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How to Implement Real Estate Video Marketing To Sell More Properties

All real estate agents know that they are only as successful as their ability to pull in new leads that convert to property sales. One of the best ways to find new leads is to start implementing video marketing. According to a study, including videos with a real estate listing can boost the number of inquiries by over 400%!

Video marketing is powerful. It offers potential buyers an unprecedented way to view a property before physically viewing it – it also increases the client’s confidence in your ability to sell.

Anyone who’s ever looked at the property, whether to buy or rent, knows that the discordance between photographs showing a ‘spacious two-bedroom’ apartment and the reality of the property being a shoebox knows that photographs just aren’t accurate.

Photographs cannot show the lighting in the house throughout the day, the atmosphere of the neighborhood, or the character of the house.

Another study points out that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer agents who use videos. The answer is clear: because videos sell.

So, if you’re one of those old school agents who are still using photography alone, you’re missing out on the huge advantages of video marketing. It’s critical as a real estate agent to build a strong, reputable presence via your marketing, and to find ways to one-up your competitors! Video marketing is the best way to do this.

Read on to learn how.

Why Video Marketing?

As noted before, there are many positives of using video in real estate marketing. Let’s dive into a couple more closely.

People prefer watching moving images

Images are great, don’t get us wrong – photographs are better than a listing without any! But moving images catch the attention of a viewer and cause them to look at the property for longer. They create an immersive experience. Music can be included to establish a tone.

You don’t need a big budget

These days, smartphones are getting as good as expensive videography equipment. That means you don’t need to break the bank to start video marketing – if you can’t hire a videographer, or invest in equipment yourself, just use your smartphone!

Personalize your marketing presence

People are more likely to buy if they like your personality. It’s hard to convey this personality through photographs alone! Using video, you can give prospective buyers a tour of a property and let your personality shine.

Different Types of Videos

As we mentioned, a virtual house tour can be a great option for video marketing. There are a couple of other types of real estate videos to create.

The Virtual House Tour

This is the most popular and common type of marketing video for real estate agents, and for a good reason! Virtual house tours allow potential buyers to see the property online, without having to lift a finger. You can begin attracting customers who are located further away than your usual cliental, and even if they live nearby, it’s much more convenient to first view a property virtually than physically.

In short, your buyers and sellers alike will appreciate that you are taking the extra time to make a virtual house tour video.

You can also consider showing the neighborhood around the house. You can show what makes the area unique, what the ‘vibe’ of the neighborhood is, and what shops and stores are nearby. Showcase any exciting new developments in the area, and don’t forget to showcase schools. According to research, 91% of home buyers believe that school boundaries play a crucial role in whether to buy a home.

You can use drones to give aerial shots of the area, too.

Introduce Yourself

As noted, buyers enjoy personalized sales personas – that means you should get yourself in the spotlight and make a video introducing yourself!

This is a failsafe way to win over prospective clients with your charm, inspire confidence in them, and make them feel like they know you before even meeting you.


Testimonials from previous, satisfied customers work a lot like reviews of a product online. They let prospective buyers see that your agency is trustworthy, and they can also answer buyers’ questions about you as an agent (for example, how good you are at negotiating prices!).


A video answering the most common questions (frequently asked questions) is a good addition to your real estate profile. You can add some tips and tricks, like upcoming neighborhoods, or how to deal with certain situations in buying property!

Educational Videos

You can go into more detail about the buying process here, allowing customers to see exactly what will happen in every step of their property journey. You might also want to detail how best to negotiate with sellers or provide more information about certain areas and neighborhoods.

Best Sites for Real Estate Video Marketing

You’ve been convinced to try video marketing, making your videos – but now you need to know where to post them! Here are a couple of the best options.

Host your videos on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to post your videos because it’s a search engine (second only to Google), and therefore, people search on YouTube when they are looking for houses! YouTube videos also pop up on Google SERPs (search engine results pages). With YouTube, you can set up a channel for your estate agency, including an about section, links to social media and websites, and a cover image. You can create video playlists, include calls to action, create trailers, and more!

Post your videos on Facebook

Facebook is another great site for getting your properties noticed. Facebook is slightly different in that it has a feed – viewers will be scrolling and see your videos here, rather than search for them and find your YouTube channel.

This means you have around 3 seconds to grab their attention before they scroll on! So, start your Facebook videos with the most engaging part.
Facebook videos also play silently, so always include subtitles and closed captioning in your videos.

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