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How to Create a new Marketing paradigm with AI Video Generation

The marketing industry is accelerating in change of rate. With AI video generation, you can take your company to new heights by creating a new marketing paradigm that’s never been seen before.

Marketing in the digital era has evolved to a new level. Companies are no longer competing on price or quality; but instead, they offer customized promotions that target specific audience demographics. The problem of producing video content for these different audiences is solved by artificial intelligence video generation.

Artificial intelligence in Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to advertise your products online. And with the advent of artificial intelligence, you can now use this tool for video marketing effectively.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can be used in video marketing through chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate having a conversation with humans, and they’re often powered by artificial intelligence.

There are many ways to increase the interaction of your videos through artificial intelligence.

Entering the new paradigm of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic ever since the 1950s, but it’s only recently that we’ve gotten close to achieving artificial general intelligence.

The founding of AI companies in the last 50 years has brought about a new paradigm.

Looking at the history of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s clear that while some milestones have been achieved, there is still a lot to be done.

We are entering a new era in the history of Artificial Intelligence. The last decades have seen an explosive growth of data and computing power and breakthroughs in deep learning techniques.

Advantages of Machine Learning Powered Video Generation

  • Machine learning-powered video generation is faster than traditional methods
  • It can be used to create videos of things that don’t exist or are not feasible for humans to make
  • Uses less computing power and storage space than traditional methods
  • Allows for more creative storytelling
  • The content is always fresh
  • It can generate video in any language or voice
  • Intelligent algorithms can produce videos that are more engaging and entertaining than humans could ever be on their own
  • Machine learning-powered video generation can create videos tailored to individual viewers based on what they have watched before
  • Machine learning can generate realistic videos of people who don’t exist
  • Videos generated by machine learning are difficult to distinguish from reality
  • Generating video is cheaper than filming and editing it in post-production
  • The technology is improving rapidly, making the quality higher each day
  • The technology is cheaper than hiring a video production company
  • It can be used to generate videos on demand
  • With machine learning, the quality of the generated videos will only improve over time

How to Create an AI Video

First, build an AI definition file that includes your input words in it. You can read about how to create the file in the previous section. Then, use a language model generator to generate sentences based on your input words.

The process to create an AI video is simple. First, you input the text of what you want it to say. Then, you choose a voice or tone of voice for the output. Finally, click “generate” and wait for it to

Observing how humans create things and imitating their actions is the best way to learn. If you want to make a video, observe someone making videos and then imitate what they’re doing.

  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • GANs are a class of machine learning algorithms that use two neural networks – one to generate content, the other to judge its authenticity
  • The first network is trained on large amounts of data, while the second is given examples of what it should be looking for to tell if something is real or fake
  • This system can produce realistic-looking video footage with minimal training data and no human supervision
  • AI-generated videos are being used for marketing
  • They can be generated in a matter of minutes, meaning they’re great for last-minute projects
  • The AI can generate highly realistic-looking video content with just a few examples to work from
  • The technology has been used by companies like Disney and the BBC
  • AI video generation is on the rise
  • People are using AI to generate videos for marketing purposes, storytelling, and entertainment
  • There are many different types of AI-generated videos currently being used today, including “GIFs,” “videos with captions” or “text overlays,” and more complex ones like music video generators
  • The most common use of these videos is in marketing campaigns to create personalized content that would be impossible without AI
  • AI video generation is becoming more popular
  • The use of AI in video generation will continue to grow as it becomes easier and cheaper for companies to incorporate the technology into their workflow
  • There are many different ways that companies can use this new technology, including creating marketing videos, training videos, or even personal videos
  • AI will create more video content
  • The use of motion graphics and animation will increase to make videos more interesting
  • Livestreaming is becoming more popular because it’s easier than ever to broadcast live online
  • Traditional advertising methods are being replaced with new ones, such as augmented reality


As technology evolves, so should your marketing strategy. We’ve outlined some of the best ways to utilize AI video generation in 2022 and how you can create a new marketing paradigm with it. One way is by using machine learning tools for voiceover creation or other types of audio-based content like sound effects.

Another option is leveraging interactive 3D animations that can be customized based on user engagement data from previous campaigns. We have experts ready and waiting to partner with you if you want help implementing these strategies but don’t know where to start! Contact us today for information about our AI Video Marketing Strategies and learn more about what they will do for your business!

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