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How a SaaS Platform Grew Organic YouTube Traffic by 200% in 30 Days

The SaaS platform has grown its organic YouTube traffic by 200% in the last 30 days. This is a story of how we did it and what methods worked best for them. The post also includes the top 6 ways we used to grow organic YouTube traffic, so be sure to read on!

YouTube is a great way to build your company’s following, but it can be challenging to stand out with many companies vying for attention. Fortunately, you can do simple things to grow organic YouTube traffic by 200% in 30 days. We will share the secrets behind this growth and how you, too, can increase the number of viewers on your videos.

Steps We Took to SaaS Platform’s YouTube Organic Traffic

As a marketer, it can be challenging to grow organic YouTube traffic with the competition out there. But this SaaS platform found success with some simple changes to its strategy.

Step 1: Check for Low Performing YouTube Videos

A great place to start for finding low-performing videos is the Video Manager. A quick way to get there is by clicking on your account name in the top right of YouTube.

You can check if your video has performed well in the past and what you could do to improve it.

We have found some videos that aren’t performing as well as they should.

Step 2: Optimize the Low Performing YouTube Videos

It would be best to optimize the low-performing YouTube videos to get more traffic and thus increase sales.

Low-performing videos can be optimized by improving the title, description, tags, and video itself. I recommend researching your competitors to see what they are doing.

If you’ve watched the videos that are not getting views, then optimize them for better results.

It’s a great idea to link out from YouTube videos that are already doing well on the platform. This will help your video rank higher and get more clicks from those who don’t want to leave the site.

For a link to be successful, it must attract the visitor’s attention and build contextual relevance.

Internal Contextual Links to the YouTube Videos from Another high performing

Step 4: Embed a YouTube Video externally

There are many solutions to embed a video, and I would like to recommend one of them: YouTube. It is free, has high-quality videos, and you can share them on social media!

Step 5: Add Optimized YouTube video descriptions and timestamps

If you have a video on YouTube, that’s not getting many views, and you can change the description by adding various keywords that describe your content.

Google often will choose the first sentence of the description as a snippet for search results. The optimal way to structure videos is to have one or two sentences at the beginning followed by an attractive visual and then another sentence at the end.

Did you know that search engines can read your YouTube videos’ descriptions, tags, and descriptions? It’s important to optimize them because they’re part of how people will find your videos.

Step 6: Run a 30-Day YouTube Content Audit to Measure the Changes on YouTube Analytics

If you are looking to make changes on YouTube, run a 30-day content test. This will give you insight into what is working and not with your videos so that next year’s strategy can have better results!

To find out if new strategies work best for getting more views or subscribers in the long term, it’s essential after implementing them to start by measuring how these efforts impact specific metrics like total watch time over different periods before deciding whether those ideas should be continued moving forward.

Step 7: Keep on repeating the above steps after 30 days for low performing YouTube Videos

After 30 days, retest by repeating these procedures on all of those that didn’t perform well in terms of views/subscribers, etc.

After 30 days of following these steps, your low-performing YouTube videos will be on their way to glory.

The process is simple: record an introduction and endings for each video to create variety; keep them moving by using common sense when selecting music or editing out any unneeded footage before uploading so you can focus only on what matters most – the valuable information!

If you want to get the most out of your videos, it’s essential for them not only to be well-crafted and edited but also uploaded regularly. To do this, try creating an upload schedule that will help keep up with other content creators who post multiple times per day or week!


You may wonder how a SaaS platform grew its organic YouTube traffic by 200% in 30 days, and the answer is simple: they hired an expert. Our team has experience building successful marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s.

We can help you grow your company’s social media presence with targeted content that will increase followers and sales via Google Ads or other forms of digital advertising. Please Contact us for any queries.

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