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How to Share Videos from PC or Mac to Instagram

Instagram is a most happening social media platform nowadays. Some people using Instagram like to share their memories in the form of videos, images and status updates through mobile phones.

People Who are using Instagram have raised one doubt that is “How to post or upload Videos from PC or Mac to Instagram”. To upload videos from your desktop computers, Instagram launches a new app version 4.1 for Windows to upload and share the videos from PC.

Many Instagrammers use big DSLR cameras for shooting videos, pictures edit those videos in personal computers. So transferring that stuff to mobile phones and they should upload in a traditional way of uploading videos. But now we have some simple procedure to upload a video directly from PC to Instagram.

How To Share Videos From PC or Mac To Instagram:

If anyone interested in sharing videos from your personal computer or a Mac without disturbing the quality of the video file you should follow some measurements to upload a video’s file. There are some uploading limits for Instagram video uploads. That depends on time, resolution, length, codec and other types of settings.

Instagram Video Uploading Limitations:

The length of the Video should be 60 sec or less than 60 seconds not more than 60 sec.

Frame Rate should be 29.96 frames per seconds.

The limitation of file size will be maximum of 15 MB if the file size is less than 15 MB is ok but, not more than that.

The maximum width of the file is 1080 pixels at any height.

The audio quality should be AAC audio codec at 44.1 Khz mono.

The bitrate of the video is 3,500 kbps and the H.264 codec or MP4 player.

Upload/Share the Videos to Instagram from PC or Mac:

The Instagram app gives many features and its easy way to upload videos and photos from mobiles devices. But from a computer or for iOS Mac devices it has some limitation. But now we use Windows application for Personal computers, and you should be clear what device you using to upload video from computers.

The Instagram app doesn’t allow the user to upload and schedule from the Instagram app it uses third-party websites applications you can try that application on your own risk.

Upload Photos and Videos From Mac:

If you are a Mac user or using an iPad you find Safari browser on your computer. You should follow some steps to upload a video from Mac.

Go to the “Safari” and tap on “Preferences” option.

In the Preferences tab just click on “Advanced” option.

In Advanced settings menu just check the option in “Show Develop menu in the menu bar”.

Then now open the Private Browsing window. Then Go to “Develop”.

On Develop select “User Agent” → Safari → iOS 10 open iPhone mobile view. .

Go to and sign In for Instagram application, if you don’t have login go for Instagram Sign Up page and sign Into Instagram.

You will see a camera button at the bottom of the Screen.

Click on that Camera button and upload a video or a photo from your desktop.

Upload a video to Instagram from Chrome:

If you are using Windows go to the Chrome click on the “” website.

Once if you opened the Sign In for the website to upload video.

After that right click on the page, select “Inspect” option.

Next select “Tablet icon” which is located on the top left corner of the page.

Then the page shifted to mobile view then easily share the videos.

There you find a mobile button at the bottom of the screen.

Thap on the Camera button and upload a video or a photo from the computer directly.

Possible Ways To Share Videos From PC or Mac To Instagram:

You can import videos from iPhone/iPad through the third party application like “MacX Media Trans” app. MacX Media Trans app will easily transfer and upload HD quality videos from Mac.

You can upload or share videos using a Dropbox or Google Drive if you are using Windows. You can upload videos from Google drive easily, but videos not saved in camera roll. Dropbox can easily share and save videos in Instagram camera roll.

Send Emails from your desktop computer to mobile phones that may be iPhone or Android phone, once received an email download the videos and share on Instagram through mobiles.

Connect your smartphone to transfer data from the desktop to mobiles. If you are using iPhone or an Android phone connect those devices through USB cable and transfer the videos and share on Instagram.


The above are the possible ways to share or upload a video or a photo from your desktop computer or a PC or a Mac to Instagram. Use this guide for upload a video directly from PC to Instagram even if you are a iOS or Android users.

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