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SaaS Video Marketing: 50 Best Ways and Ideas to Use Video Marketing for SaaS Companies

Saas Companies can market their product and services using videos to increase brand awareness and boost revenue. SaaS companies faced challenging situations considerably with breaking down complex ideas into simple, understandable concepts. During the sales process, SaaS Video Marketing can be used to get through to your targeted prospective customers. Here are 50 tips and ideas on using Video Marketing for SaaS Companies.

50 Best Ways and Ideas to Use SaaS Video Marketing

Put Your Best Foot Forward for Demo Videos:

SaaS companies have a big advantage when it comes to buyers’ prospects to preview their products. There is no demo model to ship because everything is online.

Ongoing Support and Training:

When it comes to supporting, the consumer has an issue with a product, and they do not want to wait for Customer Support for more than hours. They want a solution at the end, and Saas companies provide the product demonstration videos.

Support videos:

Saas companies turn it into a support video library that actual demonstrations on solving customer problems. Support videos show the end-user that if you are aware of things that come up, and you have already addressed them.

Customer Testimonial Videos:

It offers Customer Testimonial Videos to Strengthen their Products and focus on building confidence in buyers.

Educational Videos:

The science behind educational videos is quite simple, and it also offers visions that are stimulating and valuable information helpful to them.

In B2B Sectors:

Primarily in the B2B sector, the content provided, such as whitepapers, webinars, and meetings, has been extremely crucial. People love knowing the new techniques, and brands can make knowledge quicker, better, and fun.

Explainer Videos:

most probably in competitive B2B and B2C environments, explainer videos simplify and conveying abstract concepts. Explainer videos mainly opt for powerful tactics for effective business communication.

Testimonial videos:

Testimonial video content brings Realtime and everlasting outcomes since they are pleasant, credible, and are able to attach with the human way. Clients trust and share honest, positive involvements with honest feedback.

Buyers Testimonials:

Video testimonials have proven that it is the best tool to convert viewers into buyers due to their unquestionable authenticity. Customers gain trust from other customers’ genuine positive experiences and honest feedback.

Case studies:

Case studies are some of the most straightforward applications in video marketing for SaaS companies. It gives a solution and helped real-world clients when represented visually in the form of compelling stories.

Get footage that tells a story:

There is a good reason people love compelling storytelling videos if you can provide the full narrative part of people’s struggles before introducing your product and showcase how their lives are better now after the product.

Keep videos Short under three minutes:

We can see some of the videos are under 50 seconds that describes the whole story. Viewers don’t need the full details. They just want the gist, and the majority of people will tune out quickly if they did not find interesting content.

Get a Facebook cover video:

Facebook videos generate 10 X times more traffic when compared to other social media platforms. Introducing Facebook cover video is the first step when and the best example of introducing Saas for social media.

Promote your videos through paid campaigns:

Video works best for brands and promotions. If you really want to engage using this video medium, we would strongly recommend pushing into social distribution and even developing branded campaigns around specific components of leadership.

Video Tutorials:

Video tutorials will help to the training for the Onboarding new employees, new users, new employees, and new partners. By creating video tutorials, you can literally clone your company, and the whole team gets back valuable time.

Sales videos:

Sales videos can sell your software by attracting sign-ups and new leads. By answering your customer’s questions with the help of Saas, and it handles the objections.

Marketing Videos:

Create a new video that is inspired and handpicked among all your Saas videos. Video marketing helps many to demonstrate their services.

Customer Success:

Customer Success is always a lot about building trust for your customers and to become a consumer. Every time the customer success team needs to fasten their works and take the best measures to make their situation better.

Hero Videos:

Hero videos are generally placed in the most prominent part of your landing page and right at the start and above the fold. Their primary task is to quickly answer all the important questions about how the software works, its importance, and the best outcomes.


FreshBooks are the accounting software for small-scale businesses and made their job easier. These videos are great, and every company must incorporate several video marketing best practices.

Storytelling Videos:

Instead of presenting facts and listing the product benefits and features, the landing page video tells the story of a small business. Create an excellent storytelling video for engaging consumer following.

How-to videos:

How-to videos are the most commonly searched term on YouTube. These videos have a tutorial on how to use particular software of products and services.

User Onboarding Videos:

Users Onboarding videos come straight to the point, and there is no introduction needed at all. These are meant to get users started quickly and enabling them to use the benefits of the particular platform.

Launch Video:

Whenever you have done several launches of our agency on the SaaS tool, Launch videos can educate, engage, and motivate the audience and convert them into consumers.

In-depth Software Tutorials:

Make sure to launch the in-depth tutorials describing the SaaS software. These videos make your customers feel personal and engaging. So, most of your customers will watch it!

Mission Video:

Create an engaging mission video based on a powerful script, inspiring stock footage, emotional music. Communicating is the main reason why you are in business, and it is compelling to attract the right customers.

Personalized Video:

More than 80% of online shoppers are more likely to buy brand products that offer a personalized experience. Businesses need to show interest in audience needs and understand their audience by care.

Giveaway post:

Introducing the contests, you can use video marketing to promote a giveaway or raffle on social media. All these things are about it takes, and it consists of one or two short videos. Giveaway posts can quickly be shared and spread brand awareness and attract more attention.

User-Generated Content:

User-generated content takes a massive part in video marketing, and companies can leverage it in a variety of ways to drive more traffic and gather leads and build brand loyalty.

360 Degree/ VR Videos:

369-degree videos are booming, with projections and gathering huge global revenue. VR offers immersive-style videos to use fisheye lenses, place the users in the center of the action, and allowing them to pan around the room. Explore your software with an immersive experience.

Live Streaming Video:

Live streaming videos are trending, and every company using it for virtual conferences and explores their companies. Now, it’s a good move to get on board and cover the next industry event through this.


Presentation is one way that brands can leverage their services and format by giving presentations at small scale B2B companies and company events. It enables you to target the focused audience. Record it and share this video on social channels to generate a buzz online.

Choose the right Social Media Platforms:

Choose the right social media platform such as YouTube and Facebook for effective Saas social video promotions and then target them with your SaaS marketing content accordingly.

Create maximum 2-minute or a minimum 30-second video about your SaaS:

Just create a video of a minimum 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes video about describing the Saas technology and its significance to attract a huge following on social media.

Introduce Video marketing campaigns on Facebook:

Facebook is specific for the B2B Marketing and Advertising businesses. Introduce video marketing campaigns on Facebook about Saas products.

Start your SaaS video marketing campaign by per day Budget:

Paid campaigns are trending and resulting in successful outcomes for the companies. Introduce your paid marketing campaigns on Facebook with a $100 per day budget. If you get 40-50% results, just go by re-targeting the campaigns.

Choose the right Social Media Platforms:

Choose the right social media platform such as YouTube and Facebook for effective Saas social video promotions and then target them with your SaaS marketing content accordingly.

Promote Your Saas Free Trial:

Saas marketing was in different ways in social media. Create a trail video along with a demo video and start promoting on social media. Most of the people use trial versions, and interested audience can move to paid versions of Saas software.

Event Video:

Event videos are popular, especially when it comes to the sneak peek behind the scenes of glitzy corporate events. Promote your company Events on social media.

Video Interviews/ Q&A:

Interview videos are a perfect strategy for building brand awareness authority. It allows you to align your Saas software with a though of an inspiring person. It gives one to one communication for explaining more about your products.

Video Blogs:

Video Blogs are great ways and offer your brand a cost-effective platform to establish a unique approach that resonates with your target market. Include a video blog and publish more videos about your Saas platform.

Company Culture Video:

Company culture types of videos offer an immersive experience to the consumers and pulling back the curtain on your business. It brings a magical bond between the company and potential customers to forge a connection with your brand.


Webinars are the most valuable type of video content when it comes to offering valuable advice when it comes to marketing, reviewing a product with some existing customers on Webinars.

Product Reviews:

These Product review video content works best when you have already established trust among the audience. Trough these videos, you can answer common questions, explain the unique benefits that your product offers.

Animation Video:

Animated videos are a fantastic way for the large to small businesses to try video content. These are budget-friendly and as you can create with a small team of people you have at your workplace. Animation videos are best to explain the subject-oriented software.

Brand Film:

Online users have broad attention when it comes to video. There is no other better way to do brand promotion than with a brand film. These Brand Film video content dive deep into your brand vision and values.

Video Emails:

Video Emails are excellent video marketing ways for any type of promotion. Keep your video email short and must include the Call to action button in your mail so that people can easily redirect to your company site.

Define the Purpose of Introducing the Saas Video:

Define the purpose of why you are introducing Saas video and company overview. Showcase the product overview and customer testimonials.

Show and prove:

Some Software can be confusing if we explain with just words, and prospects can get the wrong idea when the picture your interface in mind. Showcase the complete video on video demo of the product in action can solve this issue immediately.

Share How You Give Back:

SaaS marketing is well businesses and want to work with the purchase of software from companies. It holds its values and has limited budgets to pay for software that not only gets the job done to show companies give back.


SaaS companies around the Globe strive hard to create significant value out of intangible products. Unlike B2B and B2C, companies do not have glamorized alternatives to arouse customers’ interest. SaaS companies might learn how to use video marketing for their company growth, and they can do wonders by following the above 50 best ways and Ideas to Use Video Marketing for SaaS Companies.

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