How To Convert YouTube Channel Account To Brand Account

YouTube is the only treasure for any business as the marketing trends veer towards the digital domain. It is hawking the business brands through its video advertising platform. YouTube is the second topmost search engine after Google. The brands are much aware of the significance of YouTube, and it is letting YouTube have a special status in the business world. Hence, most of the brands are going beyond the personal account by creating a YouTube Brand Account, where they can find plenty of benefits. Though you have the YouTube Channel, you can connect it to the brand account.

What is YouTube Brand Account?

Is it important for businesses to create YouTube Brand Account?

Here is everything about it that guides you from beginning to end.

Why do you need to Convert YouTube Channel Account To Brand Account?

As a business, you must have a recognizable brand. Utilizing the “brand” accounts of YouTube will allow for this to happen. This is not an expensive process and can be done very quickly through the channel’s dashboard in management. You are able to upload custom logos and change certain settings such as email notifications, billing information, etc.

One of the perks of having your own official YouTube account is that you can create separate collections for individual social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and tweak your personalized theme on these different venues without losing all personal content on your YouTube page itself additionally since you own the account from scratch rather than inheriting it from someone else who may have gone defunct or inactive.

The conversion is required because YouTube will be discontinuing channels. This change will no longer allow comments, uploads, and video replies on your existing channel as all that functionality was removed from Brand Accounts.

Among the reasons to make this move, there are a few that stand out in terms of benefits for creators some of which we’ll share now. Moving to a Brand account means you won’t have interrupted videos with “this video is unavailable” messages. You can run Video Ads before or after your clips to make money from viewers you’ll get an ad credit when someone watches 30-second ads before or after your videos; disable YouTube Red’s ads across your channel.

If your YouTube channel is associated with a business, a marketing manager uses the same account (with a different email).

Having one email for all correspondence helps to save time and prevents delays in command. Furthermore, if someone else manages your company’s social profiles, they can handle the YouTube account, simplifying things. Finally, this makes it easier to change passwords in an emergency.

Your YouTube channel is a way to share your content with the world. In order to do that, you need a business account set up on YouTube.

YouTube Business accounts features

Administration of multiple channels from one location

Analytics and advertiser feature ·Mobile optimization for videos and the site ·Enhanced analytics reports.

A trademark search system for managing copy-written material. Channel branding tools including custom thumbnails, logos, and color schemes, so viewers know what to expect when they watch.

A custom URL like will appear in comments, on videos themselves, in your profile information, and throughout winks sent to people who subscribe to you or follow.

YouTube Channel Brand Account

It is the business account which can be activated and managed by your personal YouTube channel. Through this account, your business brand can acquire a unique name, content, and branding on YouTube. The most benefit offered here is that you can add channel managers to this.

Steps to create YouTube Brand Account

Log-in to YouTube Channel or Google Account:

  • If you already have the Google account, then sign in to YouTube Channel through If not, then create a new account with the required data.
  • Go to Google account sign up.
  • Create the account by providing the required fields like name, email, and password, etc.
  • Then click on next.
  • Your new personal account will be confirmed by Google, which can be used to manage all Google products like Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube, etc.
  • You have created a personal account successfully. Now you can create this for your business.

Creating a YouTube Brand Account:

  • By using new personal Google credentials, sign in to YouTube.
  • On the top right corner of YouTube, click your profile image.
  • In the drop-down menu, choose the creator studio and click on settings gear appears next to creator studio.
  • Or scroll down to get the settings option and click on it.
  • Select create a new channel.
  • Then it is directed to ‘Brand Accounts’ where you need to give a brand account name.
  • Now click on create.
  • YouTube brand account channel created successfully where you can upload your brand videos.


Assigning the brand account should be given carefully as it reflects your brand.

Adding Managers to the YouTube Brand Account:

As it is different from a personal account, one can add managers and owners to the account just as its Facebook page.

The owners and managers play the same role as on Facebook page where the owners can add or remove managers, edit business information, responding to views, remove listings, and managing all videos.

Managers are enabled to do all the above except adding or removing managers and remove listings.

  • Sign in to the YouTube Channel account.
  • Go to the creator studio and click on the settings gear icon or scroll down to find the settings and click on it.
  • Then click on Add or Remove managers.
  • Select manage permission.
  • Click on the invite new users appears on the top right corner.
  • Give the email address of the user that you want to add.
  • Also, choose the role of the person as a manager, owner, or communications manager.
  • Now click on Invite.
  • You have successfully set up your YouTube Brand Account and added others to manage it. You can upload the create videos of your company to engage your most loved audience.

Converting personal channel to brand account

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Click on profile image on the top right corner
  • Then select YouTube studio beta
  • Choose the creator studio classic at the left bottom corner.
  • Then click on view advanced settings.
  • You will be directed to ‘set up YouTube exactly how you want it.’
  • Then scroll down to select ‘move the channel to a brand account.’
  • It directs you to mention your email and password.
  • Then click next after mentioned your details.
  • You have successfully converted a personal channel to a brand account.

How to get a Verification Badge on YouTube

Verification, paying little heed to network, is dependably an advantage to your profile. Verification Badge on YouTube demonstrates individual’s two things; you are who you claim to be, and you’re in it to win it.

Both are similarly vital. Verification as character insurance is profitable both because it helps your supporters discover you and recognize you decidedly and because it makes you a considerable measure more secure with regards to impersonators.

A few organizations, brands, and superstars have a genuine issue with fakers attempting to take their fans and adapt them for transient addition. It can hurt their notoriety, and it can prompt more regrettable matters, similar to wholesale fraud.

Verification Badge on YouTube

A trickster was utilizing a fake profile for business, setting up a malicious site, can phish for financial data, and take it throughout the day. Little checkmark demonstrates to anybody watching that you think about your profile.

It’s a measure of trust, so individuals can see that you’re putting the exertion into meet verification prerequisites. It’s a specific announcement additionally from the site administrators that you’re justified regardless of the consideration.

Verification Badge on YouTube is not done through YouTube itself. Verification Badge on YouTube just implies that your account has connected to an account on Google+ that itself has confirmed.

The constrained linkage was a continuous venture by Google for quite a long while, as an approach to push individuals to utilize Google+. However, it dismissed as much as possible.

Now, on the off chance that you checked the principal join up above, you may have seen that on systems like Facebook and Twitter, individuals can get their accounts confirmed even though they have two or three hundred adherents.

That is not valid for YouTube, shockingly. The enormous YT just even considers you for verification on the off chance that you have more than 100,000 subscribers. At any rate, more often than not. In particular, they say, ” if your channel has less than 100,000 subscribers, it’s normally not qualified for a verification badge.”

What that essentially means is that some brands and elements can be confirmed even though they don’t have those numerous subscribers, yet it’s on a case by case premise. In case you’re a minor big name with negligible effect and just 90,000 subscribers, you’ll most likely need to hold up.

Verification Badge on YouTube vanishes if you change your channel name, which bodes well; you can’t get verification and afterward claim to be another person, it overcomes the entire motivation behind verification.

So, on the off chance that you do change your name for an honest-to-goodness reason, for example, an adjustment in marking or an organization purchase out, you can be confirmed once more, regularly after a manual audit. They need to ensure you didn’t change your name for some exploitive reason before they give you back the check.

Advantages of YouTube Business account

  • You can upload videos without ads
  • You can create a custom URL for your channel and make it private
  • Your videos are automatically optimized for SEO because Google owns YouTube
  • You can see how many views your videos get
  • YouTube will suggest other channels that you might like to subscribe to
  • You can upload videos of up to 15 minutes in length, with a maximum of 10GB per video
  • You’ll have access to better analytics so you can track the success of your content
  • YouTube Business account is free
  • You can view your analytics on the dashboard
  • You get a personalized URL for your channel
  • You can add up to 10 people to manage and upload videos with you
  • You can upload videos in any language
  • It has a built-in audience
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, with over 1 billion unique users each month
  • There are no costs to use this account
  • Ability to upload videos of unlimited length
  • Unlimited storage space for your video files
  • YouTube will automatically convert any video file format into one that is viewable on all devices, like a cell phone or tablet
  • You can create an account and password so only you have access to it


Creating this YouTube account not so tough just through the follow-up of the steps mentioned above that are displayed in the YouTube personal account itself directs you to setup. YouTube can make a million audiences to hear the echoes of your brand.

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