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IBM Cloud Video­ : The Next Big Thing

IBM Cloud videos finished live, and on-demand video solutions influence significant information to ensure a customized experience crosswise over screens. With the unparalleled worldwide scale and unwavering quality of IBM Cloud, IBM’s video solutions are the most far-reaching in the Market.

Video helps your business run smoothly, yet you have a business to run. You require a partner who knows video. You expect an exhaustive, adaptable solution that will develop and scale with you.

That is the place IBM Cloud Video comes in. Whether the video is the business or video supports the business. IBM Cloud Video allows you to concentrate on what you specialize in maintaining your business. It will handle the video.

IBM Cloud Video:

  • Comic-Con HQ Signs Agreement with IBM to Power New Video Service Launching May 7
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Taps IBM for New Ad-Supported Video Service;
  • AOL Turns to IBM to Speed Media Production, Distribution
  • Mazda Selects IBM Cloud Video Platform
  • IBM Unveils the New Software that Transports All the High Quality Video at Record Speeds.

Comic-Con HQ Signs Agreement with IBM to Power New Video Service Launching May 7

The Comic-Con HQ, an association between Comic-Con International and Lions Gate (NYSE: LGF), has chosen IBM Cloud Video’s Clear leap stage(platform) to power its new membership video-on-demand stage.

Somehow part of its multiyear deal IBM Cloud Video will serve as Comic-Con HQ’s innovation accomplice, driving their live-STREAMED video creations and providing fans with consistent access to the Comic-Con expo. 365 days a year. IBM Cloud Video will likewise give the promotion free streaming video stage(Platform) with back-end support for content management, subscriber, billing and video similarity on numerous devices.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Taps IBM for New Ad-Supported Video Service

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada’s national open broadcaster, is utilizing IBM Cloud Video’s Clear leap stage(Platform) to bring their people to come, advertisement-supported streaming video service to Canadians across the country. The cooperation conveys groups of onlooker’s consistent access to their most loved CBC programming, including CBC-TV and advanced firsts, documentaries and Kids’ CBC crosswise over The Web, iOS and Android gadgets.

The video service highlights a library of more than 600 CBC titles, including fan-top choices like “Dragons’ Den, “Heartland,” and “Murdoch Mysteries.” As a strategic, end-to-end innovation, IBM Cloud Video’s Clear leap stage(Platform) has fueled the rollout of the service, which has geofencing capacities and improved availability, including titles and description of the video, complete search and finds usefulness and administration of a reliable, premium cross-screen viewing experience.

AOL Turns to IBM to Speed Media Production, Distribution

AOL, is a worldwide Digital media and Technology organization. It has sent a full suite of rapid exchange and mechanization programming from Aspera, an IBM organization. As the spine for its new media service platform, to support the high-end performance transfers between bi-coastal production facilities and to and from their cloud-based media resource administration framework. To empower expansive scale worldwide cooperation and substance dissemination between creative teams around the world.

AOL properties, for example, AOL On, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Engadget are accessible on 19 OTT gadgets and give publication and video content at a bore not at all like some other in their spaces. Providing content to their digital properties, AOL’s in-house video creation through AOL Studios has kept on growing, delivering a slate of more than 75 Originals, and winning four Emmy nominations while generating somewhere around 2 and 4 TB every day.

Mazda Selects IBM Cloud Video Platform

Disclosing another vehicle is customarily done at real car exhibitions to a little, isolated group of onlookers of the press, examiners, and auto individuals, and after that, assuming that gathering of people to get the message out. By spilling their MX-5 Miata RF disclosing live from the New York International. Mazda contacted a worldwide group of onlookers of auto devotees and next purchases, extending the discussion to a more extensive gathering of people. then anytime in recent memory and expanding the range and ROI of their showcasing endeavors while practicing more noteworthy control over the way that crowd experienced their first view at the MX-5 Miata RF.

IBM Unveils New Software that Transports High Quality Video at Record Speeds

Exhibiting force for IBM’s recently made Cloud Video unit, IBM (NYSE: IBM). The Comic-Con HQ, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, AOL, and Broadway Video are tapping the organization’s new Cloud Video unit to do everything from launching new channels for a massive number of buyers like millions to significantly enhancing their video service and distribution.

IBM additionally announced new kind of software that empowers associations to consistently live-stream occasions like town hall gatherings, instructional courses, and sessions of conferences over large business systems while at the same time keeping up ideal inner system performance. The eCDN software, made by Ustream, lives inside a venture’s firewall and helps customers oversee and minimize the effect of video traffic on the system, somehow reducing the local network strain & eliminating the essential need for network capacity updates.

Over the Top (OTT) and Video on Demand (VOD)

With the new acquisition of Ustream, alongside the late purchase of Clear leap, IBM is presently ready to provide endeavor customers with a complete video solution.

Ustream will help customers convey live spilling video anyplace, at whatever time, and on any gadget. Clear leap will also help the content suppliers and distributors who deliver video services down the line, for example, Over the Top (OTT) and Video on Demand (VOD).

IBM Creates First Movie Trailer using Watson APIs and AI Techniques

What are the ingredients that must be used to make the trailer of a horror movie scarier? Is there any formula to follow to make the trailer more interesting? 20th Century Fox is making a horror film which stars Kate Mara, Anya Taylor Joy, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and others. The filmmaking team decides to experiment to create a scary trailer for the movie ‘Morgan’ and teamed up with IBM scientists.

The scientists at IBM used machine language techniques and Watson API to create the trailer for the movie ‘Morgan’. The system analyzed many numbers of trailers of thriller movies before it suggested some moments that can be used in the trailer. The machine found out the types of scenes that made the people scary and has given the list of 10 such moments in the film ‘Morgan.’ The moments were then arranged together after editing by the IBM filmmaker. Seeing the trailer, it seems that the machine very well understood what humans like and how to scare the people.

The trailer of ‘Morgan’ is the first to be created using Artificial Intelligence program. We have seen other applications of artificial intelligence in writing novels, music creation, and playing games like chess and football. Now, we have seen an artificial intelligence program creating a trailer for a movie about an artificially enhanced human.

Watson API brilliantly selected the scenes to make the best trailer for the movie ‘Morgan,’ and what is more interesting is that the trailer making will now be completed within hours. If done manually, the movie editors have to select the moments carefully after sorting through the footage, and this process took weeks. The movie ‘Morgan’ directed by Luke Scott is hitting the screens on September 2.

IBM AI-Driven Captioning for Live and On-Demand Video

Do you want to make your live video more effective with IBM AI-Driven Captioning?

Don’t you find time to engage your audiences with effective editing skills?

IBM is launching the most innovative and seeking feature “Watson Captioning” by using Artificial Intelligence to the present business world. It has become the viral news in the overall marketing industry. The global market completely relies on the medium video through social media platforms.

The marketers and advertisers are choosing it as the primary aspect to bring brand awareness among the customers. Most media companies are much awaiting to collaborate with the AI captioning for the live videos and on-demand video content.

The Watson Caption will vanish the social work, lessens the cost of work, and also cuts the time to spend more. The publishers and marketers can create and edit the captions for the live video and on-demand content simply and easily.

Features of IBM ‘Watson Captioning’

Generating accurate captions:

The use custom vocabulary and custom corpora feature in the Watson Captioning will help to improve the perfection in the scripts of first-run captions.

Creation of domain-specific models through the customization of language model can improve the recognition precision.

High Quality through Caption Editor:

By using the unique feature ‘caption editor,’ the users can easily filter the words of low confidence through rapid review.

The automatic time synchronization of edited words will take place to do the fast and trouble-free manual correction.

While comparing to other caption editors, it provides 30 to 50% of efficient correction.

It is flexible for both the professionals and amateurs.

Quicker than regular through automation:

With the help of Watson Speech to text API, the automatic captions are produced that saves the money and time. Directly within a fraction of seconds, the captions are created by using Watson Captions.

Readability enhancement:

The algorithm that will be used in this Watson Caption will enhance the readability by making the fragments of captions automatically. Simply it generates the breaking points that are needed for perfect reading and understanding of the video content.

Enriching the Self-learning:

The use of Watson Captioning can improve the one’s capability of learning by own through perfection in recognition and corrections.

Through the analyzed captions the proper nouns and names are pulled out, and that list will be used in the next uses for automatic recognition.


The IBM AI-Driven Captioning is the great innovation that boosts the performance of the video content that is going live and video on demand that it completely engage the audiences.

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