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3 Smart Ways to Harness the Power of Facebook Live For Your Business

Just like bread, it is better to get video content while it’s still fresh than when it has gone all moldy and stale. For this reason, many businesses are finding huge success in live video streaming. Since Facebook has joined in the bandwagon, it seems like social video is something that is here to stay for a long time.

Below is a primer on the three different ways you can start using the live video feature in Facebook for a more engaging and profitable brand experience for your customers.

Facebook Live offers you some allure that you cannot find in pre-content. It can connect with your target audience in real-time, with just a few presses of the button.

Considering that a third of online activity is spent on watching video and 90 percent of online users  consider product videos as helpful during decision-making, there is no reason why your business should not join in this tech revolution.

Also, the simplicity of doing things on Facebook makes this live video product something that any of the millions of Facebook users can enjoy anywhere. The live video feature is the ticket for your business to cover more ground easily.

Respond to Blog Comments

One way to leverage the power offered by Facebook Live video to your business’s advantage is to discuss your audience’s pain points. For example, you have written a post on how to convert a string to int c# unity,  and you know your reader will likely have questions about the process. While you can answer each of your readers’ concerns and questions on your blog, it is much faster to schedule a Facebook Live event where you answer all the questions at once.

The live video will encourage followers and customers to tune in for live video sessions, instead of waiting for a reply. In case you get questions months or even years after publishing, you can share the live video’s reply.

A Behind the Scene Company Look

This strategy works best for businesses that have a physical storefront. Conveying the feel and look of a store can be difficult to do via images, text, or even a video, which may not offer the results you were looking for. Instead, a live online event can give your potential shoppers a tour of your store’s collection.

Start from the front moving your way back, giving the experience of the customer walking in and looking at items. You can also reply to questions as they appear in a chat just below the video.

If you do not have a physical store, then demonstrate your product or service works in real-time – you will achieve the same effect.

Stream a New Product Launch


There is nothing as exciting as launching a new product or service in a business, but most launches are exclusive events. Only a few VIPs and the press are invited to the actual event.

Today, however, many businesses are turning the tables and giving their audiences a chance to experience the VIP product launch via live streaming.

During the live stream, go all-out and add all the pomp you can to the event. Show off your new product, what it does and how it will revolutionize your customers’ lives. Get extra credits by hosting a short question and answer session at the end, and remember to ask for feedback.

Such a massive business event can bring a host of people to your brand. Consider the fact that within 40 minutes of live streamingMcDonald’s had garnered 884,300 views – in their first Facebook Live event!

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Video API

Live-streaming capacity to all clients employing its portable applications, Like Twitter‘s Periscope, Facebook Live exhibits an astounding open door for organizations and business people to associate with their fans, create new and energizing content, and fabricate solid and faithful connections together.

The Facebook Live API, another route for engineers and distributors to unite to manufacture immersive and intelligent live video encounters on Facebook. With the Live API, media associations can flawlessly join live into their current show setup furthermore make better approaches to collaborating with their viewers.

The Live API additionally makes it workable for gadget makers to coordinate Live specifically into their most recent video items.

The Live API allows the users to build with a live video experience on the platform with seamless integration of the broadcast that can be enabled by setting up in new creative ways to interact with the viewers.

The API allows you to build live streams with multiple video and audio sources to introduce the special effects which include the programmatic sources like games.

When the users get combined with the Live API with the Facebook Graph API, it can allow you to get access the live video comments, reactions.

One can use the information of the engagement of content in real-time with the creation of the on-screen graphics which will show the results of live polling and also allows analyzing the comments.

The Live API allows the users to go live from a standalone camera which can add live support to the devices which can allow the consumers to get stream the high quality live video content to the Facebook platform with just one click.

Publishers can contact the solutions partner to get started with the live API.

They can support the publishers to build an entire video production along with the editing and streaming of the products that can be published directly during Facebook live. If the publishers have the verified pages, then they can go on live with the publishing tools.

Live Video Upload with the Graph API

Connect with Facebook Live Video developers and solutions

To explore better check this link about Facebook Live API

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