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Mistakes YouTube Channels Make in Their First Year

Making a successful YouTube channel is hard. Creating a successful YouTube channel in your first year is even more challenging. It would be best to get so many things right; one wrong move can set you back months.

Here are the top five mistakes YouTube channels make in their first year. So, if you’re new to YouTube or just starting to create a successful channel, pay attention!

It’s hard enough to create a successful YouTube channel, but even harder when you’re making some common mistakes along the way.

Mistakes YouTube Channels Make in Their First Year

A lot of YouTube channels struggle to make it past the first year. However, there are some things that I can do differently to see better results!

To start a YouTube channel, you need to consider what kind of content you will create.

The YouTube video hosting platform is an excellent way to connect with others and express yourself, but learning some basic rules is also essential. Do you want people to watch your videos? The answer is yes. Then listen up!

Whether making a single video series or posting only once per week on your channel, you should start with a plan and implement that plan consistently until you’ve reached the end of the phase.

Many people dream of making YouTube videos, but few achieve it. I will use this post to talk about the top mistakes new YouTubers want to avoid driving in their first year on the platform.

In the first year of having a YouTube channel, it’s important not to focus on views and subscribers. Instead, it would be best to concentrate on making good content for your viewers.

One of the most common mistakes we see YouTube channels making is that they aren’t consistent. They upload videos at random and expect them to become famous.

One of the biggest mistakes a YouTube channel can make is not having good cover art. Excellent cover art will help people find and subscribe to your channel and increase its popularity on YouTube.

In their first year, YouTube channels’ biggest mistakes are thinking they need a vast audience, hoping that subscribers will magically come, and spending time making videos instead of promoting them.

If you’re starting a YouTube channel, We know it’s overwhelming and scary. You don’t want to do anything wrong in your first year because that would affect the rest of your channel’s growth.

People often think that to succeed on YouTube, you only need a camera and a video editing program. However, it takes much more than becoming famous or even popular.

One of the mistakes that YouTube channels make is doing too much at once.

Beginners often fail to think about their first year, but it is much more likely that they will become successful if they do so.

A YouTube channel is great because you can share your passion with the world. However, many channels make mistakes that can easily be avoided if they know more about how it works.

Three significant mistakes are not choosing a niche, not creating consistent content, and bad lighting.

People who want to make YouTube videos usually do so because they love it. They’re passionate about what they do, and that’s great. However, sometimes these people forget about the money aspect of things.

The best advice we can give anyone who wants to make a YouTube channel is to go for it.

The most common mistake you will make is not creating a schedule for your videos.

The biggest mistake you can make is not to educate yourself enough. It would help if you learned about YouTube, the content people like, and how to optimize for views because many things go into it.

Don’t try to build an audience and do much marketing at once. Focus on building one video first.

Shitty covers, no consistent schedule, and few editing fail on YouTube channels.

Although YouTube is a great way to grow your channel and increase subscribers, it’s essential to avoid mistakes that many other YouTubers have made initially.

You’re probably wondering what mistakes you’ll make in your first year as a YouTube channel. We will tell some of the biggest problems people face when using video for marketing.

Marketing Mistakes YouTube Channels Make in Their First Year

    • Not having a clear goal or target audience
    • Focusing on the wrong metrics
    • Ignoring their subscribers and viewers
    • Not promoting their content enough
    • Not networking with other creators
    • Producing content that is not interesting or engaging
    • Focusing on the wrong metrics- vanity metrics instead of actual engagement/reach
    • Not using video thumbnails correctly
    • Not optimizing titles and descriptions for SEO
    • Neglecting to create a social media strategy
    • Posting infrequently or inconsistently
    • Not utilizing YouTube’s features (end screens, cards, etc.)
    • Not creating valuable content
    • Ignoring their audience
    • Failing to build a community around their channel
    • Not promoting their channels effectively
    • Focusing too much on the number of subscribers they have instead of the quality of their content
    • Posting videos that are not relevant to their target audience
    • Not using video thumbnails correctly
    • Not creating a website or blog to accompany their channel
    • Not promoting their content enough
    • Ignoring comments and feedback from viewers
    • Not using YouTube analytics to improve their channel

  • Relying on other people for help instead of learning from themselves
  • Quitting after the first year
  • Focusing on vanity metrics instead of engagement or revenue
  • Not creating valuable and engaging content
  • Neglecting their channel’s branding
  • Treating their YouTube channel like a one-time project
  • Not using other marketing channels to promote their videos
  • Failing to analyze their analytics data
  • Failing to engage with viewers and subscribers
  • Not promoting their channel enough
  • Expecting results too quickly
  • Focusing on quantity over quality
  • Not creating valuable content
  • Not building a community around their channel
  • Ignoring feedback from viewers and subscribers
  • Failing to experiment and be creative
  • Focusing on vanity metrics rather than engagement or revenue
  • Not making an audience organically
  • Treating YouTube like a one-time project
  • Expecting results too quickly
  • Not using other social media platforms to promote their channel
  • Posting videos without any planning or organization
  • Not using video thumbnails correctly
  • Not promoting their videos enough
  • Making uninteresting content
  • Having a poor website design

Advertising Mistakes YouTube Channels Make in Their First Year

  • Not having an idea of what your channel to be about
  • Doing too much at once and not focusing on one or two types of videos
  • Thinking that just because you have a video camera, the rest will take care of itself
  • Not spending enough time researching before starting monetization
  • Trying to make money without first understanding how YouTube works as an advertising platform
  • Not having a plan for your channel
  • Not understanding the demographic of your audience
  • Not being consistent with your content production schedule
  • Focusing too much on video length and not enough on quality
  • Giving up after one lousy video or negative comment
  • Not following YouTube’s rules for content
  • Spending too much time on technicalities and not enough time on production value, marketing, or engaging with their audience
  • Trying to be everything to everyone, they should instead focus on a niche topic that will make them stand out from other channels.
  • It is not updating the channel description.
  • Uploading too many videos in a row without taking the time to promote them and build an audience
  • Using video thumbnails that are not eye-catching or professional-looking
  • Having no branding on your videos, including a logo or watermark
  • Focusing only on making money rather than building an audience and community of fans
  • Not understanding the importance of branding
  • Trying to make a video for everyone instead of focusing on one type of content
  • Lacking consistency in their videos- not sticking to any particular style or format
  • Making too many videos with nothing in standard makes it difficult for viewers to find what they’re looking for and keep coming back.
  • Relying too much on free advertising methods like YouTube’s suggested videos and Google ads
  • Trying to monetize before building an audience
  • Focusing more on quantity than quality
  • Focusing too much on monetization and not enough on audience engagement
  • Giving up after one year
  • Not having enough videos
  • Blending in with other channels
  • Carrying on a “personality” that doesn’t suit the channel’s needs
  • Trying to be too many things at once (e.g., both informative and funny)
  • Focusing on product reviews instead of educational content
  • Setting up a channel without any initial subscribers or following
  • Focusing too much on the numbers, not enough on how you’re delivering your message
  • Making videos that are too long or short for their audience
  • Ignoring YouTube’s “suggested videos,” which can help drive traffic to other channels and content
  • Having no plan for future growth

SEO Mistakes YouTube Channels Make in Their First Year

    • Not optimizing for the right keywords
    • Forget the clear call to action in their video descriptions
    • Using more than one keyword and making them too broad
    • Repeating words too often in the report can make it seem like you’re trying to rank for everything and nothing at once
    • Too much focus on product features instead of highlighting how your viewer will benefit from using your products or services
    • Not having a video about your channel’s “About” section
    • Using non-descriptive titles or tags, like “My First Video!”
    • Uploading the same content to multiple channels without changing anything about it
    • Focusing on quantity over quality by uploading more than three videos per day and not giving each one enough time to grow an audience
    • Forgetting to add captions and closed captioning to their videos

  • Focusing too heavily on the number of subscribers they have rather than the quality of their content
  • Using copyrighted music in their videos without permission or attribution
  • Posting too many low-quality video tutorials that don’t teach viewers anything new
  • Focusing on a narrow niche and not branching out to other topics that could bring in more traffic
  • Ignoring the power of video marketing, including YouTube videos, live streams, and vlogs
  • Make your channel private so no one can see it
  • Not using keywords in the video title
  • Using poor-quality footage, sound, and lighting
  • Creating content that is too long for the viewer’s attention span
  • Not optimizing your YouTube Channel correctly
  • Not subscribing to the proper channels that are relevant to your niche
  • Uploading too many videos at once and not spacing them out enough
  • Losing focus of what you want to do with your drain or forgetting what made it successful in the first place
  • Using other people’s content without giving credit where it is due
  • Failing to produce quality video content
  • You do not understand the importance of keywords and tags in optimizing search engine.
  • Not optimizing their channel page for SEO purposes
  • Ignoring YouTube’s “suggested videos” feature can lead to a decline in viewership and engagement
  • Posting too many videos at once without spacing them out properly
  • Not creating a YouTube channel
  • Uploading videos of poor quality
  • Focusing too much on keywords and not enough on the content itself
  • Using generic titles for their videos that don’t help search engines find them
  • Making video descriptions too long or too short can affect how well they rank on search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Not posting often enough to make themselves stand out in SERPs
  • Posting too often
  • Focusing on views instead of subscribers or engagement
  • Putting out content that’s not relevant to their niche or audience
  • Having a generic or vague title and description for all of your videos
  • Posting old content that is no longer relevant to the audience you’re aiming for
  • Uploading at least one video per week, but with inconsistent upload dates
  • Not uploading in HD quality


So, if you are a YouTube channel looking to increase your viewership and subscriber base, avoid making these common mistakes.

But don’t worry,¬† we can help! Contact us today for expert YouTube Channel Marketing Consulting to help take your business to the next level.

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