Nowthis News Short Video Growth Strategy

Nowthis News Short Video Growth Strategy

NowThis is based on the short video social distribution company. The main audience for the company is the people who are connected with the different social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc. the media company has targeted the short form of content which has greater demand in the present advertising era. The company writes on technology, politics and international related content along with the entertainment and viral news every day. NowThis Media Company has targeted the video content with six seconds longer to 90 seconds length clips. Nowthis News Short Video Growth Strategy is explained here.

The media company has acquired a massive number of fans for its content which made the company stand on the success path. NowThis content strategy is simple and clear, and the primary key is the implementation of the plan in their style.

The selection of the theme and the content was chosen based on the interests of the audience depending on the platform. That means the content which has excellent demand on one social platform may not be work with another platform.

But, the NowThis content strategy built their short form of video content clips according to the platform and changed from one another to meet the audience pulse. Primary secret strategy behind the success of short-form video content by NowThis media Company.

NowThis Media Company has nearly 200 million users registered. The NowThis content was acquiring 51 million views at an average every month on Facebook platform. Another interesting fact is the platform provides the short form content on various topics and issues.

The branded content has real-time engagement as the media company creates and publishes the branded video content on the social media platforms. The real-time news coverage and other features made NowThis media company Famous on various social Platforms.

NowThis Video Social Media Strategy

NowThis platform is previously called as NowThis News which is NYC based distribution Media Company. Founded by the co-founder of the Huffington Post. It has become very famous across the web for its news and social media related content.

The company has already reached more than 600 million video views for its video content. The video news outlet of, NowThis media mainly targeted the mobile-first audience.

As the mobile video viewing has become the major factor in the success of the present trending platforms, the mobile connecting content has concreted its strategy.

The platform had launched NowThis News in the year 2012 which started getting the news from the social media and now publishing the content on eight different social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, and Tumblr.

The platform has finally gathered more than 2.4 billion views for its video content as the content is very close to the real-time content.

TopFacebookVideoSource :

The media company has also released the mobile application called Tap for news with a single button feature in which the users can tap into the collection of the videos menu times across the different range of categories.

The platform has acquired around two million likes for its native video content which is just under one minute in length. The content was organized into different playlists basing on the topics like politics, technology, and entertainment.

NowThis platform has separate pages for politics and entertainment on Facebook platform. It has also built a switchboard to manage the video system which aims at the equipping of the producers to create and publish the video content more quickly. It also provides the video with ideal length for distribution.

Some of the Best YouTube Channels from NowThis


NowThis Future

Some of the Best Facebook Pages from NowThis

NowThis News
NowThis Weed
NowThis Election
NowThis Entertainment
NowThis Future

Other Social Platforms of NowThis

NowThis News

NowThis Video Statistics and Growth Numbers

NowThis is an online news and media company which makes short-form videos for the social outlets and platforms.

  • The company has risen to $16.4m in funding.
  • It is revealed that nearly 69 percent of audiences are aged between 18-34 years.
  • The media company has reached close to the 600 million video views.
  • The NowThis News has targeted the mobile audience by publishing on eight social media platforms on the web.
  • It has also gathered nearly 2.5 billion video views for its content across different platforms.
  • The mobile application, which named as the tap for News, has become very famous as the people can click on to the content that arranged in different categories under one roof. The majority of the content is one minute in length.
  • The NowThis content has received around 2M Likes for its videos that posted on the Facebook pages. It has two Facebook pages separately for the politics and the entertainment.
  • The company has built the video management system which called Switchboard that allows the producers to create and publish the video content with much ease.
  • The company has a dedicated team of 35 employees.
  • The platform’s data-driven technology and the decision making are the key strengths for its success.
  • The platform had got partnered with the MEC to make the branded video content for the agency clients make its next step for its growth.
  • It is already working on its proposals with the MEC for branding videos. The company is expected to put forward more than 650 million video views every month on the full distribution on Snapchat and Instagram platforms.

Using Short Videos to Promote your Company

As consumers attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, businesses and marketers have to discover new ways to engage these easily distracted individuals. There is a solution: short videos. is a trend that is catching on, especially with the emergence of sites such as Vine, which allow you to post a short video and then have it displayed to your audience.

However, what you have to keep in mind when it comes to videos is that customers want it short and sweet and you need to have something that catches their attention within the first few seconds; otherwise, the videos will be completely ineffective. In fact, a video production as short as two and three minutes are not going to work.

Why Choose Video?

Consumers are continually searching online for the products or services that they want to purchase. If you take the time to research the stats of a particular site, then you will see that a large portion of the visitors clicks away from the site after only a few seconds. They will quickly scan the images and text and make an instant decision. It is more difficult than ever to get a visitor to read through everything on your homepage, let alone the other pages that are there.

However, once they begin looking for something, they will be much more likely to watch a series of video clips – to the end – than they are to read an entire page on your site. gives you the perfect opportunity to engage your visitors and get your full message to them.

Designing your Video

You need to keep the video short, no more than a minute or two – at most. The longer you make your video, the slower it will load, and the higher chance that you will lose your customer’s attention. You will have to make sure that you take the time to work with the professionals to make your video look great. The more help you can get from a professional, the easier you will find it to get the right results. Finding a company that has a good bit of experience in the industry will allow you to get the finished product you need.

Creating a promotional video for your brand or product can be a brilliant way to offer a creative message to your consumers in just a few seconds. If you have not yet implemented video into your marketing strategy, then it may be time to consider the benefits that it offers.

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