he Next Big Thing in Online Video

What would be The Next Big Thing in Online Video?

Video become an integral part of the online marketing and advertising today. Various developments are undergone in the video. People across the globe were habituated to watch video content on different video platforms today. Youtube is presently at the top position in the video content production, and the most extensive collection of videos can be available at Youtube platform. There are so many other platforms that are going with the video content like Facebook, Twitter etc. the social platforms are also using the video for their development and competing with the other platforms.

The live streaming, a short form of video clips, a different type of video ad formats related to various platforms, video marketing, advertising and many other practices become the part of the online video. The online video ad spends also increased in the US and even in other parts too. The usage of smart devices made the advertisers turn towards the mobile video formats, and the mobile video advertising has become one of the most potent elements in the digital marketing today.

Many new video platforms were started this year which is offering new services that included with the equipment rental services and editing services for the content creators at an affordable process and also connecting the creators of the video content with the editors for the services. These types of video platforms can develop the video production and its quality in future. The virtual reality, new live streaming apps and platforms will be the next big things in online video for 2016.

The Integration of TV and Online Video will increase [Study]

The online video was always at the top place in search everywhere across the web. The video viewing through multiple devices has become the most common thing today with the increase in the mobile device usage and smart applications. Previously the video can be viewed via television sets only, and there is no other prominent and useful medium in those times. But, today the television also accessing to the online video medium due to the best internet access and facilities for the people across the world which mainly comes possibly due to technology developments in the digital world.

nowadays there is a great increase in the application developments due to rise in online video watching behaviour in an audience. The utilisation of the mobile devices for the video content has greatly increased, and the devices have become the part of the human life. This makes the advertisers focus on the mobile video content. The internet accessing has become easier due to increase in the service providers and access points across the globe. The people are habituated you the social platforms and social video and just stuck on the internet for everything.

The Television has nearly 70 percent get integrated with the online today. Many programmes are now accessing on the internet rather than television as the internet was providing the same content at the user convenience at their comfortable devices. Many people are updating the stats on social media while watching the television today and makes the tv yo get integrated with the online video as the content that is streaming on tv can be merely accessible via online using the internet.

Mobile Video Advertisements are on the rise [Study]

Mobile video has replaced several different advertising media since few years. Previously it has become a part of the digital advertising strategy, but now it has turned into the central or integral element in the digital video marketing and advertising. The mobile phones usage has dramatically increased due to the downfall of smartphone prices as well as increase and significant development in the features of mobiles. This made the people purchase number of smart devices and preferred to access the internet through it. This made the marketers to target these devices in the marketing and advertising to reach the people.

Mobile video ads

The video ads have changed the world of advertising. From recent reports and studies, it revealed that more than 13 increases had noticed in the mobile video ad appending comparing to the previous reports in 2015. It is expected to increased to 20 percent in the year 2016. Native video ads on mobile were also performing much better with 70 percent completion rates indicate the rise of mobile video advertising rise. In the US, the mobile ad spend has doubled and reached 2.6 billion dollars per year. It is expected to reach six billion in the year 2016.

The 4G services and in-app video inventory is also expected to have a significant impact on the online mobile video usage. The users are even spending more hours in watching the video content using the mobile browsers. It estimated that the mobile video ad spending and viewing behaviour would change and mobile usage and mobile video market is continuously exploding in the year 2016 ahead.

Meerkat vs Periscope: Who will win Live Streaming Race?

Live streaming has already in the top trend in video marketing and advertising today. The live streaming applications like Meerkat and periscope has built the strong relationship between the audience and brands today. Many companies prefer live concerts on their new product launches and interactions using the live streaming applications. The Meerkat and periscope applications are become well known across the web, and there are some millions of users preferring this app for the live streaming and broadcasting online. Let us see the feature of both the applications and analyse which application will win the race in live streaming.

Comparing Periscope and Meerkat

When comparing the periscope application with the Meerkat application both are available in iOS platform formats and the periscope can be handy in the Android version too. Meerkat has gained more than 160,000 followers in the first month of its launch and created significant buzz across the web. The Android version for Meerkat has released before the periscope has announced its Android version in the market. The main difference between the Periscope and Meerkat applications is the availability of the live streams after it completed. Some users had appreciated the feature of availability of the live stream and some didn’t take it in a positive way.

Meerkat is now allowing the sharing of the live streams on the Facebook platform whereas Periscope is not offering this feature. The periscope was on a rise where Meerkat was just stagnant at its position and going as big competitor with the Periscope. The periscope was performing well due to its different new features and users comfort in usage. The main benefit of the periscope is it does not make the users change their schedule and allows the users to watch the stream at their convenience. Finally, periscope was a step forward in the race and expected to be continuing towards winning point in 2016.

Facebook, YouTube 360 Video Presence will Increase [Study]

Facebook and Youtube are the most significant online platforms on the web. Youtube is the video giant, and Facebook is the best interactive platform on the internet, both platforms are competing for one another in video race. As the prominence of the video marketing, advertising has increased since few years, and Facebook has targeted the Youtube to cross the platform in video race. The virtual reality video content is the next biggest thing in the video marketing and advertising. Youtube had already announced the 360-degree video which has close relation with the virtual reality format but not utterly virtual reality in nature.

It require the specialized cameras to shoot the 360 degree video content. With the launch of the 360-degree video content on Youtube, it becomes great buzz across the web, and many video content creators are expecting the 360-degree video formats in the future video advertising on the platforms. With the announcement of the 360-degree video format on Youtube, Facebook platform has already started competing with the Youtube and already announced its 360-degree feature which can be very soon would play in the news feed of the Facebook users.

The 360-degree content can view by using the headsets which can maximise the effect of the video but is it was not just to watch in those headsets. Google was allowing the users to its Youtube video service to 360-degree video content access and started allowing the users to upload the 360-degree video content on the platform since March 2015. Very soon in 2016, the feature can undergo more developments with proper controls. The equipment for the 360-degree video shoot and video watching is expensive, and by targeting that aspect, Google has released Google cardboard to watch the 360-degree video content.


Facebook has added the 360-degree video in September 2015 across Android and later on iOS platform supported mobile devices too. It has implemented the format in the same way as the Youtube has implemented. The main difference is just portable and web implementations. But the web browser has some limitations regarding compatibility and the chrome is the best for this feature. We can expect a lot of new features and developments in both the platforms regarding the 360-degree video content.

New Upcoming Video Platforms like Kitsplit and VidMob

Toy mat go through numerous resources across the web and may have studied a lot of information on the potential of video in the present digital era. The video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo are the open type of platforms which are mainly working towards the creators who are focused on the narration. Many video creators are receiving support from the ads to get some revenue and facing many problems due to lack of the best equipment for the content production.

The quality content requires the best equipment which may be very expensive to purchase. Many individual potential creators are talented and have the capability of producing best content but stepping back due to lack of right equipment for their work. In 2016, new platforms are coming forward for the video creators to support them with their services.


Kitsplit platform was offering the Airbnb of gear rentals which are offering a variety of services which can support and help the video creators. You may notice some companies that are providing the equipment for the filmmakers on rent. In the same way, Kitsplit does not only have an impressive inventory, and it is offering a cutting-edge camera equipment and also offering insurance and delivery process with much ease.

Kitsplit is the best way to meet the people with same interest. The owners of the equipment can set their rate, and the platform can suggest the users with price bands too. The platform was also promoting the projects which are using the kit split gear. Very soon it becomes the next big thing across the web in digital world in 2016.


VidMob is different from the kit split platform. The Kitsplit platform was offering different expensive equipment for the video shoots and providing different cameras on rent with other good services. Whereas, the VidMob is providing the users with talented professional video editors. Yes, editing is not that much easy and affordable when comes to the video content. By using this VidMob application, you can just select your editor and add the clips to finish your project just from your mobile device. The VidMob platform connects the creators of the video content and the editors in real-time and it are a bid based type of market.

Hologram Videos – The Next Big Thing

Hologram videos are the next big thing across the web. The hologram is the three-dimensional images which are created by the projection of photographic. It is different from the 3D and virtual reality.

The hologram is an image which is three dimensional and free standing one that will not stimulate the spatial depth which can deliver the special viewing experience with the special viewing device.

The Hologram videos can be the next big thing in e-commerce sector as these have the potential to alter the buying habits in the digital world. where it can embrace the new technological advancements to grab the attention of customers online.

The Augmented reality is one of the trends which were already entered in the retailing industry.

The Holograms are associated with the different scientific movies and personalised advertisements. The technology was going more affordable today, and companies are interested in being, in the same way, using the holographic technology in their space.

Some companies were already utilizing the technology. Musion Company which is a London based company that had boosted its video presence on YouTube platform with hologram videos. The company’s video has gained more than 15 million views in just 48 hours.

Another company had utilised the Hologram technology with a plug and play type solution with an advertising initialisation and successfully reached its targeted audience. Holograms have the capability of creating the virtual reality.

So, brands are going with the new strategy to utilize the hologram videos in their marketing strategy to target the audience in a different way.

Therefore the new way to reach the things was come up with a hologram video content on the web.


We can expect a new approach with the Hologram images as well as videos in the marketing and advertising online and surely go as the next big thing online.

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