
  • Set up photo booths—and add holiday props
  • Team up with influencers
  • Use video SEO tools on YouTube as well

Want to grow your business with holiday videos?

  • Show how your product is helping people (case studies work well)
  • Show your product in action – demo
  • Give a behind the scenes look at how you’re creating things
  • Branding – show the logo multiple times
  • Show other projects or products

ways to promote your business

  • Create a video of what you would like your Holiday season to look like for your business
  • Do a giveaway with a listicle giveaway formula
  • Promote holidays on other social media channels

Don’t miss out on holiday video traffic

  • Spice up the end of your video by adding a holiday card
  • Engage with influencers during holidays
  • Collaborate and create unique content
  • Create an experience that integrates your product and service

ways to promote your business with holiday video

  • Create a free social media planner months before the holiday season begins
  • Pitch your own insights and expertise to social media tear sheets months in advance
  • Coordinate a surprise event that your audience is sure to share on their feeds throughout the season.

How can you use holiday videos to promote your business?

  • Make a personalized holiday video
  • Make a non-commercial video
  • Use SlideShare to promote your video
  • Use DocuSign to get the word out
  • Tips for making a commercial holiday video

Holiday video provides an excellent platform for business growth

  1. Short and sweet content type
  2. Video is easily shareable
  3. Holiday videos are guaranteed to get more attention
  4. Give away a freebie for a contest/giveaway
  5. Link up with other local business & entice users to like both accounts

Think people want to watch holiday videos? Think again

  • Hint that you have a holiday video on your page
  • Show one frame of the video and tell them to go to your page
  • Make people think this is a funny or juicy post and make them want to click into your actual post

Video Ads for the Holidays

  • Use a ‘derivative’ video
  • Use Holiday content
  • Re-purpose existing video
  • Put effort into editing and music

Are you promoting your business during the holiday season?

  • Start with videos like these
  • Find out who’s posting about your competitors and comment on their videos saying your product is better without being spammy
  • Create your video content to go viral
  • Hire a professional crew to film a teaser trailer to drive traffic to the video.
  • Create a YouTube channel and post the video there too.

The holidays are the perfect excuse to make holiday videos!

  • Don’t spend money on a bunch of new gear
  • Find a simple way to edit your video (we use this tool)
  • Make sure there is something for everyone, not just the kids
  • Share it widely. Put one on your Facebook page and another on Twitter.
  • Share it properly only once you’ve shared it more than twice


Videos have a wide range of importance to tailor many different situations. Your Holiday video marketing campaigns do not have to be overly complicated; that it should deliver significant benefits to your business. It boosts your marketing hacks, sales during the time of the festive seasons. Keep an eye on the above our Holiday Video marketing ideas to get the most out of this busy season!

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