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SEO for OTT Platforms: 50 Best Video SEO strategies for your OTT Platform

You may be having great content in the OTT platform, but you must check whether that content reaching the people who are searching for it? OTT platforms may be extremely satisfied with their audio/video library with quality content, but you must optimize your content accessed by the viewers first place in the search result. SEO will help your content to be discoverable all across the web.

Content discoverability and SEO are crucial for OTT providers to continue success. Here are the best Video SEO strategies for your OTT Platform for content discovered in Google. Many several strategies are involved in SEO for OTT domains. This includes on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO measures for apps to ensure better search rankings.

On-Page SEO for OTT Platforms:

These simple On-page SEO strategies can significantly help you in elevating your SEO for the OTT Platform.

Get the Right URL structure:

Having a well-structured URL is important an important factor for both oTT user experience and SEO. The right URL structure would ensure the website structure and website crawlers.

Include Keywords in URL:

Don’t forget to include the target keywords in your URL. The search engine index always looks for relevant keywords of that OTT video.

Refining the anchor texts:

Optimizing your anchor texts is another good SEO strategy for OTT platforms. Instead of working with the classic approach, like for more information << click here >>, use the right keywords to hyperlink in the text.

Optimize Title Tags:

Your OTT video Title Tags must be Catchy and short. Make sure that you optimize this Title tags for the right keyword and Keep your title tag between 50-60 characters long.

Optimize the Description tags:

Meta Descriptions can be a little longer, where you can describe your page content, and the description is no longer than 160 characters.

Must use Hyphens in URL:

As per the recent algorithms, Google recommends hyphens instead of underscores.

Avoid Dynamic URLs:

It is better to avoid the dynamic URLs, URL remains the same for every reload that it allows the search engines to read the OTT platform better.

Optimize the OTT video tags:

Video tags will help the OTT platforms to gain relevant traffic from the search engines. Offers more than two relevant keywords, make sure that your tags must include the OTT provider name, locations, Media broadcasters, and crew.

Create a Sitemap for your OTT Platform:

Another important thing to rank up OTT platforms is to create a sitemap. Sitemaps provide a great way to redirect your websites along with some more specific information like an indication of country restrictions, platform restrictions.

Optimize Keywords:

Keywords are essential elements for search engine optimization. Researching and optimizing the most relevant keywords for your OTT platform is a crucial thing for search engines.

Off-Page SEO for OTT Platforms:

Creating file names with keywords:

create the video filenames with target keyword include in it, then only your OTT content is easily discovered in the web. Since OTT platforms have a huge library of videos, naming each file the right way is essential.

Create Great Thumbnails for Originals:

A thumbnail is the first thing that viewers can notice about your OTT video content. Create a unique thumbnail for your OTT platform originals.

Define Open Graph Protocols:

Defining the Open graph protocols will help the On-demand video platforms, to share the social graph on social media platforms. Open Graph tags are picked up by-default by a social media site when your platform video is shared, such as the media type, title, URL and etc.

Create Video rich snippets:

Rich snippets will enhance your platform appearance in search results. Always make sure that the rich snippet is linked to the right video on your platform.

Improve your Platform/App Speed:

Website speed significantly affects organic user traffic. Creating an SEO strategy for OTT platforms can get some helpful tips for developers. Compression capabilities imperative that the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files are of a size smaller than 150 bytes.

Optimize your Codes:

Make sure to optimize your Codes like HTML, JavaScript, CSS codes are optimized to minimal. Remove unnecessary codes to reduce your OTT platform speed. Optimizing your site Code is also plays a key role in SEO for OTT platforms.

Implement Schema Mark up:

Schema Mark-up is one of the first things that OTT platforms should focus on. Create a proper Schema Mark up for your OTT platforms so that users and search engines can quickly identify each and every page of your website.

Have Regular Audits:

Having regular audits of your OTT platform website will helps in determining and detecting the ability of your OTT video content.

Make sure to have SSL:

Make sure to have and should take care of to get a Secure Socket Layer certification. Once if you are ok with SSL, your OTT platform becomes authentic.

Content Marketing & SEO for OTT Apps:

One of the most significant tasks in SEO for OTT platforms is that the content is given the least priority.

Active on Social Media:

Once you are done with SEO for your website and promote your platforms on social media channels. Also, get an advantage if your competitors are not that active on these platforms. It offers more prominent coverage for your content library, new release, platform enhancements.

Email Newsletters:

Email marketing has never been significant today for every industry and business. It is an easy and effective way to promote your OTT platform. Make sure to add the subscribe button and subscribers up to date with your news and offers.

Set up Google AdWords:

Set up a Google Adwords account for evaluating search volume associated with the OTT platform keywords and phrases selected to prioritize better.

Native advertising:

Native video advertising refers to a specific mode of monetization with the aim of user experience where the content is delivered in-stream. Promoted sponsored stories on Facebook, tweets on Twitter featured videos on YouTube. These all come under the native advertising for OTT platforms.

App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization that concerns the Apples App Stores and Google Play stores. Optimize your OTT Apps for app stores for better app visibility in app stores and also increase the discoverability.

On-Platform campaigns:

Run a few campaigns on its own platform with the right keywords that can drive more audience engagement and convert them to go for premium subscribers for your OTT platform.

App Reviews & Ratings:

User reviews and ratings are essential SEO for OTT platforms and apps. Based on the user’s reviews, Google app stores tend to rank the OTT apps higher that have high ratings and better reviews.

OTT App Installs:

Based on the number of that particular OTT App installs, users make decisions about whether to download and install the apps or not.

Add a Link to the Download page on the Mobile app:

Adding a link to your app store download page that is in the header of your mobile website landing page by promoting your OTT app.

Write contents:

Sell your Video on Demand content on various platforms, and it is essential to add new and creative content on your e-commerce shop. Do write content and update on your OTT platforms regularly to improve your SEO.

Avoid duplicate content on your Platforms:

Be careful that not to propose duplicate video content on your OTT platform. Always bring fresh and unique content that will interest your existing subscribers and target audience.

SVOD Content Discoverability using SEO:

Marketers predict that Subscription Video on Demand services over the next few years as consumers turn their wallets and sights to OTT streaming services. As an increase in consumer demand for SVOD content, more opportunities come to discover using SEO Strategies easily. As SVOD content libraries continue to grow and prioritizing discovery on the web, that becomes increasingly significant to maintaining an edge in the market.

In-app search functionality:

Users search for your content on your own OTT platform with relevant keywords that may increase your In-app search.

Airing commercials:

Make sure to run the OTT platform commercial on search engines and through Traditional television advertisements.

Promoting via social media platforms:

Promoting your SVOD content on other social media platforms may create great engagement and reach a more targeted audience.

Reviewing the Data:

Reviewing the content and data analytics on monthly basis can greatly improve the SVOD content Discoverability.

Add Useful Categories for Users to Browse:

Add useful categoriesof your SVOD content on your platform like Current events/civil rights issues, based on Interests and Genres/sub-genres.

Get Links from Editorial Websites:

Link building on editorial websites is an excellent SEO strategy to help and get content discovered by consumers while building the overall authority of your OTT platform.

Use VideoObject, TVSeason & TVSeries Schema:

Implementing the proper VideoObject, TVSeason, TVSeries schema on your OTT platforms will help search engines to understand the content better.

Make a good first impression:

A well-designed app icon is a great way to catch a potential user’s eye in the app store. That can easily differentiate your brand from the competitors.

Share on other OTT Platforms:

It is always a good idea to host the content on your own platforms and Allow embedding, sharing of your OTT streaming content on other websites. Embedding and sharing will bring backlinks to your platforms.

Backlinking from Other Video Websites:

Expanding your platform reach beyond your own OTT domain that can bring influence in viewers for your video content. Take help from the other OTT hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. to release short clips of video content along with you can provide the link of your video link.

Social media:

Always engaging with your target audience on social media regularly can build backlinks that support a good SEO strategy. Engaging on social media builds up buzz and community around your content, and also, your platform subscribers will feel more connected.

Add a Link to Download Page on your Website:

Receiving high-quality backlinks is an essential strategy for effective SEO for OTT Platforms. Start backlinking by adding a link to the download page on your own platform and try getting different media outlets talking about your OTT app.

Submitting press release For high-quality backlinks:

Send a good press release content that may be a video or a text content to get beck high-quality backlinks to your OTT platform. High-quality backlinks improve your OTT platform SEO ranking factor.

Write a Blog Post:

Write a good blog post to other OTT content providers. So that you can get quality backlinks to your websites.


SEO for OTT Platforms is all about implementing the small, consistent strategies and ensuring that your OTT apps are well structured for users friendly. Searching Engine Optimisation requires to make some constant efforts to appear on top search results. If your OTT Platform or OTT Apps offers useful and enjoyable entertaining content, subscribers will automatically reach your platform using all the right techniques.

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