OTT Video Streaming Trends

50 OTT Video Streaming Trends For 2024 That Platforms Must Know

Video streaming is a kind of streaming medium continuously delivering video via the internet or remote users. Video streaming has grown and become one of the most popular influencer platfrom relaying and accessing the digital medium. Online video content boosts 90% of the penetration rate among the internet. OTT streaming developments grow year by year, and here are the 50 OTT Video Streaming Trends for 2024 that Platforms must know.

    1. Lives streaming thrives on Social Media. Live streaming on Social Media was a non-interactive medium.
    2. Facebook is one of the best platforms on social media to Live Stream and continues it’s a trend in the future.Video-sharingg applications have boomed in recent years and are trending in the digital world.
    3. The cooperation between OTT streaming providers and mobile networks is growing theses days.
    4. oQQur is one of the streaming apps cthe startups created, allowing360-degree videos for any smartphone users.
    5. Movvio has trended for Movies and TV shows streaming feature apps for the video-on-demand community.
    6. TikTok for Web is a newly launched feature from the TikTok, and this digital start-up allows users to stream the content.
    7. Filmocrecy is also one of the streaming apps introduced by startups.
    8. Mobile is surpassing the TVs to become primary content delivery channels.

    1. OTT media as gowned its popularity, 6 out of 10 people prefer online videos to regular Tv’s.
    2. Music streaming in FM Radios steadily replaced by music video streaming on YouTube.
    3. loT Live video Surveillance will go the mainstreaming base in the future.
    4. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality will grow beyond social video streaming.
    5. The Widespread adoption of 5G is underway for the future of live video streaming.
    6. AR has become quite popular among social media streaming applications like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.
    7. CMAF (Common Media Application Format) ha become a hype in 2024 and maybe resolving the existing issues faced in the OTT streaming platforms.

    1. WebRTC server also becomes vital in the Live streaming industry, which can resolve the low latency.
    2. Video on demand will is here for increasing the digital ad revenue for the year 2024, and it will continue its growth.
    3. Live pre-roll ads are here for the targeted advertising on live feeds.
    4. Recommendation and personalization have become a key factor in the OTT video streaming.
    5. Zero UX , avoice-controlled search, dominates the future of OTT streaming and marketing.
    6. 4K streaming will keep going in the future of video streaming.
    7. eSports has excellent momentum in the field of Live video streaming.
    8. Ubiquitous screens will demand greater video content mobility.
    9. TVOD payment model offers asubscribers  more selective viewing experience to download the video content.
    10. SVOD (Subscription Video-on-demand) players like Amazon, Netflix is most popular among generating revenue through streaming.
    11. Advertising video on demand is popular for YouTube, and people awaitto complete the ad before twatchinga video. The extending feature of YouTube will trend the future.
    12. RIncreasing video streaming will increasethe demand for the Digital Originals and exclusive content from OTT Streaming platforms

    1. Hybrid Monetization models trend in the Video on Demand streaming platforms.
    2. An increase in the content fragmentation is expected to spike the intensive competition among Disney, Apple, Warner Media, etc.
    3. The arrival of 5G would increase the growth of technologies such as AR/VR, and users will get data faster for OTT video streaming.
    4. Curd cutting to happen at a faster rate. Marketers predict Over 500 million consumers have detached their Cable subscriptions and Satellite Tv by 2024.
    5. Rebundling will become the latest trend in OTT video streaming. The consumers can subscribe and unsubscribe looking to the new customer acquisition tactics.
    6. Production and consumption of vernacular content will grow in the future.
    7. Pay Tv service providers are rolling out new standalone subscription-based services, hybrid monetization models to drive an average revenue.
    8. The digital content for kids is another significant change in the future of streaming media.
    9. Businesses using video streaming provides the best customers experience.

    1. Younger Generation prefers music streaming over the radio, and Podcasts will attract the senior audience.
    2. Many marketers and eCommerce brands using live streaming as their marketing trend.
    3. Healthcare providers are implementing Live video streaming inpatient care, and training.
    4. OTT Live streaming has become one of the valuable marketing tools in the future.
    5. Global Media over entertainment platforms trend the future of OTT video streaming.

  1. AR and VR in gaming, development of enterprise extended reality growing faster in Video streaming.
  2. Increased spending on Local OTT content degrades the Global OTT content
  3. Global internet consumption and increased bandwidth quickly replace traditional TV Viewing.
  4. Rise in the viewership across all the digital devices and digital mediums.
  5. OTT video streaming service providers are heavily investing in original content.
  6. Growing video monetization increased that includes video ad spending and OTT platform subscriptions.
  7. OTT video streaming content viewing over Connected TV, Streaming sticks, and streaming boxes increasing drastically and continue its trend in the future.
  8. DOOH, CTV advertising, OTT goes as a mainstreaming trend 2024.


The Inception of OTT streaming platforms and mobile ddevice usage has transformed the OTT Industry These OTT streaming trends mentioned above are expected to impact the evolving OTT industry in 2024. The Major OTT streaming platforms have to refurbish their user acquisition strategies to run Cost-per-stall campaigns and free trial subscriptions to stay ahead of the Curve.

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