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How To Use Instagram For Business In 2024- Simple Tricks & Hacks

Instagram is a powerful tool for marketers to grow their business with a more engaged audience than other social media. With the monthly active users of one billion people, around 25 million people use Instagram for their business, and 200 million Instagrammers visit a business page per day.

The opportunity to showcase your brand to your targeted audience becomes easier through Instagram without spending more money and provides a way to achieve your business goal.

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, build a strong name among your targeted audiences by following the below marketing strategies to grow your business in the right way.

Idea #1: Show A Unique Profile

If a visitor visits your profile, the first impression to convert them to your follower will be your profile information. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing application, it is imperative to attract followers by your brand’s visual look.

Create a unique profile photo making an impression on your business. Instagram provides multiple options to add to your bio. Choose a meaningful user name related to your brand, providing your contact information along with your mail address and location to quickly have direct contact with your followers. If your account is a business account, you will have the option to add your website URL. Get a higher response by providing your landing page URL.

With the character limit of 150, give enough information to attract visitors to your page and increase your followers.

Idea #2: Know Your Audience To Target

The important strategy for business on Instagram is to know to whom you are marketing your product. Before creating content, think of the audience who will see your post. Most of the Instagram users are under the age of 35. So start making the post to attract those people.

Get to know your audience easily by using Instagram Insights, which is an inbuilt tool on Instagram. You can use this feature only if your account is a business account. After converting to a professional account, choose the Insight option on Instagram and hit the audience option. It shows the statistics of your profile visitors, such as age, location, and gender.

With this, come to know the type of person visiting your page, create a post to attract them, and target your customers who already bought your products to reach more.

A utilizing feature to engage your audience on Instagram is Instagram Stories. Most businesses use stories to interact with their followers engagingly. 86.6% of users use stories to post their engaging activity, and with this, 36% of people use stories to promote their brand.

Create attractive stories because posting a story will disappear in 24 hours. Stories provide many additional features like adding different types of stickers to make your audiences more interactive.

The trending stickers used by many business people to grow their brand are as below,

  • Quiz sticker – Use this sticker to test in an engaging way how much your followers know you.
  • Countdown sticker – When you are announcing a new product or giving any important update in your business, use this sticker.
  • Music sticker – Adds the sound to your stories.
  • Question sticker – You can allow your followers to ask any question regarding your product using this sticker.
  • Poll sticker – Makes to vote regarding a topic helping you to know the interest.

Idea #4: Inspire Your Audience Using Reels

Reels were introduced by giving an opportunity to attract your audience. It is a short video clip for about 15 to 30 seconds created in a fun way to grab your audience’s focus. Start running experiment posts related to your product to reach new audiences.

Shoot a tutorial video for your product and do edits by using the speed-up option. Post it on your reels page to get more views for your reel videos and gain the chance to show your reels to new people.

Share your content relating to the trending topics that make your followers visit your page often to know the updates. Keep your account public to get a chance to see your videos from wide Instagram users.

Idea #5: Create A Schedule For Posting

Simply posting content on your Instagram feed will not grow your brand. Develop a posting schedule by analyzing your previous post when you get a higher response from your audience. Post your content at least once a day to get better results.

Giving consistent content in each post at an engaging time will attract many followers to your profile to know more about your product and also helps to increase likes for your post.

From various analyses, the best time to post on Instagram will be from 11 AM to 1 PM in the morning and from 7 PM to 9 PM in the evening. If you are planning to post important content, schedule it to post on weekend days because it performs well compared to weekdays.

Idea #6: Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing works well on Instagram. There are plenty of influencers on Instagram to improve your brand visibility. Start identifying the influencers related to your business. It is important to choose them, giving ROI for your business, and promote your brand in a great way.

Many small business people search for influencers to improve their followings and offer free products as an exchange for their posts related to your business. Keep engaging with them to create a good relationship. Influencers help increase your organic traffic and create fresh and engaging content, leading to sales conversion.

Idea #7: Establish Your Work With Live Video

The main aim of all businesses on social media is to convert their followers into their customers. The most important strategy to convert into customers is to create a strong brand trust among your followers. You can achieve this fantastic result by going in live with your followers.

Streaming live on Instagram gives an easy way to answer our followers’ questions regarding your product or show your product making or your industry in live to create trust among your followers.

Respond to your followers’ comments in live and provide the link that directs them to the purchase page, increasing your customers.

Bottom Line:

Instagram plays an essential role in your marketing strategy, increasing your brand awareness and brings higher engagement. Using the above ideas in your business will help you to achieve greater heights by promoting your brand.

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